Saturday, December 17, 2016

Should You Purchase a Luxury Car?

     Luxury cars and sports cars are very attractive, comfortable, and high tech in many ways compared to your average car.  The feel of the drive is indescribable as you are going down the road.  But is it worth it to purchase one?
     This question can vary on answers depending on many factors.  But lets focus on brands for now.  The car companies I think of when I hear the words "luxury car" are Mercedes Audi Jaguar and BMW, at least as the normal luxury cars excluding Maserati, Bentley ect.  And most people probably think of the flagship Mercedes S class G class truck or SL when they hear the word "luxury car" as they are very common despite the cost of $94,000+ for the new S class and the SL starting at just under $91,000 and the G class luxury truck for just under $120,000.  These cars are very desirable just seeing them on the road or even in pictures make most people want them the second it catches their eye.  A form of shiny object syndrome if you will.
    I have owned a luxury car even though older the car was even more advanced than some brand new cars.  I recently sold the car as it became too expensive for me to own.  It was a 2001 Jaguar XJ8.  But I knew I needed to save up some money and buy a cheaper car to own and maintain.  In my opinion the car was by far the nicest car I ever owned so far in my life.  The comfort, drivability, power, and style was classic and everything you would expect from a luxury car.
should you purchase a luxury car (Jaguar)
    So should you purchase a luxury car?  This depends on to me how much money you are willing to spend and how much left over you would have after buying the car, and if you are buying used or new.  If you are extremely rich and can afford a brand new luxury car then by all means buy the newest, but if you have a little bit of money you could spend on a luxury car and be able to afford it then buy used.  I wouldn't say buy one with more than 100K mile on it if you buy used.  The reason being is many of the luxury cars seem to have many major faults with the engines and transmissions ect.  This is less common in the newer luxury cars but if you are purchasing one as old as mine make sure the miles are low, I bought mine with 65K on it and put over 20K miles on it in 2 years and only had a couple problems with the car, these being a coil going bad and my rack and pinion.  I was very lucky with the car, like I said many older Jags have engines and transmissions go bad very fast.  I did drive the car like a grandma most of the time because I was afraid of the problems with it, although if I put it in sport mode the car would perform like a sports car!  Speed wasn't worth the risk of a big problem with the car for me.
    If you are going to purchase a luxury car I recommend having at least double the money you are paying for the car, so if you are buying the car for $10,000 you should have at least another $10,000 just for the car in case something goes wrong, this is a mistake I made, I didn't have double the money of the car, I don't want you making that same mistake!  Also before you by it take it to your local dealership and have them inspect it, it only costs a couple hundred dollars and could save you from buying a lemon.
    Back to the question, should you purchase a luxury car?  If you have the money and find a car you love this is a big yes.  If you don't yet have that money stick with the car you have right now.  Believe me, I can tell the difference in comfort compared to my Honda and the jag I used to have, but saving money for me is more important than having that car right now, being broke and having a luxury car isn't something I would want for you guys either.  So if you can't yet afford the car you want, save up for it, you will one day be able to buy it and not have to worry about money.  My advice buy the car you want, just make sure you have the money for it, and it will be the best car you have ever owned.


Monday, December 5, 2016

5 Lessons That Stand Out to me from "The Sell" by Eredrik Edlund.

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those that matter don't mind, and those that mind don't matter." -Bernard Baruch
As I have been building up my confidence over the last couple years this is one of the hardest things for me to do.  Usually I will build in my head "what will people think if  I say this or that".  Since I started this blog and youtube channel that is going away faster than before but I often still feel that way.  On this blog and my youtube channel I always talk about things that help me and that I think can help you.  It may not be for everyone but those of you that enjoy the content or find some value from it love it, and I thank you for that.
5 Lessons That Stand Out to me from "The Sell" by Eredrik Edlund.Sleep.
This is something I often have trouble with.  I find myself sleeping a lot later than I know I should, even if that means getting 8-9 hours of sleep.  I will even feel tired throughout the day because of it.  In the book Eredrik explains how sleep is the most important thing because it describes how productive our next day will be.  If you are like me falling asleep before 12 can be hard to do.  With all the distractions we have it is easy to find yourself going to bed hours later than you want or need to.  He even wears earplugs to sleep to block out noise! As I kind of slack on how early I need to go to bed this is something I need to work on.  How can you improve sleep?
Listen more than you speak.
The hardest thing as and introvert from my experience to do is this step here.  As an introvert I am almost always in my head with "what will I say next" instead of paying full attention to the person I'm talking to.  I know its hard to do because most of us care about what we have to say more than the other person because we think we may be judged if we say the "wrong" thing.  In reality from my experience as well I find that if I listen to what the person I am talking to is saying that I can respond more to them instead of some random thought I have I am having at that moment.
"My people philosophy"
To sum it up he says to make people feel appreciated.  This is much bigger than just a sale but something we should continue or start doing for the rest of our lives.  You never know when someone could die that is close to us, we must appreciate everyone that comes into our lives.  Their time means just as much as yours and the more you show appreciation for those around you the more people will appreciate and respect you as well. What goes around comes around.  We all want to feel appreciated, to do that we must first make others feel that way.
When something bad happens don't play victim.
Crying about our problems is the easiest way to not have to worry about them.  Obviously if our problem is someone else's, or the weathers "fault" that we didn't do something or showed up late for something important we don't have to take the blame and try to fix the problem.  Why would you fix something that you feel is someone else's fault? 
Playing victim is a bad road to go down, the more you do it the easier it gets to place blame on others or even things.  I remember when I was a kid I would always blame the object if something fell, saying "it just fell" instead of saying I knocked it over or dropped it.  It was always something small but you get the point, I was playing victim.  If you do something wrong, admit it and fix it, that is a big step for growth, its simple to take the blame for your actions but may not be easy at times.
Closing thoughts.
I hope you learned something from this post.  Tried to include as many things that I need to work on hoping it will inspire you guys to work on these as well for a life of greatness, which we all deserve if we put in the work.

Friday, November 25, 2016

How to Eat Junk Food and Have a Great Body.

