Sunday, May 29, 2016

How to Have Peak Experiences.

     Everyone's had a birthday, so we all can relate to a peak experience in this way, no matter if your 5 or 50.  You wait all year to get to that one day of the year you spend with family and friends and have lots of fun at your party.  They are some of the greatest feelings in the world, your life is filled with working to achieve them.  Working toward something you really want to achieve makes life fun, worth living, and once you achieve your goal it makes you beyond happy.
     If you are just handed a sports car or given millions of dollars you have trouble cherishing all that went into earning that, since it was just given to you you have no concept of how to cherish it.  Now lets look on the other side where if you earn the sports car or money, you take deep appreciation for it.  You are likely not to drive real fast all the time and take care of the car.  For the money you are likely to reinvest in something or yourself to make your life better, rather than if you don't earn that money and blow it all on useless things like parties, expensive clothes, big TV's that will be out of date in 6 months to a year.
    Real peak experiences come from accomplishment.  Something you truly worked towards, whether its materialistic or not can bring joy as long as it is something you wanted to achieve in your life.  For myself I got away from a lot of junk foods and strive every day to become better at it.  I talk about this a lot in my posts and videos, but it is something I really do gain happiness from.  It is practically a 180 to go from eating fast food everyday to for the most part avoiding it and eating what I think is going to be best for my body.  I often talk about eating Mcdonalds 5 days a week and that is not an exaggeration.  I would literally eat that almost everyday, of course I barely knew how bad this was for me to do back then because all I thought about was the flavor of the food I consumed.  I remember almost everyday in the summer one year, I had to be 11 or 12, and every morning I would wake up and eat crackers with peanut butter.  Talk about unhealthy!  I was eating so many unhealthy carbs and peanut butter processed with sugars and hydrogenated oil just starting off each day.  Also during school I would always and I mean ALWAYS start off my day with Ovaltine and some days Olga bread as well before I would head off to school.  This clearly wouldn't help me get through the day as processed carbs tend to make us more tired.  And the Ovaltine which also included processed sugars.
     Working on my journey to a better, healthier diet is a very tough struggle at times but is well worth it and there are often better tasting foods that are good for you than the high processed junk food out there.  Although I still do eat some junk food or what I consider to be junk for me is very rare.  I have been able o feel easier breathing along with the food change which enables peak experiences in meditation at times.  I will find myself in a state of bliss some days during meditation if my breathing is good.  This is becoming more and more easy to achieve the more I meditate, but for now is still a rare experience, but I know without the change in my eating I would've never been able to achieve this.
Like I said earlier peak experiences will take a while to achieve and lots of work, but in the end it is worth it every time.  Our life is a journey, what we make of it is totally up to us.  If you want to have this amazing experiences you must be willing to do whatever it take to gain them in your life!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

When to Give Up, Should You Give Up?

Giving up should be worst case.  Have your ever heard the phrase "Never give up"?  This can be used for whatever your goals are, and must be used, let me repeat that it MUST be used to achieve your goals.  Before I used to go from shiny object to shiny object only for making money "fast" but if it got too hard or wasn't working fast enough I would go to the next thing and repeat just to have the same thing happen again.  It's a terrible trap many people fall into.  A question I like to ask myself for doing things is "If I wasn't getting paid would I do this everyday"  If the answer is no then why do it? Now there is an exception but it shouldn't take you away from working toward what you want to achieve and that is a job or anything you can make money doing until you have saved enough to quit and go full time on what you want to truly do.  Many of us including myself need a source of income until we do start making money doing what we love, and many people have it way harder than I do, they have children, a house, a car to pay for, and they cannot let their chider starve.  If you are in a position where you have to rely on a job that does not mean give up on working toward what you want, still make time for it everyday, and there will be one day where it is achieved, just be sure to pour your heart out into it, find that reason to not give up no matter how much life throws at you!
If it truly is your dream you won't give up.  The second you know what it is that is your calling 1) you will not wanna stop doing it 2) you will never stop.  Giving up should only be for something that we get bored of which in turn means it is not your calling.  Most jobs no matter how much they pay will get boring or stressful, unless you actually love the job you do even if its not the most money, if you love doing it and if money weren't involved you would still do it then keep doing it, and never give it up or quit.
If its not your life purpose change focus to what is.  What do I mean by this?  If you do something and easily grow bored chances are you aren't meant to do it.  How could you do something your whole life you don't love doing?  It should simply be a waste of time and energy.  So if you are doing something you don't like to do then change it up to what you truly love doing!  Even if it's only a little bit a day or all day as long as you put focus into what you want to do and enjoy it then thats what matters.  When I used to try things just for the money I found quickly it was not something I liked doing.  Sure money is an awesome tool and I love money because it can surely be used for good.  But our main goal shouldn't be to just get money unless that truly is your motivator , which it can be a great one, and can help make you happy, but won't make u happy forever like following your true purpose will.  But for me I have the most fun sharing a story because I never know who it will impact in a positive way.  I love giving free value, and know in some way it'll come back to me in some way, but that is not the reason I do it,  I only do it because it makes me happy and I enjoy sharing what I am learning day to day.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

