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Microsoft Surface Laptop 13.5 in. Touchscreen Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB Review.

I wanted to make today's post for those of you that are looking into laptops that would be an ideal fit for work, travel, video editing etc.  The computer we will be talking about to is the Microsoft Surface laptop.  I share what I like about the computer and what I don't.  I don't want to just name off some pro's and con's but instead, I would like to give you a more personal honest review on the Microsoft Surface.

microsoft surface laptop
I have been using the computer for about 5 months now and thought it would be a great time to make a review about it.

Also not being the biggest computer geek, I will be making this review as simple as possible.  Because you are also probably only reading this to decide whether or not this computer is for you and you don't care about every little spec of the computer.

What I like about the Surface Laptop.

256 gb surface laptop

The design / quality: The Surface Laptop has one of the best designs out there in my opinion.  I have the cobalt blue laptop, which gives the computer a sleek, modern look/feel.  It is also very portable and lightweight.  When comparing it to my MacBook Pro (I have the 2015 MacBook) for the most part it feels like a more luxurious computer, and that is because of the alcantara keyboard.  Being a guy that loves luxury and exotic cars, it is very important that the products I invest in use high quality materials. Microsoft could've saved some money by just using a full metal casing for the whole laptop but instead they knew that using a high quality material would make their customers feel just that much more comfortable while typing which I think is a great touch to a laptop (plus the alcantara just feels extremely nice to touch!)
8 gb surface laptop
The battery life:  I notice that the battery life on this laptop is insane,  I can charge the computer about once a week or even every 2 weeks (depending on how much I use it and what I use it for)  And even in its highest performance mode with the brightness all the way up I don't even have to worry about the computer dying on me.

I usually only use the Surface for editing thumbnails, writing blogs, and watching YouTube, and every once and a while for video editing (which we'll talk on later).  Although editing video did drain battery faster than anything else it wasn't too dramatic on battery life.

Overall for what I use the Surface for battery life is great, and I am very happy with it!

The touch screen:  This is one thing that really surprised me when I started using the computer.  I never thought I would be including this in the blog, but for some reason or another I am really starting to love the touch screen.  Although it isn't my "go to" for most tasks, it is very useful for getting around the computer fast or scrolling through something I am reading.  It also seems to stay pretty clean even when I am using it a lot.

core i5 surface laptop
Currently I don't have the pen that Microsoft sells for its touch screen devices, although I think it would be a great investment for those of you that are photo editors, or work on art on your computer.  For now using my fingers with the touch screen works perfectly fine.  And although this isn't my favorite point about the computer, I am surprised at how much I actually use, and like this feature!

What I don't like about the Surface Laptop.

Video editing:  Although I am not the greatest video editor, I have had a few years of experience with using iMovie (the free video editing software on the MacBook Pro).  It is by no means the best video editing software out there but I find that it is very easy to use.

Now on the Surface, I have tried using Adobe Premier, and the free version Davinci Resolve, and for one reason or another they just didn't make sense to me.  Even the stock video editor on Windows isn't the best for editing video IMO.

This is the biggest complaint I have about the computer.  Obviously it is just personal preference, and you may enjoy editing videos on the Surface (especially if you are a professional video editor). 
microsoft laptop quality

The screen:  Although the screen isn't terrible by any means, and compared to most computers it is phenomenal, I noticed that when I would edit 4k video, it always looked sharper on my MacBook Pro. I know this isn't the biggest thing in the world to complain about, but I wanted to add this in the review to be honest about what I think of the screen and the computer as a whole.

Closing thoughts.

All around the Surface Laptop is a great computer.  I actually had a hard time coming up with the things I don't like about it.

For the money, you do get more bang for your buck than its main competitor (the MacBook Pro) but if you are going to start editing video, it may not be the best computer for you.

However if you want a great all around computer for everyday work and tasks, it would be the better choice IMO.

If this review was informative to you, and the Microsoft Surface Laptop sounds like a fit for you click the link below to go check the Surface out for yourself!

Live your life to the fullest,

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