Tuesday, October 25, 2016

3 Ways to Better Your Meditation Practice.

Lately as you guys know I have been getting back into meditation, doing it everyday.  I have started doing 10 minutes again and a couple times did 20 like I used to.  I have had some trouble being in the present moment until the other day.  These first 2 are things I used to do and I see are working again the other is just a small tip that can make all the difference!
If you have done meditation before you know it can be hard to do and stay in the present moment.  Our minds naturally wonder without us thinking about it at all.  Sitting still for a certain period of time doesn't usually help that.  Even for me most of the time I find my mind wondering and like I said above I have done meditation for some time even thought I did take a break from it for a while.  But it is still extremely easy for me to become sidetracked on other thoughts during a meditation practice.  So yes being present during the meditation can be hard most of the time but I have found a few ways that help me become more present and I think they would help you guys so I'm here to share theme with you today.
3 ways to better your meditation practice.1) Affirmations.
This is by far the best way to be present for me so I thought I would share this first.  So the last couple days I have been saying affirmations, gratitude, and empowering questions to myself.  I used to do all of these before when I would meditate but kind of forgot till now how good these work for me.  I use these as a way to brainwash myself and attract the good in life, and with the empowering questions I ask myself things that I can solve to better my life.  Anyways enough about why I use them, how can doing these help you?  Well number one if you tell yourself you're present, you'll convince yourself its true after a few breathes, and the rest is easy, say affirmations, things you are grateful for, and empowering questions and staying present isn't a problem what so ever.
2) Either a room with a window open or outside for fresh air and sounds of nature.
I love my nature sounds and fresh air.  It gets me more in touch with my surroundings and whats going on right now.  The sound of the birds and wind in the trees is just so relaxing.  Also being able to breathe in some fresh air also helps my breath, for a deeper calmer breathe.  Being as breathe is the key component in meditation a deep breathe of fresh air is very important for me.
3) Temperature that isn't too hot or too cold around 70 degrees.
Being at a comfortable temperature is the third and final key to me.  It may seem like it doesn't matter, but being comfortable while meditating really helps to calm my body, which in turn relaxes and calms my mind.  If I am not comfortable I find myself moving around more and the temperature plays the biggest part in my comfort. 
Closing thoughts.
I hope these tips helped to better your meditation practice, and make it more enjoyable and relaxing, and most of all empowering!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Why You Are Amazing. (How to Find the Amazement Within Yourself)

Along our journey many of us may feel as if we are bad at certain things or lack the knowledge to perform things we wish to perform.  Some of us may even feel as if we are not good enough for certain people, things, or even ourselves.

Today I am here to tell you all of that is BULLSHIT! You are fucking amazing, put on this earth for a reason.  I don't care if your circumstances suck, that doesn't make you a bad person.  Sure you have to work to get into better circumstances, but this doesn't make you bad by any means.  Check your breathe, and heartbeat.  Are you still breathing, is your heart still beating?  Then this is a sign, a sign that you have purpose in your life, even if you don't see it.  All of us are amazing we just have to look deep inside and find that which makes us amazing.

I understand that can be hard, especially if you are like I used to be and put yourself down because of low confidence in certain things.  I remember I would always tell myself I was bad at basketball whenever I would play, and even say it out loud, and guess what that did?  It was brainwashing myself to actually suck at it.  Instead how can we do the opposite?

This is something I have talked about a couple times but never truly touched on.  Think about the most amazing person to you, maybe this is someone famous, a millionaire, billionaire, a family member, or friend.  How would this person you see as amazing talk about themselves?  Would they put themselves down or would they have empowering statements?  You guessed it right they would have empowering statements for themselves.

Let me tell you something, we become what we focus on and spend time doing.  Is it worth it to tell yourself that you suck or instead tell yourself you are amazing.  Even if you don't even see it yet say it to yourself that you are amazing, each day multiple times.  How do you feel about yourself.  Actually write this in the comments I would love to hear if it helped you!

