About Me

I am on my journey to building lean muscle mass and maintaining it.  I used to be 25 pounds overweight and decided that needed to change so I could become as fit and healthy as I wanted to be. The first thing that motivated me was thinking of the body I wanted to see, looking in the mirror and seeing lots fat on my body everyday wasn't working and I knew I needed to change.  I'm here to share what I eat and my workouts that you can implement to your life to live and maintain a happy, healthy, strong life.  I am now a skinny guy finding ways to get bigger, stronger muscle while keeping body fat down, and my goals are to transform my body into a more muscular one, to get to 8-10% body fat and weigh 165 pounds, and to help as many "skinny fat" / "hard gainers" males as I can along the way.

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