     Today as I am writing this it is my girlfriend, Brittany's birthday.  I thought I would make it fun and enjoyable for her and buy 2 dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts for us to share.  Now if you are reading this or know me you know that I would rarely eat something like that.  Yesterday was Thanksgiving so I also had a piece of pie to eat today.  Last night we went out and bought the 2 dozen doughnuts around 11 p.m. and ate them the second 12:00 came (Brittany's birthday).
     Before I start this blog you should know that I rarely eat junk food or refined sugars.  And I'm not saying that you can just eat junk food 24/7 and have the body you want.  Like I said above I rarely eat junk food, but you are able to eat your favorite foods and still lose weight.
     Usually I will eat a ton of food as I'm currently trying to put on muscle but I will make sure that food fits with how healthy I like to eat.  I will occasionally however take cheat days and eat whatever I want.  This is where eating junk food comes into play.  We must have fun with our diets and most of the time healthy foods are fun for me but sometimes I love to enjoy some junk food.  Who doesn't?
     I have also lost some fat in the last week with the help of Brittany.  I made her the deal where if she helps me control myself and not eat foods that are too bad for me that I would eat Krispy Kreme with her today.  So today we enjoyed the doughnuts.  So far all I had was doughnuts and pie today, I may have some avocado and salmon but for now all I had was doughnuts.  Sounds fun?  Well it is!
     So in order to drop fat and still eat junk food is to create one cheat day each week.  This can be hard at first for me it was but once you get used to it, it will become enjoyable and you'll feel better about yourself!  You can even have fun on regular eating days as well.  If you are into sweets some of my favorite things are smoothies, or fruit with cottage cheese, and lately the juices that I make, carrot juice happens to be my favorite.
     So my advice to you from this blog is to eat healthy for 6 days each week and eat all the junk you want for one day.  If that is too hard to do just starting our you can do 5 days clean heathy foods and 2 days junk, but make sure you work up to 6 to 1.  As I see it 90% of what I eat is what I become and 10% can be used for junk food.  As long as most of the time you are eating healthy foods and one day each week splurge on junk food you will have the body you want while being able to eat junk food.
Closing thoughts.
Tell me your story, how this is helping you or even share if it doesn't work for you I would really love to hear what you have to say.  And also if you think this post will help someone close to you please be sure to share it with them!  

As always see you guys on the next one,


Friday, November 18, 2016

4 Ways To Feel Better Right Now!

Starting out this post I want to say one thing.  Feeling good all the time can be a struggle.  Most of us have hard or stressful lives.  We have a lot on our mind.  This is normal but should it be?  I know for myself I have many times where I don't feel my best and know I am able to feel better so today I am going to share with you 5 things to do that can help you feel better right now!
#1 Get moving.
I know this may sound tough if you are in a state of feeling bad or depressed but you need to do it to feel good right now.  I know when I am feeling low getting up and doing yoga can totally change how I feel in just a few minutes.  Even jumping up and down for 20 seconds can change my state to feel good.  For you it could be going and taking a walk and breathing in fresh air or playing your favorite sport. Whatever it is getting moving is the first thing you must do to feel better and more alive.  It will help give you the energy and motivation you need to set up your life for feeling better at most of life!
#2 Find what you love doing.
A great way to feel good right now is to find what you love doing and do it.  For me it could be spending quality time with Brittany, going to the gym and getting a good workout, making a video, writing a blog post, meditation,  or like I said in last section doing yoga. When I am doing these things I am out in the present and am having fun which instantly helps my mood and how I feel.
#3 Search help on YouTube and in books.
The internet can be a great way to find things that will make you feel better right now.  For me I watch many people that talk about self development. Watching these types of videos usually really helps me feel better fast.  This is also true for self help/development books.  I just re-read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and as I was reading I would find things in that book that would help me come into the present moment that I connected with.
#4 Breathe.
I cannot stress this enough. I talk about breathing a lot because it is very important and often overlooked. I forget to breathe a lot during the day and the second I take that deep breathe my chest becomes less tense and I feel more open.  My body is able to relax and so is my mind.  Instead of my mind wondering out of the moment and thinking about the past or future I am more able to be in the now and see that nothing right now is wrong so why should I be stressed or stop myself from feeling good right now?
Closing thoughts.
I hope that this blog helped you today become more happy about this moment right now.  With all we have going on in life it can be hard to think of these 4 steps and even hard to do them at times depending on how bad your situation.  But I guarantee you'll feel better if you do all 4 of these today!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Power of Writing

Throughout my life I have found many things inspiring to me.  I love hearing stories of people or things that can help influence me to change my life.  Myself I haven't been the best writer but I do my best to share my message with the world that could possibly help people.  Today I have to share some of my girlfriends amazing writings that influence, motivate and even relax me. I enjoy hearing them over and over, as will I think you guys.  So anyways guys here they are I know you will love them!


The Power of WritingYou should always live life to its fullest. Cherish what you have, and never let the past interfere with what good that will come to your future. Move on from your mistakes, because everyone makes them. In fact, if anything you should make mistakes. Making mistakes is what helps you grow. In your life you will make tons of mistakes, but knowing how to accept those mistakes for what they are is what helps you grow. It’s what helps you become your best version. You have to realize you can’t make everyone happy with who you are. Not everyone is going to like you, not everyone is going to laugh at your jokes, and not everyone will accept you for you. Tons of people don’t accept others as they are, so people look to change. Change their body, or even change their future plans just to satisfy others.

It’s a sad thing when people make other people feel like it’s pointless for them to even speak their own mind, because no one should have to feel this way. But you have to refuse to let your words and thoughts be caged.

As we all experience love, we also all experience death. Life first, death second. It’s that simple. We get attached to people, we love those people as much as we can, and then they die. And we have to accept those deaths. We have to accept them because that’s the way life is. Knowing we can’t bring anyone back, but always hoping we somehow can and that they somehow will come back. We hope to close our eyes and then open them and see the person we once lost standing there in front of us. Like they never left.

