Saturday, December 17, 2016

Should You Purchase a Luxury Car?

     Luxury cars and sports cars are very attractive, comfortable, and high tech in many ways compared to your average car.  The feel of the drive is indescribable as you are going down the road.  But is it worth it to purchase one?
     This question can vary on answers depending on many factors.  But lets focus on brands for now.  The car companies I think of when I hear the words "luxury car" are Mercedes Audi Jaguar and BMW, at least as the normal luxury cars excluding Maserati, Bentley ect.  And most people probably think of the flagship Mercedes S class G class truck or SL when they hear the word "luxury car" as they are very common despite the cost of $94,000+ for the new S class and the SL starting at just under $91,000 and the G class luxury truck for just under $120,000.  These cars are very desirable just seeing them on the road or even in pictures make most people want them the second it catches their eye.  A form of shiny object syndrome if you will.
    I have owned a luxury car even though older the car was even more advanced than some brand new cars.  I recently sold the car as it became too expensive for me to own.  It was a 2001 Jaguar XJ8.  But I knew I needed to save up some money and buy a cheaper car to own and maintain.  In my opinion the car was by far the nicest car I ever owned so far in my life.  The comfort, drivability, power, and style was classic and everything you would expect from a luxury car.
should you purchase a luxury car (Jaguar)
    So should you purchase a luxury car?  This depends on to me how much money you are willing to spend and how much left over you would have after buying the car, and if you are buying used or new.  If you are extremely rich and can afford a brand new luxury car then by all means buy the newest, but if you have a little bit of money you could spend on a luxury car and be able to afford it then buy used.  I wouldn't say buy one with more than 100K mile on it if you buy used.  The reason being is many of the luxury cars seem to have many major faults with the engines and transmissions ect.  This is less common in the newer luxury cars but if you are purchasing one as old as mine make sure the miles are low, I bought mine with 65K on it and put over 20K miles on it in 2 years and only had a couple problems with the car, these being a coil going bad and my rack and pinion.  I was very lucky with the car, like I said many older Jags have engines and transmissions go bad very fast.  I did drive the car like a grandma most of the time because I was afraid of the problems with it, although if I put it in sport mode the car would perform like a sports car!  Speed wasn't worth the risk of a big problem with the car for me.
    If you are going to purchase a luxury car I recommend having at least double the money you are paying for the car, so if you are buying the car for $10,000 you should have at least another $10,000 just for the car in case something goes wrong, this is a mistake I made, I didn't have double the money of the car, I don't want you making that same mistake!  Also before you by it take it to your local dealership and have them inspect it, it only costs a couple hundred dollars and could save you from buying a lemon.
    Back to the question, should you purchase a luxury car?  If you have the money and find a car you love this is a big yes.  If you don't yet have that money stick with the car you have right now.  Believe me, I can tell the difference in comfort compared to my Honda and the jag I used to have, but saving money for me is more important than having that car right now, being broke and having a luxury car isn't something I would want for you guys either.  So if you can't yet afford the car you want, save up for it, you will one day be able to buy it and not have to worry about money.  My advice buy the car you want, just make sure you have the money for it, and it will be the best car you have ever owned.


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