Monday, May 28, 2018

How To Turn Your Disadvantages Into Advantages.

Today I would like to share with you a topic that has been a very big part of my life over the past couple of years. This is using my disadvantages as my advantages in life.  You are probably reading this and wondering "why would I use my disadvantage to bring me closer to my goal?".  That is a great question!

If you have been reading my blogs or watching my videos you know that I have really gotten in to working out and gaining muscle.  You also know that I don't gain muscle as fast as I would like to.  This is a HUGE disadvantage for me, but is also an even bigger advantage!

Being a hard gainer, this gives me the opportunity to share with other hard gainers tips and tricks on how they can build muscle as I learn along the way.  I also have the advantage of being able to say to myself "I gained muscle solely because I stuck with it and didn't give up and quit and make excuses everyday when it would've been super easy to do".  That is a good feeling.

Even right now, I may not be where I want to be, but I am starting to notice my muscles gaining some definition.

What are your disadvantages that you can leverage?

All of us have something that we think is holding us back.  Right now I want you to come up with 3-5 things that you see as disadvantages in your life.  Then write down 2 ways for each bullet point that you can turn these disadvantages into advantages.

Joe Lewis Fist and The Spirit of DetroitActually do this, this isn't one of those blogs where you should just go on reading without taking any action.  You clicked on this because you want to be able to leverage what you can in life, and live the best life you can live.

Great!  What did you come up with and what are some action plans you wrote down that you would like to share in the comments section down below?

Stories for inspiration.

About a year ago I was scrolling through YouTube and came across a video of a man without any limbs. I just looked him up again to find his name and link his website here so you can go check it out.

His name is Nick Vujicic.  In the video I watched with him about a year ago, he was giving a motivational speech.  But anyways I thought he would be good inspiration as using his disadvantage to his advantage. Nick could've complained about how he doesn't have an limbs, and you know what I think anyone would be able to complain about that!  But even though I don't know his whole story, I know that he did the opposite of that because of where he is in life.  He may not have limbs but he used it as an advantage rather than a way to say that life is against him.  

Like I said I haven't done much research on Nick, but that really is a huge inspiration for me to use my disadvantages to my advantage.  I'm guessing it is for you as well!

I know that is an extreme case, and most of us are lucky enough to have all of our limbs, but lets talk about someone who inspires millions of people, Tony Robbins.  Tony was a average or even below average person for a good chunk of his life.  

Now he is a public speaker, author, and even has charities that help feed people.  Tony is well know but if you don't know who he is and want to learn about him  click here.

Tony is an inspiration because he went from a low point in his life to being one of the most well known people on the plant in the last century.  

Closing thoughts. 

The list could go on and on for inspiring people.  The point of this blog is really to get you thinking and taking action on things that you think are against you but are really there to uplift you as well as others.  

If you haven't already, comment what you have discovered about yourself when you did the exercise above!

Thank you so much for reading, as always,
Make the best of today,


Monday, May 21, 2018

Should You Plan Out Your Day In The Morning Or At Night?

One of the most important things I have started to do in my life has been planning out my day.  By planning out each and every day I am able to keep track of what I want to accomplish that day and do my best to accomplish it.

My daily goals are always created to bring me closer to my life goals.  This means that I am not going to just make some bland "to-do" list, but rather a list of goals that are meaningful, where at the end of the day I can say to myself "Brian. you did great today".

This being said, there are some days I don't write anything down for myself to follow because these days for me are relax days.  Even though it seems like I always end up working on something that I am inspired to work on, I don't have to on these days.

But something that has been on my mind over the past few days has been, "what time should you be writing out your daily plan?'

Myself I have been trying out writing my goals at night for the next day, as well as writing them in the morning for the current day.  I have found a couple benefits of each and would like to share them with you today!

Benefits of writing your goals out at night.

- You already have a set plan for the next day.

- You don't have to stress about creating a plan when you wake up and use up will power at the beginning of your day.