Most people never really focus on the more important things in life. Never actually opening their eyes and experiencing what’s really out there. So many open doors to so many possibilities. You never really know what you have until you lose it. Things that may seem like nothing to you always ends up actually being something when it’s gone, after it’s too late. Too late to go back and actually appreciate was is now gone. You either take what you have for granted or live your life with your eyes closed, not really seeing its values. Not really expanding your mind and doing more than what you only think you can do.

Accept the fact that life isn’t simple nor easy. You have to believe you were born for a reason, because you were. Everyone is. Believe that given the gift of life is the best gift of all. Accept the fact that you are who you are. Try to succeed as much as you can and even when you fail just know that that’s how life is. Everyone goes through their moments of failing, but everyone also goes through their moments of success.


Don’t let other’s think they control your life. Stop letting society make the rules and make your own. Society doesn’t control you, other’s don’t control you. You control you. Be your own person and do what makes you happy.

Don’t try to be like everyone else. There are so many people that don’t dare to be different. People that see life as they must follow the rest of society or else they won’t fit in or they’ll be a failure. We are told not to be followers, so we then try to be different and grow into leaders. So why do we then get shut down for trying to do so.


The structure for reason and wonder are powerful things. The mind is an amazing structure. We all interpret things different. Some see their life struggles as a good thing. They see them as that’s what makes you stronger. Some see them as hell.

Closing Thoughts.
My favorite section is on life.  Life is the biggest gift we are dealt and many of us don't live it the way it is meant to be lived.  Like Brittany said "Tons of people don’t accept others as they are, so people look to change. Change their body, or even change their future plans just to satisfy others." This is not the way life is meant to be lived.  It is meant to be as we create it not as others do. I hope you guys enjoyed these writings as much as I do!  Please leave a comment on your favorite section "Life, Society, or Perspective and share your reason why you enjoyed it or it influenced you.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

How Can Fitness Change Your Life?

Along my journey I have noticed something about me when I am working out versus when I am not.  In todays post thats what I wanted to talk to you guys about today.   As many of you know I used to lack confidence in myself in many areas of life and that is changing, I am gaining confidence in areas of life.  I used to be 25 pounds overweight and not care much for how my body was taken care of (low confidence).
I remember walking around slouched over most of the time without ever thinking to stand tall.  I don't remember what made me take up the gym besides the thought of having big muscles which would look cool to me.  I continued to go for some time about 4 years ago on and off and still kept my poor eating habits back then.
The more and more I work on myself especially in the gym I become more confident in myself.  I see that I find a sense of happiness from seeing my body and muscles grow.  It shows that you can come from nothing into something big and amazing just by proving to yourself you can lift those weights even when it gets hard.  This builds confidence just by you proving to yourself that you can lifts those weights.  That is a big component in confidence for working out.  The next big thing is how you look at yourself.  Lifting weights and growing my muscles and even losing weight has made me view myself differently.  As I lost weight a few years ago I started to see myself as able to achieve things in my life instead of thinking of myself as not achieving them.  Whether you want to drop fat or gain muscle fitness can boost your confidence and help you see yourself as the true you.  I understand how it was for me when I was overweight, I wouldn't feel comfortable to express my true self and would often keep my true self to myself.  This has changed since I really started to lose weight and fitness and in turn start my self development journey.  I feel that starting fitness has helped me share my story on this blog and youtube.  I am not scared to share who I am because I love myself and who I am.  I know that sharing my journey can help others even if some people don't agree with me I am being me, and comfortable with it.  I can attribute all this confidence to starting fitness.
How Can Fitness Change Your Life?More Energy.
I understand how much we can struggle for the energy to do the things we really want to do.  It can be hard having a job, and much harder having family to take care of.  I myself just have a job but I can see after 7-8 hours of working that the first thing you want to do when you get home is relax.  It can be tiring but through fitness it can be made easier to achieve your goals and dreams.  Changing the foods I eat can go hand in hand with energy and are definitely part of fitness for me.  The food you eat is about 70% of your body the other 30% comes from working out.  So in this case food is fitness.  What we eat not only affect our body but also our minds.  The foods we eat can either give us energy or take it away.  Make us happy or depressed.  With a healthy diet on top of workout out regularly your energy levels will sky rocket from what they are right now, and you will see yourself doing things you didn't think possible.
Closing Thoughts.
Fitness can be very hard.  I have found myself going into the gym then giving up or eating healthy then eating a bunch of food even if it is healthy but eating wayyyy too much and gaining fat anyways.  I find the best way to have more confidence and energy through this is to take small steps at least a few times a week to improve your body and keep improving more and more along the way until you become your best self.

Friday, November 4, 2016

What is the Greatness of Life.

Life is extraordinary.  We may find ourselves caught up in what we think is life.  Living each day for someone else, to make their dreams come true.  That is not "living".  Living is going through each day on a mission for ourselves.  Our job is not our life or who we are, neither is your home, car or any material possession.  Life comes from whats inside us, without life we will not live or even survive, we will just be there, living a life for everyone else, but not ourselves.  Is that really living?
How to Find Greatness in LifeHow to Live.
Living life can be hard.  We all have our setbacks or things in the way.  The only problem is a lot of us let these things stop us.  I am guilty of this as well.  Excuses are often easier than doing a hard task that needs to be done.  If I get tired at night it is so easy to say "ok time to sleep" even if I have more things that must get done in order to have a productive day.  I have done this many times and regret it the next morning.  Now there are more extremes to this, maybe you broke your leg and play a sport, but when it heals up you never play that sport again.  Seems normal, after all its a better excuse than being tired.  But are these excuses worth risking our dreams and vision for our lives?  Hell no!
Living in my eyes means to be becoming our best selves, doing things each day that move us closer to our vision, even if its only one thing a day.  If you don't do at least one thing for moving yourself closer to the greater you each day how can you expect to live, or even be happy?
Living each day within intent for you may be different from what it is for me.  For me my best day comes from when I am bettering my body and mind and spending time with loved ones.  For you it could be helping someone close to you or even volunteering.  Living is so much different than just existing, living means you have a life of intent and with that intent you make your mark on the universe!  Each day should be fun and joyful, and living, real living is just that.  The more I better myself and show love to the people close to me I even find my confidence go up, because I a being my truest self!  
Closing Thoughts.
Before I end this let me ask you these 2 questions.  How can you find your truest self?  And how can you Live today?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

