Wednesday, June 27, 2018

How Can You Find Free Time To Work On Your Passion / Side Hustle When You Work Over 10 Hours Per Day?

Working long hours is a huge reason why so many people give up on going for what they want in life.  Maybe you are working long hours right now and feel as if you have no time when you get home to spend even a couple hours on your passion.  This can be crippling to your success and cause you to not even start in the first place.

And yes working over 10 hours per day can drain your energy and take most of your time that you could spend working on your passion.  Maybe you even have a long commute so add a hour or two to your workday for your commute as well, and now you are up to at least 12 hours.  Add you sleep time to that and there is 20 hours of your day.  All you have left is 4 hours left, and you still might need to prepare dinner so that's another 30 minutes to a hour of you day, taking you down to only 3 hours left.

What I want you to do is to start to realize how you are spending the last 3 hours of your day.  What are you spending your time on in those last 3 hours?  Are you spending it watching TV and scrolling through Instagram?  Or are you using that time to take your life to the next level?

And I know watching TV and scrolling through Instagram can be fun and easy after a long day of work, heck I still do it a couple times per week.  But even if I do I still find myself only doing that for about a hour.  This way I can relax while I eat if I want to before I get to working on writing a blog, making a video, editing a video, or working out.

I also like to pair eating and watching an informational video or listening to an audiobook to give me something to learn from while I eat.  This can be something you can do to replace watching TV while you eat.  This way you will be learning and eating at the same time and freeing up some extra time for yourself during the last few hours of your day.

And yes, I understand sometimes you may just want to come home and watch something while you eat dinner and that's ok.  Just make sure you are doing this in moderation and still have the time you to work on the things that you want to work on that day.

Finding Time For Your Side HustleCan you shorten your commute?

Maybe your commute takes you 45 minutes every single morning.  You get up at 6:00 in the morning get dressed and leave at 6:15 stop at McDonald's and wait in line behind a bunch of other people in the drive through for 10-15 minutes then finish your commute to work.  That 10 minutes per day would free up a extra hour per week, which may not seem like much, but if you already work 10 hours per day, every single hour counts!

You also could look for a job that is closer to your house.  Even if it pays a tiny bit less, if it is closer and saves you a few hours per week then its worth it.  Time is more valuable than money, and with that free time you will be able to work on a side hustle or passion.  Just make sure if you do this you job still easily covers your living expenses so you are able to survive without worry.

How can you free up time?

One way to free up some time for your passion or side hustle is something we already talked about.  I want to go more in depth on it because it is very important and substantial to freeing up time and feeding your mind at the same time.  This is switching out TV while you eat with something more productive like informational videos or audiobooks that will help you move towards your goal or give you insight on how you can.

Cutting the time you spend scrolling mindlessly through social media has been a huge help in my life as well.  Although I still could cut out some social media time in my day, I am doing way better than I was before.

Right now you may be getting sucked into scrolling through memes on Instagram and before you know it a hour of your day is gone.  It may be fun at times to relax and laugh for a bit or even just entertaining for a while.  But eventually it starts to take over the remaining time in your day.

Now I find myself spending maybe 30 minutes per day at the most on social media per day (which I know is still bad but it used to be way worse.

Sometimes you can even get sucked into productive procrastination on social media sites.  I used to do this where I would be looking at photos of places I wanted to go or houses I want to live in or even quotes and so on.  This was good for inspiration but after a while I was just using it to not make any actual progress in my life and procrastinate.

Closing thoughts

Since I started working my new job as a porter at a dealership, I have been working longer hours than I have ever worked at a job.  I have been there a few weeks so far and I notice how hard it has been to find time to make videos or write a blog.

It seems as if I only have time to do a couple important tasks per day on the days I work.  Even finding that time can be challenging for me.  If you are someone who has been working as much as I have or more you know how challenging finding time for the things that are important to you can be.  So I hope these tips helped you free up and find extra time to work on your passion or side hustle.

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Sunday, June 17, 2018

3 Reasons You Should Re-align Your Yearly Goals.

We are officially halfway through 2018 and I really wanted to share with you something that I am currently doing that will make a dramatic difference in your life.  Maybe you have set some yearly goals for yourself but have kinda let them go, or maybe you are totally on top of them but feel as if you aren't where you need to be to achieve those goals yet.

Personally I am somewhere in between, there are some goals I am going to easily achieve as long as I keep doing what I am doing now, and others I have no idea how I am going to achieve them by the end of the year.  So making this blog is a must because this is what is currently helping me align with where I want to be in the near future and really figure out exactly how I am going to live the next 6 months of my life.

1) Figure out which 2 goals are a priority.

I started 2018 in a great way, but it was also kind of stupid.  I gave myself to many goals and directions to move in.  I wanted to achieve a ton of stuff this year in different  areas of life.  Being halfway through the year I noticed that having all of these things to do every day made it almost impossible to have any direction in life.  

