Wednesday, June 27, 2018

How Can You Find Free Time To Work On Your Passion / Side Hustle When You Work Over 10 Hours Per Day?

Working long hours is a huge reason why so many people give up on going for what they want in life.  Maybe you are working long hours right now and feel as if you have no time when you get home to spend even a couple hours on your passion.  This can be crippling to your success and cause you to not even start in the first place.

And yes working over 10 hours per day can drain your energy and take most of your time that you could spend working on your passion.  Maybe you even have a long commute so add a hour or two to your workday for your commute as well, and now you are up to at least 12 hours.  Add you sleep time to that and there is 20 hours of your day.  All you have left is 4 hours left, and you still might need to prepare dinner so that's another 30 minutes to a hour of you day, taking you down to only 3 hours left.

What I want you to do is to start to realize how you are spending the last 3 hours of your day.  What are you spending your time on in those last 3 hours?  Are you spending it watching TV and scrolling through Instagram?  Or are you using that time to take your life to the next level?

And I know watching TV and scrolling through Instagram can be fun and easy after a long day of work, heck I still do it a couple times per week.  But even if I do I still find myself only doing that for about a hour.  This way I can relax while I eat if I want to before I get to working on writing a blog, making a video, editing a video, or working out.

I also like to pair eating and watching an informational video or listening to an audiobook to give me something to learn from while I eat.  This can be something you can do to replace watching TV while you eat.  This way you will be learning and eating at the same time and freeing up some extra time for yourself during the last few hours of your day.

And yes, I understand sometimes you may just want to come home and watch something while you eat dinner and that's ok.  Just make sure you are doing this in moderation and still have the time you to work on the things that you want to work on that day.

Finding Time For Your Side HustleCan you shorten your commute?

Maybe your commute takes you 45 minutes every single morning.  You get up at 6:00 in the morning get dressed and leave at 6:15 stop at McDonald's and wait in line behind a bunch of other people in the drive through for 10-15 minutes then finish your commute to work.  That 10 minutes per day would free up a extra hour per week, which may not seem like much, but if you already work 10 hours per day, every single hour counts!

You also could look for a job that is closer to your house.  Even if it pays a tiny bit less, if it is closer and saves you a few hours per week then its worth it.  Time is more valuable than money, and with that free time you will be able to work on a side hustle or passion.  Just make sure if you do this you job still easily covers your living expenses so you are able to survive without worry.

How can you free up time?

One way to free up some time for your passion or side hustle is something we already talked about.  I want to go more in depth on it because it is very important and substantial to freeing up time and feeding your mind at the same time.  This is switching out TV while you eat with something more productive like informational videos or audiobooks that will help you move towards your goal or give you insight on how you can.

Cutting the time you spend scrolling mindlessly through social media has been a huge help in my life as well.  Although I still could cut out some social media time in my day, I am doing way better than I was before.

Right now you may be getting sucked into scrolling through memes on Instagram and before you know it a hour of your day is gone.  It may be fun at times to relax and laugh for a bit or even just entertaining for a while.  But eventually it starts to take over the remaining time in your day.

Now I find myself spending maybe 30 minutes per day at the most on social media per day (which I know is still bad but it used to be way worse.

Sometimes you can even get sucked into productive procrastination on social media sites.  I used to do this where I would be looking at photos of places I wanted to go or houses I want to live in or even quotes and so on.  This was good for inspiration but after a while I was just using it to not make any actual progress in my life and procrastinate.

Closing thoughts

Since I started working my new job as a porter at a dealership, I have been working longer hours than I have ever worked at a job.  I have been there a few weeks so far and I notice how hard it has been to find time to make videos or write a blog.

It seems as if I only have time to do a couple important tasks per day on the days I work.  Even finding that time can be challenging for me.  If you are someone who has been working as much as I have or more you know how challenging finding time for the things that are important to you can be.  So I hope these tips helped you free up and find extra time to work on your passion or side hustle.

Thank you so much for reading, as always,
Make the best of today,


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