Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A Quick Tip On Getting Over A Cold FAST and EASY.

In today's blog I want to share with you a couple quick tips to get over a cold fast. Over the last few days I have had a cold, which meant I couldn't do all my activities I wanted to. This is because resting is so important when you have a cold. If you are like me you want to go to the gym and workout, and have goals and stuff you want to work on outside of your job.
Sadly you will have to rest if you want to get better as fast as possible. The second thing to get better is the foods you eat. For example, over the last few days I went and looked up what foods would help with a cold, I would recommend you do the same. I bought some blackberries, mangos, frozen fruit, and kombucha at the store. Along with eating these foods I also had LOTS of tea (7-8 glasses per day), a few bowls of oatmeal over the past few days, some homemade soup, spicy thai food for my sinuses, and a couple smoothies.
I also took some medicine before bed a couple of nights which I usually don't like doing, but I needed something to help clear up my nose so I wasn't breathing through my mouth at night. I usually take my cheat day on Saturday, but this weekend I knew I needed to take it easy until I am all better and waiting a few extra days to eat junk food isn't going to hurt. I really wouldn't recommend eating any sort of processed foods or sugary foods if you have a cold. The things that helped the most was the hot tea, soup with chicken and veggies, berries and kombucha. In the past I have also noticed a lentil soup with chicken, celery, carrots, and brown rice to help feel better and it is very inexpensive and an affordable way to have a great tasting soup.
Closing thoughts.

I hope today's blog helped you if you are feeling sick. A cold can be plain annoying and can drain you of your energy, so its important to eat right and get a lot of rest so you are able to recover quickly.

Make the best of today, Brian

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