3 Ways to Better Your Meditation Practice.

Lately as you guys know I have been getting back into meditation, doing it everyday.  I have started doing 10 minutes again and a couple times did 20 like I used to.  I have had some trouble being in the present moment until the other day.  These first 2 are things I used to do and I see are working again the other is just a small tip that can make all the difference!
If you have done meditation before you know it can be hard to do and stay in the present moment.  Our minds naturally wonder without us thinking about it at all.  Sitting still for a certain period of time doesn't usually help that.  Even for me most of the time I find my mind wondering and like I said above I have done meditation for some time even thought I did take a break from it for a while.  But it is still extremely easy for me to become sidetracked on other thoughts during a meditation practice.  So yes being present during the meditation can be hard most of the time but I have found a few ways that help me become more present and I think they would help you guys so I'm here to share theme with you today.
3 ways to better your meditation practice.1) Affirmations.
This is by far the best way to be present for me so I thought I would share this first.  So the last couple days I have been saying affirmations, gratitude, and empowering questions to myself.  I used to do all of these before when I would meditate but kind of forgot till now how good these work for me.  I use these as a way to brainwash myself and attract the good in life, and with the empowering questions I ask myself things that I can solve to better my life.  Anyways enough about why I use them, how can doing these help you?  Well number one if you tell yourself you're present, you'll convince yourself its true after a few breathes, and the rest is easy, say affirmations, things you are grateful for, and empowering questions and staying present isn't a problem what so ever.
2) Either a room with a window open or outside for fresh air and sounds of nature.
I love my nature sounds and fresh air.  It gets me more in touch with my surroundings and whats going on right now.  The sound of the birds and wind in the trees is just so relaxing.  Also being able to breathe in some fresh air also helps my breath, for a deeper calmer breathe.  Being as breathe is the key component in meditation a deep breathe of fresh air is very important for me.
3) Temperature that isn't too hot or too cold around 70 degrees.
Being at a comfortable temperature is the third and final key to me.  It may seem like it doesn't matter, but being comfortable while meditating really helps to calm my body, which in turn relaxes and calms my mind.  If I am not comfortable I find myself moving around more and the temperature plays the biggest part in my comfort. 
Closing thoughts.
I hope these tips helped to better your meditation practice, and make it more enjoyable and relaxing, and most of all empowering!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Why You Are Amazing. (How to Find the Amazement Within Yourself)

Along our journey many of us may feel as if we are bad at certain things or lack the knowledge to perform things we wish to perform.  Some of us may even feel as if we are not good enough for certain people, things, or even ourselves.

Today I am here to tell you all of that is BULLSHIT! You are fucking amazing, put on this earth for a reason.  I don't care if your circumstances suck, that doesn't make you a bad person.  Sure you have to work to get into better circumstances, but this doesn't make you bad by any means.  Check your breathe, and heartbeat.  Are you still breathing, is your heart still beating?  Then this is a sign, a sign that you have purpose in your life, even if you don't see it.  All of us are amazing we just have to look deep inside and find that which makes us amazing.

I understand that can be hard, especially if you are like I used to be and put yourself down because of low confidence in certain things.  I remember I would always tell myself I was bad at basketball whenever I would play, and even say it out loud, and guess what that did?  It was brainwashing myself to actually suck at it.  Instead how can we do the opposite?

This is something I have talked about a couple times but never truly touched on.  Think about the most amazing person to you, maybe this is someone famous, a millionaire, billionaire, a family member, or friend.  How would this person you see as amazing talk about themselves?  Would they put themselves down or would they have empowering statements?  You guessed it right they would have empowering statements for themselves.

Let me tell you something, we become what we focus on and spend time doing.  Is it worth it to tell yourself that you suck or instead tell yourself you are amazing.  Even if you don't even see it yet say it to yourself that you are amazing, each day multiple times.  How do you feel about yourself.  Actually write this in the comments I would love to hear if it helped you!

This can be done with anything say to yourself "I am confident" long enough and you will become more confident.

The Task
Your task for this post is going to be to write down 5 good things you want to feel about yourself that help prove that you are amazing   Take out that pen and paper right now!  Ok got it?  Good, write down these 5 things.  These affirmations you will be saying 5 times each the second you wake up for the next week, if it helps improve how you feel about yourself feel free to keep doing it, even add things if you want to!

Closing Thoughts
Today we covered something powerful.  What you tell yourself will manifest and control how you feel each and every day.  Don't let the wrong thoughts manifest into your life, all of you are amazing and have the power to cultivate it, shine the way you were meant to!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Corvette and Porsche Theory.

What are Porsches and Corvettes known for?  Maybe their speed, or super sleek and classic design.  Apart from whatever these cars are to you there is one thing that stands out to me.  They are very simple in their design and serve as a classic never ending style.
This simplicity isn't bad however, instead it is good Porsche and Chevy provide the timeless style that people love with these cars.  Simplicity is what I am writing this blog post for.  Porsche has been smart for decades keeping the same style on their cars, a timeless design, but very simple at the same time.
The Porsche and Corvette Theory.How can we make things simple but better?  The answer for each of us is different.  I briefly talked about the Corvette and Porsche Method on a book review video I made on Rich Dad Poor Dad where he talks about the acronym KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).  Simple isn't bad, I know we live in an age where we think everything has to be complicated but that isn't true whatsoever.  If you can't connect with the Corvette or Porsche analogy think of an iPhone or iPod.  They seem so complex but have one single button apart from volume and power.  They have kept this for generations on the phone, because it works and they don't need to over complicate the phone with fancy buttons when one button works perfect the way it already is.  Same with Berkshire Hathaway's website, if you don't believe me take a look at it, ( how simple is it?  "How big is the company and the website looks like that?"  You may be asking yourself.
All these scenarios show that I think you'll really enjoy it, and the best part it only has a few ingredients!  Simple but people love it.
the best things are often very simple.  I have a video on youtube that did very well and its about my simple steak recipe.  Everyone I make it for always loves it overtime I make it.  If you wish to try it for yourself I'll link it here (
I don't know the exact reason why simple seems better, but if I think about it I notice that if something is too complex it goes over my head, and many other peoples as well, or may end up looking like complete shit.  Think of a website that is filled with nice designs, soon all the designs that look nice by themselves look shitty when they are surrounded by other nice designs or colors, and becomes too much for us to handle all at once.
Closing thoughts.
I gave you guys some examples of simple things that work perfect.  My question is to you, how can you simplify something to make it perfect?  Think of the Porsche, Corvette, iPhone, Berkshire Hathaway's website, or my steak recipe, whichever one works for you.

