Monday, August 14, 2017

My New Workout Routine For Putting On Huge Amounts Of Muscle For Skinny Men.

The importance of changing up your workout routine.

Our bodies get used to everything we do.  If we constantly eat 
the same foods over and over it will get used to that food 
and form itself around it.  Your body even get used to the 
toothpaste and deodorant you use, and those are just little 
things you never think about and usually never change.  
However your workout routine can be much bigger than 
just brushing with different toothpaste or using different deodorant.

Your workout routine can, after time become almost useless for a 
while.  Let me tell you a little story to explain why your 
workout routine may have once worked great and now doesn't.  
Almost everyone has dealt with this and I am dealing with 
this right now as well.  Over the past couple weeks 
I have had to change ups my workout routine.  

I was following the Greek God Program by Kinobody, and I have to 
say it was working really well, I was gaining muscle and strength.  
However, over the past month or so I have noticed a plateau 
which as I said everyone experiences.  My body was 
getting used to doing the same workouts every time 
I went into the gym.  Even if I did them in a different 
order each time to "shock" my muscles they wouldn't grow at all really.

Like I said the Greek God Program did serve me well, 
and in a couple months I plan to go back to it once my 
body is used to the workout plan I am creating right now.  
The one I am creating is still in the works and I am
 experimenting with what works for my (skinny guy) body 
type and what doesn't.  However I have noticed my 
muscles growing more now that I am doing a different routine.

The workout that I am currently creating

Like I said this is still in the works.  I am still testing what is working and what isn't.  I do have some of my workouts figured out for what I want to continue doing.  

The workouts include
-Barbell curls
-Hammer curls
-Preacher bar curls
-Tricep extension
-Skull crushers
-Overhead tricep extension

Back, chest, shoulders
-Shoulder dips (works shoulders and lower chest)
-Dumbbell shoulder press
-Chin ups/weighted chins
-Bent over row
-Close and wide pushups

Legs (what I need to master in the routine)
-Barbell squats
-Barbell or dumbbell lunges
-Calf raises 
-Leg extension
-Leg curl
-Or leg press instead of extension and curl

The success I have noticed after just a couple weeks of this workout routine

As stated above I still need to fine tune the leg section the most for 
the routine.  I feel I may also need to work on the back section 
as well.  However from just a couple weeks of testing 
what works and what doesn't I have noticed my arms 
explode, a thing many of us skinny guys have trouble doing.  
For me I have always had trouble getting definition in my arms, 
my chest and back have always been easy for muscle growth 
for my body type, but my limbs...  Hell nooooooo.  my 
arms and especially my legs always felt like no matter 
how much I work them out, they would never grow.

I know I have the arm exercises mastered in terms of the exercises to do.  
I still need to record the weight I am using and exactly 
how many reps I am doing of each workout.  Right now
 the weight I do is a moderate-high weight for me and I 
always do 4-8 reps of each workout, except for calf raises 
which are around 15-20 reps for intensity.  

Lifting heavy seems to be the best for the skinny body type 
for gaining muscle mass.  If you are looking for strength gain, 
I cannot tell you if it is the best workout.  For strength gain I 
would recommend the Greek God Program, where Greg sets 
out exactly how much you should be lifting and 
pretty much everything is set out for you.  

For the sake of this blog post and the fact that I am still testing, 
I am going to say that if you are skinny and have trouble 
gaining muscle to stick to the lifts I mentioned above, and to 
lift a moderate-heavy weight (a weight you can get the full 
range of motion without hurting yourself) for 4-8 reps.

Should you do this routine? (recommended for skinny men but anyone can do it if your goal is to put on muscle)

I originally wanted to make this blog post for people who are 
skinny like me and have massive amounts of trouble gaining muscle, 
instead of massive amounts of muscle.  Sometimes it may 
feel impossible to gain muscle if you are skinny.  But what 
if you gain muscle kind of easily and just want a new routine?  
Well this may work even better for you if you are currently 
focussing on lightweight lifts with high reps.

I cannot promise that it will make your muscles grow more, 
one because I am not one of those people that can add on 
10 pounds of muscle in one month or whatever, and two 
because every single person reading this has a different 
body and not ones body will work the same.  All I can do 
is say that this is what is currently working for me, and I 
am sharing this to inspire one person the packing on muscle 
is possible even if you are skinny like me!

I hope you gained massive value from this post,  This so far is 
one of my favorite ones I have written to this day, because 
muscle growth has always been a struggle for me.  Share 
your story below, I would love to hear what 
struggles you have had with muscle growth.

If this gave you value, I ask that you share this with your 
friends and social media to help them as well!

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