This can be done with anything say to yourself "I am confident" long enough and you will become more confident.

The Task
Your task for this post is going to be to write down 5 good things you want to feel about yourself that help prove that you are amazing   Take out that pen and paper right now!  Ok got it?  Good, write down these 5 things.  These affirmations you will be saying 5 times each the second you wake up for the next week, if it helps improve how you feel about yourself feel free to keep doing it, even add things if you want to!

Closing Thoughts
Today we covered something powerful.  What you tell yourself will manifest and control how you feel each and every day.  Don't let the wrong thoughts manifest into your life, all of you are amazing and have the power to cultivate it, shine the way you were meant to!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Corvette and Porsche Theory.

What are Porsches and Corvettes known for?  Maybe their speed, or super sleek and classic design.  Apart from whatever these cars are to you there is one thing that stands out to me.  They are very simple in their design and serve as a classic never ending style.
This simplicity isn't bad however, instead it is good Porsche and Chevy provide the timeless style that people love with these cars.  Simplicity is what I am writing this blog post for.  Porsche has been smart for decades keeping the same style on their cars, a timeless design, but very simple at the same time.
The Porsche and Corvette Theory.How can we make things simple but better?  The answer for each of us is different.  I briefly talked about the Corvette and Porsche Method on a book review video I made on Rich Dad Poor Dad where he talks about the acronym KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).  Simple isn't bad, I know we live in an age where we think everything has to be complicated but that isn't true whatsoever.  If you can't connect with the Corvette or Porsche analogy think of an iPhone or iPod.  They seem so complex but have one single button apart from volume and power.  They have kept this for generations on the phone, because it works and they don't need to over complicate the phone with fancy buttons when one button works perfect the way it already is.  Same with Berkshire Hathaway's website, if you don't believe me take a look at it, (http://www.berkshirehathaway.com) how simple is it?  "How big is the company and the website looks like that?"  You may be asking yourself.
All these scenarios show that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFsyCoFdITc) I think you'll really enjoy it, and the best part it only has a few ingredients!  Simple but people love it.
the best things are often very simple.  I have a video on youtube that did very well and its about my simple steak recipe.  Everyone I make it for always loves it overtime I make it.  If you wish to try it for yourself I'll link it here (
I don't know the exact reason why simple seems better, but if I think about it I notice that if something is too complex it goes over my head, and many other peoples as well, or may end up looking like complete shit.  Think of a website that is filled with nice designs, soon all the designs that look nice by themselves look shitty when they are surrounded by other nice designs or colors, and becomes too much for us to handle all at once.
Closing thoughts.
I gave you guys some examples of simple things that work perfect.  My question is to you, how can you simplify something to make it perfect?  Think of the Porsche, Corvette, iPhone, Berkshire Hathaway's website, or my steak recipe, whichever one works for you.

I hope this helped you take your life to the next level.


Sunday, October 9, 2016

Why I Created Ganifit.