I hope this helped you take your life to the next level.


Sunday, October 9, 2016

Why I Created Ganifit.

As many of you guys know I created Ganifit to help improve others and share my story and journey along the way.  I used to be the kid who would eat mcdonalds most days of the week and never and I mean NEVER drink water.  The only thing I would do is play video games, never working on myself.  I knew this needed to change, and I knew that I could help many others who are like the way I used to be and know they need a change.  Whether you have been following the blog for a while or just finding out about it and reading it for the first time this blog post is for you.
Ganifit was first designed to help you guys follow my fitness journey.  Fitness meaning working out. This soon turned into a fitness of more than that.  Yoga, meditation, reading, and whatever else I find would help you guys.  I am constantly experimenting on new things to see what works and what doesn't.  I love to share food that I cook that are easy and simple recipes you guys can use in your home.  Most of them being cheap so you guys can save money, as I am currently trying to do with my current situation.
I find sharing my life to be fun and inspiring.  As many of you know I am working on overcoming my social anxiety.  This is something I have dealt with my whole life and even affects me around family a lot of the time.  I have had much practice on camera slowly easing into talking into public was horrifying, this may sound like you, scared to even make a video outside even with no one around or even scared to talk to family or friends at times.  No matter how bad it is you can improve on it.  That is my philosophy.
We are all going to experience struggles in life and thats a part of life for anyone.  Here in Ganifit I am trying to show you struggle, anxiety, and even depression is ok and normal, but isn't the state we should always be in or be trapped in.  There is more to life than that and seeing this is what can get you started.  I understand that change can be hard especially if you are at your lowest and feel like improvement is impossible, but the truth is it isn't.  There are people who were at lower points in life and still made it.  These people we can learn from and mimic to create the life you want to live.  If you are in a low point right now ask yourself this question.  "What would my 80 year old self tell me to do today?"
Closing Thoughts.
Being in a low state or state of depression for a long time can be hard to deal with, and may make the things you truly want to do seem impossible.  I have found that learning from people who have been through what I have is the best way to connect with them and understand and implement their strategies into my life.  I hope you guys are loving the content I post, and hope it helps you in some area of life.  Always be learning, and committing to your life's journey, it is the only way to an extraordinary life!


Thursday, October 6, 2016

My New Morning Ritual.

Today I started a new morning routine and I would like to share it with you guys.

As you know I have been doing yoga pretty much every morning for the last couple months and I finally carried that into a morning ritual.  I created the morning ritual to create a snowball effect for the rest of the day, where I feel more happy, alive, loving, confident, and strong.  These are all things I struggle with and like to improve on each and everyday.  Over the last 3 days I have been doing it I am noticing myself change for the better.  I notice myself being happy more often, having more energy, being more loving, and being more confident.

My morning ritual consists of a few simple things
-Wake up and give Brittany a big hug and kiss (this starts out the day with both of us being happy and feeling extreme love)
-30 push ups
-30 bicycle crunches, 30 iron butterflies, and 30 roman twists (these and the push ups help improve my strength, and my energy levels for the day)
-Read 10 pages. (this improves my brain health as I am learning something new each morning)
-10 minutes of yoga
-10 minutes of meditation (Going along with yoga, these are both ways to practice calmness, happiness, and being present for me which impacts the rest of the day in those ways as well)
-1 Gratitude, 1 affirmation, and 1 empowering question.

Creating a morning ritual has been amazing for me so far.  Try it out for yourself.  Doing it can only improve your life!  Just think of if you do something very morning for the rest of your life, how can it be empowering, fun, and help you to improve.  Whatever your answer is, put it into your morning ritual, the results will speak for themselves!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

What Failure Teaches Us.

What is failure?  The definition of failure is omission of occurrence or performance.
We are taught that failure is a bad thing, not something to be proud of.  But have we ever looked at the other side of failure?  Maybe it is a learning lesson that isn't so bad?  Yes failing can feel terrible, but what can we learn from failing?  
Well lets say you fail at completing your goal of learning Spanish.  What can you do?  Well if your like most people you will see it as a failure and beat yourself up for it.  Instead you could see it as a learning opportunity.  You could learn or research different and better ways to learn Spanish that could work better for you.
This isn't just for learning Spanish, you can apply it anywhere in life, fitness, business, mindfulness or whatever else you choose to.  

What are you lacking in life or feel you are failing in?  Don't beat yourself up for it but instead see the struggle as something you must get over.  Life without a struggle isn't life at all its nothingness, and failure is a part of success, almost anyone who achieved big failed.  Michael Jordan, kicked off his basketball team in school for not being good enough.  Steve jobs failed as well, he was fired from his own company.  Instead of letting these failures stop them they learned from them and used them to their advantage to become the best of their industry.

Feel like your failing at something and feel too low to even learn from these failures?  Something I find very helpful that works for me is to learn about people who achieved great even after failing.  It can give you motivation and insight on what to do with your life!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Should You Slow Down on Meditation? The Impact it Had on me.

