Monday, April 6, 2020

How You Can Make The Best Out Of The Coronavirus!

All the talk and news right now is around the Coronavirus.  This is the big thing that, at this moment in time is creating havoc throughout the entire world.

We are currently at the point of testing people for Coronavirus and finding the number multiplying daily.

I recored a video on this a few weeks back (which I will link below for you to view).  Since I recorded that video, the world has completely changed.  Basically everyone is on some sort of lockdown or another.  My mindset and thoughts have changed since then as well.

Here in Michigan the number of recorded cases since then has multiplied about 50x.  And New York is at nearly 60,000 recorded cases .

In my opinion this is getting more serious than I had expected.  The virus isn't just affecting people in terms of being sick but is creating negative mental and economic circumstances for most people (a big majority coming from the news and the way most governments are handling the situation).  Which is why I would also like to share some ways that you can use this time to hopefully come out ahead as well as feels good when everyone else is stressing out.

How You Can Make The Best Out Of The Coronavirus

Some ways to help yourself during this time.

I know during these times it is very easy to get into a rut or even get depressed.  Spending most of our days inside (although it may help us prevent getting the virus) can actually make us unhealthy.  Sunlight and fresh air is something that is essential for humans to live our best lives.

In this section I am going to share with you a few ways you can continue to still live your life to the fullest during this time, Although I am cooped up in the house as well as you probably are, I am still finding ways to grow during this time.

Taking Walks

As you already know if you have been reading these blogs or watching my videos for some time, I am a big believer in walking.  I would usually go out somewhere in nature or to a close by city to walk around.  Obviously right now I am not able to do that as much.

So what I have been doing is taking a walk or two around my neighborhood every day.

This is beneficial because you will not only be getting some exercise in, but you will also be getting fresh air and vitamin D as well as getting out of the house.  For your sanity and overall basic health, this is what I would recommend doing the most.


With most of the gyms being closed down, you are probably having difficulty working out.  Believe me, I am right there with you!  When I heard that the gyms would be closed I was pissed.  However I am lucky enough to have some weights at my house but I still cannot get the same workout that I could at the gym.

I just looked up some home workouts I could do with the equipment I have and chose one.  Which is what I would urge you to do as well.  If you currently have no weights I would highly suggest buying at least a good pair of dumbbells so you can have a pretty balanced workout.

If you didn't already do any workout routine, well now is the time to start.  Since you have more time than ever before, I would say to start out with just 100 pushups per day depending on your athletic level.  If you can do more, do more, if you have to do less that is also fine.  Building the healthy routine into your lifestyle is the most important principle.

I know that a home workout isn't the same as going to the gym, but I still highly recommend it as a way to stay active and healthy during this time.

Yoga / Stretch

With most of us not working, having a good healthy routine is actually easier than ever.  Since you literally need no equipment except for a yoga mat (if you choose to use one) anyone can get started with a yoga or stretching routine.

Since most people are sitting at their jobs almost all day yoga is a great way to get your body back to where it should be, and what not a better time than now to start!

Study inspiring people

Personally I have been studying people that inspire me for the past few years.  Right now, however is one of the most beneficial times to study the great thinkers of the world, or whoever inspires you.

When everyone is stressing out, the stress of the world can easily be put onto you.  By studying the greats of the world, it will help you to be more calm during this time, and who knows you may just get an idea that can change your life for the better.

I like to listen to recordings of Earl Nightingale upon waking in the morning most mornings, as well as reading for 30 minutes to an hour per day.

Find a way that works best for you and start to implement it into your morning routine, and see how much better your life becomes during this time!

Recommended resources.

Right now is a tough time for a lot of people out there.  Today I also wanted to share a couple thing with you that I would recommend buying at this time.

With many stores limiting products or not carrying certain things, it can make shopping difficult if you are trying to feed yourself and your family.  About a month and a half ago I ended up buying a massive container of grass fed whey protein, I think it has something like 75 servings, and the best part is that the only ingredient is whey protein.  So not only will you be avoiding the unhealthy ingredients found in most protein powders but you will also have enough protein powder to last you a couple months!

I also want to recommend you get the book Think & Grow Rich as the mindset you will achieve from reading that book alone will help you tremendously during this time.

Lastly I would urge you to check out the video at the bottom of this page from Earl Nightingale for your mindset as well.

Closing Thoughts

Today I just wanted to share with you what I am currently doing in hopes that these tips will help you during these times.  I have found that these tips can help you stay sane as well as come away a new improved person, instead of going in a downward spiral.

It is easy to get lost in the negativity and bad news in times like these, but I think that by focusing on things that really matter to you, as well as learning, you can come out stronger!

Make the best of today,