If you are putting your focus towards too many things try to narrow you goals down to 2 main goals for the rest of the year rather than having 5 or more.  This way you are able to put more energy and focus into your 2 goals for the year rather than having scattered energy and barely any progress being made.

This doesn't mean the other goals you have for the year are not worth while.  They should still be important goals for you, but they may be more beneficial later in life.  

2)  Make monthly and weekly plans for each goal.

Looking at a goal from 6 months away can be scary and intimidating.  If you are able to step back and look at how small victories will lead up to achieving that goal, it makes it tremendously easier to achieve.  

If you can go to bed each day or each week knowing that you accomplished something worth while and that means a lot to you then you can officially say that day or week was a great one to live!

This is a big mistake I have made is not setting smaller goals (or victories) that help me achieve the bigger goals I have planned for my life.

Yes I may want to weight 135 with a lean body this year (gaining 10 pounds of muscle) but if I only focus on that I will get discouraged.  However if I put my focus on 1-2 pounds of learn muscle per month, while simultaneously focusing on my end goal, then I will be motivated to achieve that goal.

3) Why have you set this goal? 

Reconnect with why you set the goals that you set for yourself.  Think of all the reasons that motivate you to keep going on that goal.  How much will achieving this goal improve your life?  How much will it improve the lives of those around you as well?  What makes this goal important to you?

Ask yourself these questions for motivation and a meaning for each goal.  Without meaning your goal wont be able to give you motivation to achieve it!

Closing thoughts.

I hope these 3 tips have helped you and gave you insight on how to make sure you achieve your goals for the rest of the year!

Be sure to share your goals for the second half of the year in the comments section!

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Feeling Discouraged Over My Retail Arbitrage Side Hustle (Mindset Blog)

Maybe you are thinking of starting a side hustle and want to look up the pros and cons of starting your own hustle before you start so you know what you are getting into.  Into today's post I am going to share with you some problems you may face when starting your side hustle through Amazon FBA.  Before I get into it, I have to say for the most part FBA has been great, I have had a couple problems that may affect you when getting started if you are on a budget.

The first problem I had (and still have) is where I shipped a package out to Joliet, Illinois.  The problem first occurred when I looked about a week later at the tracking info and noticed that it went to Baltimore, Maryland.  The package was left at the FBA center in Baltimore, so I gave Amazon a call since they work with UPS on shipping and making sure the items go to the right place.  I called Amazon about the problem and they said that they would ship it to Joliet with the same tracking number.  Having seen no progress for a week on the shipment when I looked at tracking on the UPS website I gave amazon another call.  I was then told the shipment was received in Joliet and had a different tracking number.

So I go and put in the tracking number to find that it still hasn't even left Baltimore (in fact as I write this its about another week or so later and its still sitting in Baltimore according to the tracking info).  I know this case is really extreme and probably rarely happens but it is a pain in the ass.  I am going to have to use more time and give them another call to find out what to do about it.

The second problem I had isn't as major but can also be a hassle to you if you are doing retail arbitrage, and depending on how much money you have to invest in it can really hurt you for a while.

The story here is quite simple, I went to look for something else to flip at Marshalls, and within a few minutes I found some Lacoste sandals.  These only cost me $25 per pair and were selling on Amazon for about $55.  This meant I should've been making a little over $15 profit on each pair (I found 3 pairs).  The selling rank was decent to (somewhere around 25,000).  Being a product I thought would be great, I bought all 3 on the spot and was super excited about how easy and fast it was to find them.

This time everything went right on my shipping and arrived at the FBA center like normal.  Only this time, the day my product got there, other FBA sellers started to lower their price, which means that mine either won't sell, I will only make a few dollars, or I will lose money.

My mindset that can help you get started
Now that you have read my story/experience with my current problems with retail arbitrage you know a couple obstacles you may run into when you start.  Based off of these situations, you may be scared to start.

Yes you will have problems when you start.  You may be confused about how to do something with your shipment, or you may even have as scenario worse that mine.  But guess what? It will happen.

You must be prepared for it and expecting it.  However your mindset should always be that it is a lesson to guide you, rather than something trying to hold you back.  Every wall is just a chance for you to build a ladder to get over the wall.

As stated in a previous blog, the universe has your back.  Maybe it is just trying to see if you will keep going or give up when it gets tough.  What I have found helpful is to work with the universe as a team and go even further, even if it is hard and scary!

Closing thoughts

I hope this helped you understand how to deal with challenges that you face when starting your retail arbitrage side hustle.  Feeling discouraged is perfectly normal (especially when you start) but by realizing that you and the universe are a team, you will be able to take daily steps to move closer to what you want to achieve!

Thank you so much for reading, as always,
Make the best of today,