Over about the last month I kind of switched my focus from meditation to yoga.  At first it felt nice and still does feel nice, in no way is yoga bad, but I started to feel more in my head and more tense in the chest.  About a week ago I started only 5 minutes of meditation just to ease back into it, and I forgot the wonders it works for me.  When I stopped meditation I could notice I had less control over my emotions and I knew right away that I needed to get back into it.
Meditation has been a life changer for me and I let it go for a while.  Even doing 5 minutes a day has been helping but I am slowly stepping it back up to the 20 I used to do every single day.  When I would do 20 minutes a day I found it to be obtainable and calming.  So you don't need to use 1-2 hours on it a day, unless you can but thats more power to you!  20 minutes would make me present and at time put me so in the zone that I could feel a feeling of what  I think it would be like to be high.  Some days I was able to bring life to object around me, not just trees and plants but even objects like fans.  Since not doing it I notice that feeling is nearly impossible, and even breathing deep normally is harder to do.
Starting back up is the hardest part for me, every morning 20 minutes used to be so easy and set the pace for the rest of the day.  For me meditation is one of the biggest things for my success, and not doing it daily I saw drawbacks from success.  Meditation alone can affect happiness which for me affects how much I get done for my life, so the more I start my day out with meditation the better my day and life in general!
So what would I say is the big takeaway for you guys?  My big point is to either start meditation now if you aren't doing it for extreme results or to continue your path of meditation if you are already doing it.  If it still seems hard to focus the only way to get better is to continue doing it every day.  It isn't easy but once you get into the rhythm it becomes more and more enjoyable!

As always enjoy yours journey, I hope this blog post helped you out in some way.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

What is it Like Practicing Yoga Daily?

I have been practicing yoga almost every morning for the past 2 months now and I love the changes it has provided in my life.  Starting my day off with a boost of clear minded energy provides the stepping stone for the rest of the day.  It helps me prove I am flexible in my body and mind more than I would regularly notice and helps me be more creative throughout the day.  I also get a workout and stretch from it, and become more mindful in the morning.
Gaining flexibility.
2 months ago I never thought I would have the flexibility I have today.  I am still not as flexible as I would like to be but thats why I keep practicing every day.  I can touch the ground with straight legs which seemed impossible 2 months ago.  The impossible becomes possible!  I also have a more flexible back and shoulders.  I would notice my shoulders cracking and making popping sounds when doing shoulder press at the gym every single rep but that has slowed down since I started yoga, sure the popping and cracking still happens but just not as much!
Fixing struggle.
Many times during yoga poses become hard to do and I struggle through them and make a tense face, but over time I see how much just my breathing alone can turn that struggle into an accomplishment, even if I fall in some of the poses I am still learning to not struggle when keeping the pose.  And falling isn't bad either thats how we learn, but struggling on the other hand doesn't teach us to have a clear mind.  I have found myself many times making a tense face when in some poses, but the breathing alone calms it down in my body and mind as well.  So not only does this breathing help with struggle in yoga but also in everyday life, as I said a lot breathing can help fix tension in my body and mind if I have a lot to think about or even a sore back taking deep can help soothe the pain for a second and release tension in the back.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

How to Create Opportunities That set you up to Achieve Confidence

I have struggled with confidence my whole life and lately have been working on it as many of you know.
Today I thought I would share some ways to improve confidence no matter if you have no confidence right now or if you have confidence already but want to improve.
My tips are to
1) If you have no confidence to set easy goals for the day that you can achieve to prove to yourself you can do what you say you will, this leads into the next step.  But first let me explain what I mean by this.  Set goals you know you will achieve such as shower, floss, and brush your teeth.  This build momentum and you are proving to yourself you are capable of what you say you will.
2) Set bigger goals as you reach higher and higher confidence to show yourself you can achieve big as your confidence grows.  These can be things such as starting your own website or losing 20 pounds.  Make sure these goals are clear, and specific so you know when you reached them.  Now these may take more than a day to do, so be consistent, because true confidence come's from doing what you say you will and making those things something you love doing.
3) This one is easy, change your physiology, changing your physiology can wildly improve confidence.  I used to slouch a lot and what did that get me in turn?  Low confidence, and I don't want that for you, so simply stand up tall and straight with your shoulders back, it may sound silly but it really works!
4) Create certainty in your actions.  This means do what you love not what others want you to love doing.  If you don't love th
e everyday things you do, you will never become more confident.  Think about it, if you do only things you hate how can you love yourself?  What is it you love doing?  Find this out and make it work fro you.  If you love drawing draw more, if its swimming swim more.  The better you get the more confidence you will have, and the easier it will be to be yourself.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

How to Deal With Loss of a Loved One. (My Life Story).

This is my first blog post about an extremely big subject in my life, but I knew sharing my story with it will help all of you.  We all lose someone very close to us more than once in life.  In this particular blog post I am going to share a story and throw in some ways I dealt with it.  So here it goes.
It starts when I was 6 years old.  My family and I had just lost my mom to cancer, and being a small child especially, I was devastated and sad.  I can remember I didn't sleep for 3 days after it, but my true anxiety from it didn't start till a few years later, when I was old enough to realize more of  what life is. 
Now this part I did mention before, I would have trouble going to school or even not being with my dad all the time in fear something was going to happen to him.  I couldn't even handle him walking the dog without me there in fear something bad was going to happen!  I was even prescribed anti-depressants because of how scared I was of losing my dad at times. 
I can still remember how everything felt from losing my mom to dealing with that anxiety off loss and being scared of losing my dad as well, and I'm writing this almost 13 years later.  These feeling never fully go away after you lose someone very close to you.  If you have lost someone close to you, you know exactly what I mean by that.  Chances are you clicked on this post to read it for this part, so  here it is.  You heard a brief story of my history with my experience, so now time to give you guys some ways to deal with loss.
For me, I had people all around me showing care, so find someone to talk to, whether its family, friends, or even a counselor if you need to.  Talking to others can be really beneficial to get over it, as they can understand what you are going through and help you through it.  And all these people will always be there for you when you need them.
Also you can remember the good things this person has done and how much they did in life.  What do I mean by this?  Well look at how much they enjoyed their life, how much they did the things they loved to do.  This little trick helps you see how much more their life meant and the purpose it has, and also helps you see that they lived an amazing life, true to themselves.  Seeing the best part of a lost loved on can open up calibration for their life instead of mourning.  Now nowhere am I saying mourning a lost loved one is bad, what I'm trying to get across is to also celebrate their victories, this has helped me and can help you as well.
Anyways guys I hope this short post helped you in some way if you lost someone close to you recently.  Loss can be very difficult, but it happens to everyone, so I sincerely hope you got some value out of this post.