5 Steps to Practicing Optimism

We are all struck with hard situations, what we do in each of these situations are all based on how we choose to feel about the situation itself.  I know for me myself I can get all caught up in my head about why everything is going to go wring or is already going wrong.  Some of the things I will talk about I am working on myself already and progressing everyday to be as optimistic about every situation as much as possible.  The good thing for you guys that with me still struggling with some of these steps is that you will not get discouraged about not be optimistic right away.  So anyways lets get right into it.
1) Don't take things personally
Number one is defiantly my biggest challenge.  In the world it becomes so easy for us to take the smallest thing personally.  In reality the other person may just be doing something thats better for them and not knowing they are hurting you.  We have all been there, we had a plan to do something with someone or people, and then they cancel.  You start thinking "what did I do wrong?" when in reality that person may be sick or have something going on in their life, but we usually always feel like the victim.  For me it helps to just sit back relax and take a deep breathe and put myself in that persons shoes and see where they are coming form instead of only thinking my point of view.  Although I really struggle with this, when I take that small action it helps me not just feel how I feel but also see through the other persons eyes and instead of feeling mad or hurt I feel that I know they aren't doing anything board me which can put both parties in an optimistic headspace because we both see the good instead of the bad.
2) Everything happens for a reason
Many bad or terrifying things will happen in our life that we cannot control.  There is one thing we can do though, and that is knowing that the event happened for a reason even if it doesn't seem good right now, it will help shape us to grow.  You may be driving along and in a hurry to get home and you hit every red light and feel angry, but on your drive home you witness an accident that could've been you if one of those lights were to be green.  Maybe your low on money and are trying to do something big but feel that the lack of money is holding you back right now, but it could be a lesson for the rest of your life, or even be used to show later in life that you came from nothing to doing big things, and using that to help motivate others to do the same and help them realize they can to.  Just remember no matter where you are, whatever happens is the universe trying to push you toward what you are meant to be.
3) Mediation
I talk about meditation for a lot of things.  Having the ability to stare at a wall or close your eyes for a period of time and do nothing sounds boring and torturous at first.  We live in a fast paced world where we are all rushing to do everything, but many of us need to slow down and chill for even just a few minutes.  The rushing around is known to not be beneficial to our cardiovascular system, because rushing causes stress, we are known to rush to a job we don't like which will cause us stress, or rush to get somewhere even if we do like it but any bad traffic will do the same, cause us stress. So for me slowing down and taking some time to myself and just doing a mediation and telling myself "I am" statements throughout the mediation can help bring me back to center.
4) Don't care what others think
The biggest trap we can fall into which can bring us into pessimism is doing what everyone else wants us to do.  We live in a world where others opinion of us can shape how we feel about doing the things we truly love.  Your not gonna please everyone and you shouldn't try to.  Now I'm not saying to just not listen to others, because many times people want to help us learn something that can help our life.  If its something you know won't truly help you its best to do what you know truly will despite the opinion of others, and if you do try to please others all the time you won't do it and you'll ultimately be letting yourself down.  To be your true self you must care what you think of yourself, wha others think isn't who you are, only what you think of yourself is what matters.  Are you thinking of yourself as powerful or weak? A winner or loser?  These are thoughts only we can control, no one else.
5) Do what makes you happy
I am currently working a job I don't really see as useful where I am doing the same thing everyday and becomes boring and repetitive.  But for me writing, doing videos, and working out is much different, I seem to enjoy the process because I know I am doing good for people and influencing people while working on myself as well.  Even if I'm not making money doing it I still love the process and have fun with it, and truly brings me joy to share a message I find important.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

What to do if You're Not Feeling Motivated (How to Become Motivated Again).

     Have you ever gotten to the point where your willpower was depleted or you had not motivation to do what you need to do in your life?  It can be very tough and a huge struggle to see this goal and want to accomplish it.  In this blog I am going to talk about a very simple and easy way to gain motivation and willpower. I think you guys will find this useful and be able to apply it to your everyday lives.  So lets jump right into it!
          I'm sick as I'm writing this and this one thing is something that pushes me to do the things I have too even though its hard to do.  Being sick totally drains not just me but every single human being.  I don't get sick too much as eating a healthier diet has helped sickness come less to me.  But being sick I totally recognize how hard it can be to have motivation to do things.  I mean all we wanna do is to get rest, and rest isn't bad, when we are sick we need rest for sure, but this doesn't mean we can do some work even if its a very little work in the day.
     So what do I do to motivate me the last few days and this is what I am going to start doing from now on if I am feeling a lack of motivation to do something I really want to do.  So lets say you have a goal of the day and its to draw a picture, but today you just can't seem to have the energy to do it.  Very simple and very easy, draw for 5 minutes, if you continue drawing after the 5 minutes and enjoy the process you will have gained willpower and motivation to keep pursuing what you wanted to with the drawing.  If you can only handle 5 minutes that is perfectly ok, 5 minutes out of our day isn't much and you were working toward what you felt was your purpose and still took a step and made a commitment to yourself.
     Taking baby steps is the key to getting shit done, at least thats what has worked for me.  If I feel overwhelmed its gonna be hard to start much less complete the shit I need to.  So taking these baby steps is for me the best way to fully complete something and am always more likely to finish what I start, unlike having 100 different bigs things to do I have a few big things that I turn into small things that are accomplishable which in turn gives me the fuel to accomplish the full thing.
Closing thoughts.
     In this short blog post we went over a very simple and easy way to accomplish anything you want to.  I find for me at least this was easier to implement into my life and actually saved lots of time to do.  Doing this even helps me give more time to the most important things and spend some time, but just less on the things hat are important still but not the most important.  Please feel free to try what I shared here and tell me in the comments how it helped you!

Go out, live life to the fullest,