By having a plan set out at night before you go to bed you will get a head start the next morning.  Every morning we wake up we only have a set amount of willpower for the day.  Using it up at the beginning of the day on a plan can sometimes cause you to not follow through on your daily goals.  By setting ambitious goals at night you will not be using that last little bit of energy you have at the end of the day to plan out the following day, which will help you to wake up and focus on the goals you have already set for yourself.

Benefits of writing your goals when you wake up.

- By planning out your day when you wake up you are going to be only writing your list based off of what you are inspired to accomplish during the day.

On the flipside planning your day in the morning can still be very beneficial.  Although it does use up some willpower in the beginning of your day the advantage is that you will be more inspired to accomplish the goals you have for the day.

Have you ever went to bed when you really wanted to do something or, for example maybe you really wanted a new phone and all day all you could think about was buying this phone.  Night comes and you end up going to sleep with this thought still in your mind.

The next morning you wake up feeling completely different about the phone.  Instead of going crazy for it, you notice that it isn't much of a step up and end up not buying it.

The same can happen with your goals.  There have been many nights where I write down that I want to accomplish such and such, then I wake up the next morning and that goal is the last thing I want to do.

By planning out your goals when you wake up you will be more likely to follow through from inspiration for the goal rather than feeling like that goal is a must.

Closing thoughts.

Have you already been planning out your goals?  If so which way works best for you?

If you haven't ever tried planning out your day try it out, experiment and try both ways out, they are beneficial to your journey and will help you stay on track to achieve your life goals.

I hope this gave you some insight on how to plan out your day to be more productive!

Thank you so much for reading, as always,
Make the best of today,


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

What You Need To Know To Release Tension!

I want to start off by saying that tis blog isn't my usual blog.  It may sound kind of out there and also contradict things I have believed in the past.  This is going along with a video (which I recommend you watch, because you will be able to see how I feel the day that I made that video which will in turn help you to feel it within yourself!

Anyways getting into it, over the past 2 months or so I have been having this tightness in my throat.  Which I thought could be linked to my thyroid as well as my adrenal glands.  Which it could be, but since then I have been eating foods that help the adrenal glands to act as they are supposed to.

I know that tightness in my throat could be because I am talking quiet most of the time.  Maybe you are noticing the same type of things for yourself as well?

What I have come to notice for myself is that it is most likely my adrenal glands.  How I noticed this is that I started to notice what was always on my mind.

What I started to realize is that I have always been wanting to make money RIGHT NOW!  This way I could buy myself and family things and have the freedom to do what I want when I want, as well as be able to give without worrying about money.

Not bad stuff to do right?  While that is true, I was coming from the place of needing money fast, which is something most of us want. The problem was that I wanted the money so much right now that I had trouble stopping and realizing that it is ok if the money takes longer than I expect.  This can apply to any area of life as well, not just money.  If you want something to happen right now in life this applies to you as well.  Maybe you really feel like you need to be further in life right now because you see someone else that is your age doing better than you.

Find out what areas of life you are coming from the space of lack from in your life.  You first must recognize it before moving on.  So take a few minutes right now to really dial in on what you "NEED" to happen right now!

Ok you figured out what it is?  Good lets dive into the first step/mindset!

The universe/God has your back.

Yes the universe does have your back in whatever you do.  This does not mean you can just lay around all day and expect something to happen when you aren't putting in any effort.  

I can't say to the universe "Ok universe I want to write this blog to help someone else who is dealing with tightness in their throat, but I don't want to write it, can you write it for me?"  

That just isn't going to happen.  I have to put in the effort right now but also believe that it will get in front of the people it needs to.  Which also means that I have to share this on my social media to reach more people.  It wont reach anyone if I just sit here and think that the universe is somehow going to put all that work for me.

With that being said, realize that the universe is there to guide you and help you with whatever it is that you are striving to achieve in your life.  But you and the universe have to be a team, if only one of you works and the other is sitting on the side lines you are never going to win.