See you guys on the next one,

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Why to Have Patience, but not be Lazy.

Over the last year and a half I have started many things in my life.  Most of them, the things I like to do, I do everyday.  There is one "drawback" of it, I'm not getting everything right away that I want. 
Most of us are used to the way of thinking that "every hour you put in you get back".  But this is not true for my journey so far.  So far it has been slow but fun at the same time, but it requires a lot of patience.  And that's what I would like to talk with you guys about today.
I haven't always been the most patient person, especially if I'm waiting for something I really want.  Lately that has kind of changed in some ways.  Since I have started drop shipping to earn extra money, the sales are very low, but I continue to do it.  You see not long ago I would've jumped ship to a new idea of making money or giving up in general.  It was a bad habit I had, and a habit I know many others make, so that's why I am making this post.  We must be patient with what we start and fully commit to it.  The key is to be patient without being lazy.  So this means, if you are trying to sell something to not just give up after one month if you haven't made any sales, or to sit back and not try to improve what you are selling.
I have found that not thinking of the outcome, but instead of the process helps me with this very much.  I also have the mind state of getting paid for the time and energy I put in, but that isn't the right way to think at all, at least for me.  To me it is based on the value I add, whether that's in this blog, on Youtube, in the gym ect.  I know myself I want the result right away, just like I would get paid at my job, why cant I get big muscles from one day in the gym?  This is a hard mindset to get out of, its not easy.  Once you do you can see your mindset and life change.
So just how does this work?  Well I am slowly learning this in some ways at the moment, and am seeing how it works right now daily, so I think now would be the perfect time to share it.  Ok so here it is,  I work on what I enjoy to in my life every chance I get, everyday, so each day I am making progress even if it doesn't show that day I know it will soon.  That right there is the best way I can describe it.  It is a mindset shift, you must literally tell yourself this everyday and every time you work towards your goals if you aren't seeing results right away ( what we are not used to, as we are used to putting in time and getting paid right away).  Now this doesn't mean to keep doing the same routine forever if that routine doesn't work and doesn't bring you to the person you want to be.  We must always be striving to work on ourselves no matter how long it may take.
Closing thoughts.
Today do one thing that will bring you to become your greatest version, even if its a pepple and you don't see a result right away, keep doing that thing each and every day and wait a month, three months, a year or however long it takes, and look back to day one and see the results!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Why You Should Start Going to the Gym.

If you have been reading this blog for a while you know I am into personal development in many areas of life, fitness being my main focus of personal development.  I haven't made a post yet for those of you that are new to the blog or haven't yet joined a gym.  Believe me I know it might seem intimidating or even too hard to join a gym.  You could be 25, 50, 100, or even 200 pounds overweight or super thin and think that people will judge you if you go into the gym.  That is the exact opposite, everyone is there for their own self and most likely too focused on how they look, not how you look. 
Why you should start going to the gymBenefit #1 of joining a gym: It improves confidence.
Over the last year and a half I have been working on confidence.  I have come a long way since then, but still have to improve.  But what I can say was a big influence was going into the gym.  As you do things to improve yourself and see yourself doing those things you will start to become more confident within yourself.  This is what is true for me, and when I do an amazing workout it proves to myself I am growing which boosts my confidence, not to mention you see yourself grow or see yourself lose fat.  This growing within is so powerful, because you see parts of you that you never thought were possible before!
Benefit #2 of joining a gym: You will love the process of improvement.
Improvement isn't always about what you see and what you get, its also about the process of improving.  If you were handed big muscles from birth would you cherish it?  Probably not, but if you take time every day to build yourself up how much more does that muscle mean to you?  And this doesn't just have to do with muscle, also with money or objects, but in this blog lets just talk about it dealing with your body.  At first it may sound cool, "I can have the body I want without trying, AWESOME!", but in reality we aren't given a body like that and that's a good thing!  There have been stories of people who got into fitness and their whole lives changed, and that's what I want for you as well.  I can tell you from my experience that the journey and process are what makes going to the gym fun, and sparks new things in my life.  For me I am able to see a new side of my body that I thought I would never see, which in turn helps me look inward to see parts of my mind I didn't see before either.  The process no matter where you start is amazing because in even as short as one month you can look back on yourself and see how far you have come, and how much you can achieve.  Bottom line, fall in love with the process!
Benefit #3 of joining a gym: You can start a journey further than just fitness.
As I briefly talked about in the last section you will see ways to improve in other areas of life as well.  From my experience alone I can tell you a couple ways it helped me in other areas of life.  Before I started going to the gym and eating better I didn't care much for my body, I didn't hate it but didn't like it.  But once I started getting into fitness I became more confident with who I was, working on what I can change and improve and accepting the things I cant change.  I used to deal with confidence problems all the time, always slouched over and looking down.  But since I started going to the gym I notice I find myself becoming more and more confident each day.  I feel this is because I am doing things I never thought possible which brings me to the next point, how it got me into yoga, meditation, and starting a Youtube channel.  These are all things I never thought I could do.  Overall I may not be the best at any of them, but what going to the gym and working out helped me to realize is to accept where I am and improve from there.
Closing thoughts.
If you are just starting your journey and are like I used to be I hope this motivated you to get into the gym and improve yourself.  I know how hard it can be feeling having little confidence and not feeling like you can achieve big, but this is all a step everyone must face, we are all beginners at something, but the way to becoming a master is to take that first step, no matter where you are.  The big takeaways if you need to start or have just started are you will have more confidence and love your body, enjoying and embracing the process make the journey fun and worth doing, and that it empowers you to start improving in other areas of life as well.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How I Started a Morning Ritual.

