Friday, May 26, 2017

How Can a Service Mindset Change Your Life And The Lives Of Those Around You?

Don't mistake serving for being a slave to someone.
Service is one of the biggest parts of our lives.  Yet we often over look it and never think of how we can serve but rather how we can take.  When I talk about serving others I don't mean to serve them and do whatever they say and be on their leash.
We all have a gift to give to the world and this gift is our service, without it we will try to take, and take, and take, but in turn get little to nothing in return.  However when we serve others and the universe with our passion we will see our lives start to change.

How it affects those around you and the people you reach/touch.
Service helps everyone that you are trying to help and even those around you.  By serving others you will notice the positive affect it has on others.  The people you are giving to are going to be happy, but not only that the people around you will feel a sense of happiness and wanting to give as well.  Everyone wants to do something good for someone else, and that something good can take someones day, even a stranger day from horrible to the best day ever.
We don't know what others are going through and usually we don't care, we are in a rush to get groceries or get lunch or dinner that we don't even acknowledge the other people around us.  But what happens if you try to give them a dollar or pay for their dinner?  See we often overlook this and never would think to do that.  But from my experience it makes the other person beyond happy. (Giving obviously isn't limited to just giving money, however I used money as an example because it  is the easiest way to give and almost anyone has a the power to do it!)

You will feel happier.
Upon starting my journey I have found the more  I share from a mindset to serve and help others, those are often my most useful and best, videos and blog posts.  However many time I am stuck in my head and have a video that could help people but I am only thinking of how I sound on camera instead of how I can share the best information with you.  Maybe you have noticed a difference in that type of video or blog post, maybe you haven't.
The point here being, when I make a video out of pure care for others and not how "stupid my hair is" or whatever I notice feedback from viewers that say many positive things about it.  Conversely if I make a video where I am stuck in my head instead of focussing on giving, that same video could get no comments or feedback.
Happiness here comes from me being able to share and help others improve.  See I can have all the happiness of losing fat or gaining muscle myself, but if I keep what I used to lose weight or gain muscle to myself and don't help others with the same techniques that happiness won't last.  However if I see that something I did helped even one person improve their life I am happy forever because that person is doing great things in their life.
Why does it work like this?  Well one thing I would say is that when I am able to focus on putting pure positivity or pure help into someones life without expecting anything in return that alone will make me happy.  Seeing someone smile or be proud of themselves for action is more to smile about than anything money can buy!

Monday, May 15, 2017

My Thoughts on Looking Down On Others. (Should You Be Super Judgmental of Those Around You).

My experience with looking down on others.
As you may or may not know depending if it is your first time reading one of my blogs, I am a pretty healthy eater.  This being said I stay away from most processed foods, and processed sugars, and wheat and white bread etc.  Many times I would find myself looking down on someone if they are eating these foods.  I have been controlling it more lately.  The reason is, is that it doesn't help the other person or me and isn't nice to do in general.
I have learned that others have their own way of dieting and if it works for them that is ok.  Also everyone will start when they are ready and if I try to "force" them to eat something they don't want to, it will backfire.  If I am judgmental I will also only see the things that I don't like about someone instead of the strengths that the other person does have.
There are also times where I would judge someone just based off of other things like how they look or what they wear, this was more of how I was when I was younger and not really now.  The most recent was how I would judge what someone eats.  That is why I used it as an example. But maybe you are struggling as well and need to stop judging others or judge people less. What has helped me change how I am judging someone is to recognize what ways I do this and when I do it and make a habit to uplift people in a positive way instead of "shaming" or judging.