It takes time.

Realizing that your vision is going to take time will also help you not be as stressed while working on achieving whatever vision you have created for yourself.  Once again the mindset here is that it will take time, but you still must be working on your vision and goals EVERY SINGLE DAY!  

Getting discouraged is what has caused the most stress in my life.  I used to always dabble every week with some new way of making money, or even just be lazy and watch YouTube videos on how this person made money fast, but not even take any action at all.

Long story short, it didn't really work because I was looking at new ways to make money every week (shiny object syndrome) instead of focusing on one strategy for a while and seeing how it turned out.

In 2016 and some of 2017 I tried out drop shipping and I was pretty consistant but didn't see results that were worth it.  But at least with drop shipping I gave it a shot for a good amount of time before moving on.  I actually tested it as a strategy instead of dabbling.

Now I am getting into retail arbitrage, I have only been doing it a few months and made somewhere around $100.  I know its not much but I'm not spending every single day on it, but when I have some free time I go and look through some stores.  I put in the time I can into it as well as invest my own money into it (which I could lose if the items don't sell).

Another example is my YouTube channel and this blog you are reading right now.  It is something I work on consistently because it is something that I care about and know that it will have an impact on millions of peoples lives in the future.  I could have every excuse to stop making videos and writing but my vision is too big to give up, it keeps me going, and sure its taking time (longer than I wish it would to be honest) but I am trusting my that my effort will soon impact millions of people!

So if you are easily discouraged and always dabbling and trying new ways to make money, or new workout routines every week this mindset will be a huge help for you.  Imagine you are able to go deep on one area of life and be successful at it, how amazing would your life be?

Bruce Lee says "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times."

It will take time and that is ok, anything great will take time!

Closing thoughts.

This mindset has bee a huge game changer for me since I decided to implement this about a week and a half ago.  I do still have days where there is tightness in my throat but it is nowhere near as extreme as it was before most of the time.

I also notice I am able to take a step back and realize the things that I am inspired to do rather than just doing things for the sake of being "productive", which ends up meaning that I will hit a door instead of taking a step back and using the door knob to open the door and go through it with ease.

Thank you so much for reading, as always,
Make the best of today,


Saturday, May 5, 2018

Are Cheat Day's Important For Staying Lean?

If you have been reading my blogs or watching my videos you know that I love to experiment with different workouts, and different ways of eating.  About 2 months ago I decide I was going to start taking only 2 cheat days per month.  This sounded great on paper and I thought it would help me lean down and gain muscle in a better, more healthy way and also make me feel better because I would be eating more high vibration foods.

Although I did feel better from it I noticed that I started to gain some fat, nothing too major but it was fat nonetheless.  I feel as if the fat gain was in direct proportion to taking cheat days less frequently.

Now I know this may sound counterintuitive but hear me out.

Taking cheat days twice per month was actually not the best idea, and I should've followed my tracking calories advice, by moving my cheat days from once per week to once every 8 days then once every 9 days and so on.

By not pushing back my cheat day by one day per week I started to eat a couple hundred calories more per day, which isn't too bad but it was bad enough for me to gain a small amount of fat.

I thought I would be able to handle taking 2 cheat days per month without working up to it but I was wrong.  I actually discovered that losing fat or maintaining a leaner body fat percentage was easier when eating junk food once per week.

What does this mean for you?

Staying lean or at least maintaining a low body fat percentage can be very challenging.  Being able to cheat once per week has been a huge help for staying lean, but the problem is how you feel the day after.

Sure eating some ice cream or bread will be enjoyable, but the next day it always seems to catch up with you.  You start to feel tired and lazy which just leaves you drained all day.

The easy way is to do what I did and push your cheat days back another week or 2.  The only problem with this is that you will start to overeat (even if its just 100-300 calories per day).  Striking the balance is key!

Closing thoughts. 

Let us both try is this out together, lets push our next cheat day one day, yes only ONE day back, and continue to do this and see how it works for us!