I have recently started a morning ritual, and thought I would share it.  The last few mornings I have been waking up taking a shower and going for a walk in the park and make a video then come home and do yoga.  I find going into nature first thing in the day calms me compared to when I don't, now I'm not saying it destroys all stress, but it really does set a path for the rest of the day and helps me think a lot more clearly.
I have been hearing for a long time about setting a morning ritual, but have been procrastinating about it.  Currently I am trying to experiment with what works for me and what doesn't, but the 2 biggest things I have been doing the last few days are yoga and taking a walk.  I have found that doing yoga first works better for me after doing a few days of walking first then yoga first for a few days.  Yoga seem to get my body awake and moving for the walk, compared to walking first.
What got me into starting a morning routine?
Over the last year or so I have been hearing people (mostly on YouTube) talk about how what you do first thing in the morning determines how you spend the rest of your day, but never thought to put it into practice.  Usually I would wake up and either get ready for work, or if I had time I would work on the blog or read before work, which is good starting the morning off that way, but not as good as getting the blood flowing through my body.  It is important to have energy in the morning and staying inside at least for me kind of gave me the feeling of being trapped.  What did that do to my mind?  You guessed it, my mind felt trapped as well, and not able to expand.
I often find it hard to make a video if I am inside all day or not very active.  I find I need to be active in the morning to get my mind into the present and to see how much life has to offer.  So for me doing yoga energizes me and helps me see what I am capable of, and walking afterword's helps me see how amazing the world is every morning, which in turn usually helps me find some idea for a video. 
If you are sitting in your house right now reading this, just get up for one minute, that's all it takes, and open a window and take a deep breathe and jump or bounce for 30 seconds to get blood flowing.  I do this most mornings and throughout the day to clear out the tension inside my body, and also to pump myself up.  Jumping alone for a few seconds each day also helps to improve mood for me.  So whether you want energy or are stressed it can help you.  I know that might sound stupid, but it really works!  In fact I just now did it as I was writing this just now.  I was having a sort of writers block, and tension in my chest, but now I am able to relax, smile, and write more clear.  Don't believe me, pause and do it right now!
Ok, how did that feel?  Now imagine doing that every morning and throughout your day, how much better would you feel?  Put that together with taking a walk of at least 5 minutes and enjoying the fresh air and nature around you, you are going to be unstoppable!
Closing thoughts
Over the last week I have been doing the morning ritual and finding it to benefit myself, so that's why I am sharing it with you today.  What is a morning ritual you can start for your own life, wherever you are to better each and everyday?

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

What is it Like to do Intermittent Fasting.

A few months ago I heard about intermittent fasting and was curious about the whole thing.  If you don't know what intermittent fasting is here's my description of it for you.  You wake up but instead of eating right away you push your first meal into later in the day, hours later.  Now there isn't a set amount of hours to wait to eat but I would recommend 3-8 before your first meal.  Why such a broad range?  Well for me I have days where I need to eat earlier and days where I can handle not eating for 8 hours.
What I do within those 3-8 hours each day for food is just water, you can use coffee which helps keep you more full than water, at least for me, but I like just plain old water, maybe even lemon water because it gives me a boost of energy for my whole day that I have ahead of me. 

How to Start Intermittent Fasting.

If you have never done intermittent fasting before and are used to eating as soon as you wake up then for week one I recommend eating an hour after waking. If you can handle 2 hours more power to you!  I find it better to start small and work your way slowly to where you want to be so you aren't discouraged.  
I find it easiest to do IF for longer periods if I wake up earlier.  Usually if I wake up at 7 I wont eat until 12-3, but if I wake up later around 9 I find myself eating around that same period.  Now that is still a minimum of 3 hours but for the best results I see are from 5 hours plus of not eating after you wake.
What is it Like to IF?
I'm not going to lie and say everyday I'm not hungry or starving for that matter.  There are still days I am starving but I find ways to ignore it until my fast is up.  I have however become used to it so most days are pretty easy for at least 3-4 hours but then after still gets hard.  I like to listen to my body so if I am hungry that early I like to eat that early, if I'm not hungry that early then I push off my fast till I am hungry.
I don't quite remember when I started but I know it has been a few months and its not as hard as it sounds if you listen to your body.  It also allows you to eat like a king when you do eat throughout the day.  I usually enjoy 2-3 big meals and a good sized snack and don't even gain much fat if I do gain fat at all!  Now I'm not saying you can eat a ton of junk food and get thin using IF, but it is a lot easier to lose fat even if you are eating junk food right now, you just have to eat in a caloric deficit which is much easier even while eating foods you enjoy while IF.  I however don't count calories but what I do instead is mostly stay away from most refined and junk foods myself, this is because I am trying to gain muscle at the moment and not drop fat, but whatever you are trying to do IF can help with it!  If you feel you need to lose fat and watch calories then do that, if you are more laid back like I am then you don't have to count calories, it's whatever works for you is what you do, there is no right way to do it.
Bottom line, for me IF is what's working for me right now, and I highly encourage you give it a try for at least a month to see if it works for you as well!  If you want to eat like a gain and lose fat I do however encourage moving toward a healthier diet, that can be whatever it is for you.  If you even are just starting your journey or thinking about eating more healthy I recommend eating one healthy meal a day for a week or 2 before starting this so you build a habit to have that healthy meal for the first time you eat while IF.  Then for dinner while IF have a feast of whatever you want, just remember if you are trying to lose fat to be in a caloric deficit each day or 6 days a week and having one day to still eat what you want.  Remember what you eat 90% of the time determines who you are and what you will look like and become, because if you eat junk food 6 out of 7 days then what will you look like?  Now think if you eat health foods 6 out of 7 days a week, the answer is obvious.  
All of what I just said is to be taken into account whether or not you are going to start IF or even just start a diet of your own.
Closing thoughts.
If you are thinking of IF I highly recommend you try out IF.  It is what I currently do and it works for me and I really believe it can improve your life for the better to help you get the body you want.  If you love doing it or hate doing it please leave your feedback in the comments, or if you already do it please leave a comment for other readers to see it so we can hear your story!

I hope this blog post helped you.
See you guys on the next post.