As many of you guys know I created Ganifit to help improve others and share my story and journey along the way.  I used to be the kid who would eat mcdonalds most days of the week and never and I mean NEVER drink water.  The only thing I would do is play video games, never working on myself.  I knew this needed to change, and I knew that I could help many others who are like the way I used to be and know they need a change.  Whether you have been following the blog for a while or just finding out about it and reading it for the first time this blog post is for you.
Ganifit was first designed to help you guys follow my fitness journey.  Fitness meaning working out. This soon turned into a fitness of more than that.  Yoga, meditation, reading, and whatever else I find would help you guys.  I am constantly experimenting on new things to see what works and what doesn't.  I love to share food that I cook that are easy and simple recipes you guys can use in your home.  Most of them being cheap so you guys can save money, as I am currently trying to do with my current situation.
I find sharing my life to be fun and inspiring.  As many of you know I am working on overcoming my social anxiety.  This is something I have dealt with my whole life and even affects me around family a lot of the time.  I have had much practice on camera slowly easing into talking into public was horrifying, this may sound like you, scared to even make a video outside even with no one around or even scared to talk to family or friends at times.  No matter how bad it is you can improve on it.  That is my philosophy.
We are all going to experience struggles in life and thats a part of life for anyone.  Here in Ganifit I am trying to show you struggle, anxiety, and even depression is ok and normal, but isn't the state we should always be in or be trapped in.  There is more to life than that and seeing this is what can get you started.  I understand that change can be hard especially if you are at your lowest and feel like improvement is impossible, but the truth is it isn't.  There are people who were at lower points in life and still made it.  These people we can learn from and mimic to create the life you want to live.  If you are in a low point right now ask yourself this question.  "What would my 80 year old self tell me to do today?"
Closing Thoughts.
Being in a low state or state of depression for a long time can be hard to deal with, and may make the things you truly want to do seem impossible.  I have found that learning from people who have been through what I have is the best way to connect with them and understand and implement their strategies into my life.  I hope you guys are loving the content I post, and hope it helps you in some area of life.  Always be learning, and committing to your life's journey, it is the only way to an extraordinary life!


Thursday, October 6, 2016

My New Morning Ritual.

Today I started a new morning routine and I would like to share it with you guys.

As you know I have been doing yoga pretty much every morning for the last couple months and I finally carried that into a morning ritual.  I created the morning ritual to create a snowball effect for the rest of the day, where I feel more happy, alive, loving, confident, and strong.  These are all things I struggle with and like to improve on each and everyday.  Over the last 3 days I have been doing it I am noticing myself change for the better.  I notice myself being happy more often, having more energy, being more loving, and being more confident.

My morning ritual consists of a few simple things
-Wake up and give Brittany a big hug and kiss (this starts out the day with both of us being happy and feeling extreme love)
-30 push ups
-30 bicycle crunches, 30 iron butterflies, and 30 roman twists (these and the push ups help improve my strength, and my energy levels for the day)
-Read 10 pages. (this improves my brain health as I am learning something new each morning)
-10 minutes of yoga
-10 minutes of meditation (Going along with yoga, these are both ways to practice calmness, happiness, and being present for me which impacts the rest of the day in those ways as well)
-1 Gratitude, 1 affirmation, and 1 empowering question.

Creating a morning ritual has been amazing for me so far.  Try it out for yourself.  Doing it can only improve your life!  Just think of if you do something very morning for the rest of your life, how can it be empowering, fun, and help you to improve.  Whatever your answer is, put it into your morning ritual, the results will speak for themselves!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

What Failure Teaches Us.

What is failure?  The definition of failure is omission of occurrence or performance.
We are taught that failure is a bad thing, not something to be proud of.  But have we ever looked at the other side of failure?  Maybe it is a learning lesson that isn't so bad?  Yes failing can feel terrible, but what can we learn from failing?  
Well lets say you fail at completing your goal of learning Spanish.  What can you do?  Well if your like most people you will see it as a failure and beat yourself up for it.  Instead you could see it as a learning opportunity.  You could learn or research different and better ways to learn Spanish that could work better for you.
This isn't just for learning Spanish, you can apply it anywhere in life, fitness, business, mindfulness or whatever else you choose to.  

What are you lacking in life or feel you are failing in?  Don't beat yourself up for it but instead see the struggle as something you must get over.  Life without a struggle isn't life at all its nothingness, and failure is a part of success, almost anyone who achieved big failed.  Michael Jordan, kicked off his basketball team in school for not being good enough.  Steve jobs failed as well, he was fired from his own company.  Instead of letting these failures stop them they learned from them and used them to their advantage to become the best of their industry.

Feel like your failing at something and feel too low to even learn from these failures?  Something I find very helpful that works for me is to learn about people who achieved great even after failing.  It can give you motivation and insight on what to do with your life!