Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Bodybuilding Physique Update 5 (Learning How To Lean Bulk).

This month was mostly a good month, for the first 3 weeks I have been gaining muscle on a consistent basis and it was going great, my muscles appeared to be bigger than usual and I was gaining strength most of the time.  However this past week I started to notice muscle loss.

Where I am at now.

My strength still seems to be getting better consistently, and it looks like I am still losing fat (I tried to use the body fat scanner at the gym again, but once again I got the same error code as before).

That being said it looks like I dropped 1% bodyfat since last month.  

This past week however, I noticed some muscle loss.  I believe this is due to starting my job where I walk between 10,000 - 20,000 steps per day, which allows me to be in a deficit  nearly everyday compared to the rest of the month.

Where I want to be within the next month.

Today I did some research on how much I should be eating per day to "lean bulk" at my current activity level and found that it was about 300 - 700 calories more than I currently eat.

It seemed that eating 1700 - 2100 calories per day was working for me to "lean bulk" before I started working again, but once my activity level increased, my calorie intake stayed the same.

Over the next month I am going to test eating 300 - 700 more calories per day and see how this works out for me.  I will continue to do the same workouts and increase my strength on a continuous basis throughout this next month.

Closing thoughts.

Overall this month went well.  3 out of the 4 weeks I made noticeable progress but this last week it really looks like I took a step back even though I was doing the same things as usually in terms of working out.

This next month I am going to work on eating roughly 2550 calories per day on workout days and 2000 - 2200 on non-workout days.  This is just a test for now to see if I start to gain muscle as well as stay at the same bodyfat percentage , or even drop fat.

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Make the best of today,