Wednesday, May 25, 2016

When to Give Up, Should You Give Up?

Giving up should be worst case.  Have your ever heard the phrase "Never give up"?  This can be used for whatever your goals are, and must be used, let me repeat that it MUST be used to achieve your goals.  Before I used to go from shiny object to shiny object only for making money "fast" but if it got too hard or wasn't working fast enough I would go to the next thing and repeat just to have the same thing happen again.  It's a terrible trap many people fall into.  A question I like to ask myself for doing things is "If I wasn't getting paid would I do this everyday"  If the answer is no then why do it? Now there is an exception but it shouldn't take you away from working toward what you want to achieve and that is a job or anything you can make money doing until you have saved enough to quit and go full time on what you want to truly do.  Many of us including myself need a source of income until we do start making money doing what we love, and many people have it way harder than I do, they have children, a house, a car to pay for, and they cannot let their chider starve.  If you are in a position where you have to rely on a job that does not mean give up on working toward what you want, still make time for it everyday, and there will be one day where it is achieved, just be sure to pour your heart out into it, find that reason to not give up no matter how much life throws at you!
If it truly is your dream you won't give up.  The second you know what it is that is your calling 1) you will not wanna stop doing it 2) you will never stop.  Giving up should only be for something that we get bored of which in turn means it is not your calling.  Most jobs no matter how much they pay will get boring or stressful, unless you actually love the job you do even if its not the most money, if you love doing it and if money weren't involved you would still do it then keep doing it, and never give it up or quit.
If its not your life purpose change focus to what is.  What do I mean by this?  If you do something and easily grow bored chances are you aren't meant to do it.  How could you do something your whole life you don't love doing?  It should simply be a waste of time and energy.  So if you are doing something you don't like to do then change it up to what you truly love doing!  Even if it's only a little bit a day or all day as long as you put focus into what you want to do and enjoy it then thats what matters.  When I used to try things just for the money I found quickly it was not something I liked doing.  Sure money is an awesome tool and I love money because it can surely be used for good.  But our main goal shouldn't be to just get money unless that truly is your motivator , which it can be a great one, and can help make you happy, but won't make u happy forever like following your true purpose will.  But for me I have the most fun sharing a story because I never know who it will impact in a positive way.  I love giving free value, and know in some way it'll come back to me in some way, but that is not the reason I do it,  I only do it because it makes me happy and I enjoy sharing what I am learning day to day.

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