Saturday, April 20, 2019

Three Ways to Get Out of a State of Negativity.

Yesterday for whatever reason I was just feeling really pissed off and every thing was aggravating me.  Literally stuff that usually wouldn't even bother me put me in a rage.  For whatever reason I noticed how I was acting but for some reason I just couldn't stop being in that mood.  This lasted for a few hours.

Honestly I have no clue what triggered this feeling of rage inside me.  It felt like there was a fire burning inside my body that I couldn't put out.

You probably clicked on this blog because you are in a similar situation.

Today I am going to share with you a few ways that will help you get into a higher vibration or more positive vibration state when you start to feel this way.

This isn't some blog about avoiding a negative state, instead we are going to discuss real tips and solutions that you can implement the moment you are done reading this blog!

1. Watch something funny or listen to uplifting music on Youtube to make yourself laugh or be in a more positive mood.

The second I start feeling crabby or pissed off I know that I need to either breathe and relax or laugh my ass off.  Not laughing at other people or degrading people because that will only make me be moe pissed off and bring out more negativity into the world.  Instead I could watch stand up comedy or just something funny on Youtube.

If I want to watch or listen to something uplifting on youtube I like to listen to either some calming music, beach sounds, a good audiobook, or some trance to pump me up.  The reason being, is that it puts me in a positive state and takes my mind off of most of the negativity.

2. Take some time to yourself.

three ways to get out of a state of negativity.
As an introvert I can get pretty pissed off if I never have alone time.  This doesn't mean I hate being around people, in fact I love it (as long as I am not feeling as if I need to recharge).  The only problem is, sometimes if I spend over 6-8 hours around people I can feel the need to be alone, and if I am not alone I can literally out of nowhere become pissed off.

So if you ever need to be alone don't be afraid of it.  Embrace it and accept it.  Everyone needs alone time and if you are an introvert you will come back feeling even more recharged and ready to go.  You will even want to be around people.

I wouldn't recommend saying to yourself "I'm and introvert so I can just stay inside all day and never be around people".  This is just a plain crazy way to act.  And it is very easy to do if you start to build a habit of isolation.  So take healthy time to yourself during the day if you need it to recharge.

Time to reflect on your life can also be beneficial.  You are probably in this negative state for a reason.  We don't want to cover up why we feel this way all the time.  Although the first point of this blog can be helpful to lift you up, after a while we will need to get to the bottom of why we are feeling this way.  Taking time to yourself and reflecting will help you to get out of a state of negativity.

3. Eat high vibration foods.

Think of how you feel when you eat some over processed junk that takes from your body more than it gives.  It may feel good in the moment but right after you usually end up feeling like shit.

Eating high vibration foods really brings you into the now.  If you eat brussell sprouts you will notice they taste very bland (to people who aren't used to eating them) (this is why most people despise them).  But the second you put one in your mouth you just feel positive and present energy, and you realize you are eating a piece of real food that is fueling you.

Myself the best food combo to really relax me fast is kombucha and 95% dark chocolate.  For whatever reason it really helps me become present.  Dark chocolate has been proven to relax you, but with kombucha I feel 10 times more relaxed compared to when I just have the dark chocolate alone.  (I prefer GTS Multi Green Kombucha and Taza's 95% Wicked Dark Chocolate.)  

I also find that a Tuna salad made with mixed greens, cucumber, olive oil, ACV  (apple cider vinegar), and crushed nuts, and whatever other veggies I have in the fridge that I can throw in the salad can help me to get extremely present in the moment.  You can notice the same form of presence just from eating some greens such as spinach and focussing on the texture and flavor of the spinach. 
I just find that a salad is more of a "flavor bomb" and I prefer to get some healthy protein and fats with my greens.

Bonus:  Take a nap

Some days a nap can actually be one of the most beneficial ways to get into a positive state.  I wanted to add this in here because this is something that I have noticed in my own life to work really well.

I have also found that if I meditate right before my nap that it helps me to feel even better when I wake up afterwards.

I added this as a bonus because I know we can't always take naps every single day, but if you have the time and your day isn't going well, or you are in a negative mood then give this a try!  Sometimes we just need to sleep on whatever is on our minds!

Closing thoughts.

I hope this quick guide helped you if you are feeling angry or pissed off or even depressed right now. I really only could share my best tips along my journey so far with dealing with feelings of being pissed off for no reason.  And remember to take a deep breathe and try these out for yourself!  Also let me know if these helped you in any way, or if you have other ways that I didn't mention here that could help others!

Make the best of today,

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