Saturday, May 4, 2019

Ninja Professional 1100 Watt 3 Speed Blender (BL660) Review.

The Ninja BL660 was the second blender I have bought myself.   Before I owned the Ninja, I used to have a Baby Bullet blender.  The Bullet was good for convenience as it had small cups for blending with.  The reason I ended up purchasing the Ninja was because the Bullet had lost most of its power and took forever to blend a smoothie, and after that it wouldn't even be blended to perfection.

Investing in a good blender was a must for me.  I looked into a couple other blenders of higher price points such as a Vitamix and Blendtec.  I wanted to buy a high quality blender that would last me years.  However I didn't want to spend nearly $500 on a blender. You may be in the same boat yourself.

Today I want to share with you why I ended up going with the 1100 Watt Ninja BL660 and couldn't be happier with the blender that I chose!

Inside the box.

Although I don't have the box anymore, the blender came with the blender base (which controls all the speed settings, a 72 oz. pitcher, two 16 oz. blender cups (with lids), the blade attachment for the pitcher, as well as a blade for the 16 oz. cups, and the manual.

Personally I find that the 16 oz. cups are the most useful as I am rarely making a smoothie for multiple people at a time.   The 16 oz. cups are convenient (I never have to dirty any other dishes, and the blending process is quick and easy.

Ninja Professional BL660

Everyday use / reliability.

I use the blender nearly every single day. Having owned it for about 3 years now, I can confidently say that the Ninja has never failed me when making a smoothie or protein shake.  However, as I am writing this blog, the only problem I have noticed is that it seems that it may have lost some power over the years.  That being said, it might take only 3 more seconds to blend a smoothie than it used to when I first purchased the blender.

The Ninja is caplable of chopping up frozen fruit into a perfect thick smoothie in a matter of just a few seconds.  This is a huge reason I still love the blender to this day, and believe it is an amazing value for the money.

The blender is also super easy to use.  If you are using the 16 oz. cups you only have to press one button for blending.  If you are using the 72 oz. pitcher, there are 3 speeds to choose from as well as a pulse button.  As I stated before, the blender can create the perfect smoothie within just a few seconds.

Pros & cons.


- Easy to set up
- Easy to use
- Blends fast
- Convenient
- Reliable


- The pitcher blade must be washed with care
- Although it still blends up a smoothie quick, it does take a couple seconds longer than it did when it was brand new.

Ninja Blender 3 Speed Buttons

The importance of a good blender.

I am a huge believer in investing money into a good blender.  This is because when I lost most of my fat, I was making smoothies every morning before school.  I was able to make a quick healthy breakfast smoothie within just a few second with the Ninja.

Most of us also want to save time.  The problem with a blender with only a pitcher, or that blends slow (or both) is that they can take a long time to clean or take a long time to blend your smoothie into a smooth consistency.

With the Ninja you have the convenience of choosing between a 72 oz. pitcher and a 16 oz. cup, as well as blending the perfect smoothie in seconds!


I have blended everything from a simple protein shake (milk and protein powder) to nuts (nut butter) in the Ninja and have never been let down.

Owning the Ninja for about 3 years, I can confidently say that this blender has paid for itself and will continue to again and again.  It doesn't take up much space and is used nearly every single day.  It is versatile as it can be used for individual use or for multiple people (with the 72 oz. pitcher), and will blend anything (within reason).

The blender has served me well for about 3 years and will continue to.  I know it will for you as well.  This blender is a no brainer and an investment into your very own health!

Make the best of today,


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