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My guess is you have already read some of my posts and want to read and learn more about what my blog is about and how you can get a better understanding.  I not only want to be a teacher or someone you can learn from, but also want you to enjoy what I'm teaching.  Im going to be completely honest I'm not where I want to be in life, but I keep growing stronger and stronger each day to go down the road to become the person I want to be, the best version of myself.  Although I am not yet where I want to be I have been able to progress a lot in less than one year, I was becoming better over the last few years but the beginning of this year is where the magic really happened, and I want you to see how easy it is to change any aspect of your life pretty fast and by starting off with little effort but building on top of that little effort and adding a little more every day.

How can just one year change your life? In my blog posts I talk about ways I got better at self development for myself, and how now want to share this with you.  In the last 2 years alone I have taken in aspects in my life such as reading, meditation, working out, writing a blog (which if you know me you know I wasn't the best at writing in school), creating quality Youtube videos, and many more things.  I will talk about overcoming hardships like my writing and sharing it with you on this blog.  Theres lots to learn about self improvement in your life and I'm hear to share my challenges so you don't make the same mistakes as me, and to teach you simple things that'll get you started heading on the right path to mastery.

What I'm working on for my body right now is getting a lower body fat, as I still have a tiny bit of fat left on my lower stomach and lower back, while, at the same time gaining muscle and having fun while doing it.  Like I said earlier I also do mediation daily usually before bed to unwind for the day, or if I need to calm down and get present I will do it in the evening after dinner.  The benefits of fitness and meditation alone are phenomenal, which I talk about more in my posts.

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