What you are saying about someone else you are really saying about you.
If you are judging someone else it is saying more about your insecurities than their "problems".  Why is this?  Well in life everyone has something they are insecure over and most of us will hate on people if they are successful, just for that reason alone, because they are successful.  This shows a huge lack of loving yourself or being jealous over someone else.  If you hate or judge someone for having money lets say, it is most likely because you don't have money.  This can be fueled from jealousy and this is something that we need to stop doing in our lives.
It is hard to do and I don't think its possible to fully stop judging things or people negatively because we all have our own opinion of thing or person and that is okay.  However what we need to stop doing is being so judgmental.
Maybe it can even be you are looking down on people who are broke or poor.  This can be even easier to do than being a hater of someone who has money and you feel envy.  Many of us me included at times have looked at a homeless person and looked down on him.  Most likely we all have done this at least once, but instead we can feel sympathy, and not a kind of sympathy that pats the person on the back and tells them they will be ok, but a kind of sympathy of real help.  See because if I judge someone for being homeless that will be an insecurity of mine for maybe noticing some trait in my own life that I share with a homeless person.  But instead of patting them on the back or being insecure and looking down on them, which says more about us than them, we can offer help as in buying them food or maybe giving them advice on coming up because anything could help.  I talk about an abundance mindset a lot and for not judging or looking down on people, abundance is one of the keys to breaking out of the habit.  Once we realize how abundant we are in this life we will be less judgmental and more open to share with anyone and bring people up instead of put people down, even if one person makes $1 and the other makes $1,000,000 a day there is no room for bringing either person down.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Why I Take Cheat Days. And Why It's Important To Take Cheat Days On A Diet To Lose Weight

Balance needs to be in every area of life, you cannot be all good 
or all bad.  For health I am using balance as a reminder that 
"yes I am allowed to eat junk food every once and a
 while" and using this as a reminder helps me realize 
why I don't eat junk food or have a cheat day every single day.

  See eating healthy is tasty, fun, and improves the body and mind, 
but sometimes usually once a week I like to let go and eat 
whatever I want to.  Usually after I do have dry mouth 
and feel groggy, but the food did taste good.  

Luckily for the next 6-7 days all I want to eat is healthy food, however after 
the 6th or 7th day I start to crave the junk food again for 
some reason even though I know the consequences.

When I eat healthy I go hard, same with when I eat junk food 
on my cheat days.  I like to focus on one or the other and the balance keeps me sane.

If I ate all junk I would turn into that food.  If I ate all healthy 
every single day I would go crazy because my mind will 
still be craving the junk food and if I tell myself I can't 
have it ever my mind doesn't like that because thats all it will 
think about until I get it.  How is your balance of healthy 
and junk food?  What could you improve, or are you 
being too strict on yourself to the point where you are 
suffering because you just want junk food?

You won't fail on your diet and it makes it easier to diet.

Have you ever been on a diet for a week, a month, or a year 
but suddenly grown tired of it and lost willpower?  
If you are like everyone else on the planet the answer is yes.  
We al have limited willpower.  
Learning how to over come low willpower is very useful.

If you are on a diet and they tell you to never eat junk food 
this can sound good at first, because yes junk food is bad 
for you and doesn't help your body or mind.  In reality however 
we all have limited willpower and we sometimes need 
to eat junk food in order to stay on the diet we are on.  

If we force ourselves to eat all healthy we will burn ourselves 
out and end up giving up and going back to our old ways.  
This has happened to countless people.  
I don't want you to be one of those people because 
I know you have the potential to achieve your dream body.

Over the last month or so I did my 30 day cutting challenge.  
Yes I took 5 cheat days where I ate whatever I wanted 
to and however much I wanted to eat.  I did over eat 
some days but guess what?  I still lost fat and gained 
strength because most days I was eating what I was supposed to.  
What kept me on track and helped me to not give up, 
however was the 5 days of cheating on my diet.  
If I didn't take those days there is no way 
I would've been able to eat as low calories as I did.

People to learn from.

If you are going to study from people who achieved great 
in life I suggest you look into Tim Ferriss and 
Kinobody because both of them have strategies anyone 
can follow, whether you are experienced in 
diet and fitness or brand new to the game!

Lets talk about Tim first.  He has a book I highly recommend 
which I will link in this blog post if you wish to buy it, 
the book is called The 4 Hour Body, or you can check 
out his content on Youtube about his strategy for cheat days.

As for Kinobody, he has a bunch of videos on 
intermittent fasting and ways to make your diet 10 
times easier by using intermittent fasting.

If you guys follow my content I know you will love 
both of theirs, and without their knowledge and content 
I wouldn't be able to write this blog post and have 
the wisdom and experience I do right now!

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