Monday, October 19, 2015

Starting my Life's Journey at 18

Although I have little to share because I really just started my journey this last year, I would like to show you how fast things can change in your life.  Firstly the way I like to start off my mornings.  I found it best for me to start my day off with water or lemon water, and either a fruit smoothie with avocado, or having some greek yogurt with fruit or nuts.  The lemon water gives me a huge boost of energy and really wakes me up literally right away!  With my fruit smoothies I love adding ginger, cinnamon, chia, and flax seeds for an extra boost of energy and protein.
Showing my blog I started at 18

5 benefits of lemon water.
1:  Removes uric acid in joints reducing inflammation.
2: Aids digestion by loosening toxins in your digestive tract.
3: Relieves heartburn and bloating.
4: Keeps skin blemish and wrinkle free by detoxifying your blood it has been shown to maintain your skins radiance.
5: Know to help reduce anxiety and depression.

5 benefits of ginger?
1: Reduces pain and inflammation.
2: Can help with headaches and arthritis.
3: Stimulates blood circulation.
4: Good at subsiding forms of nausea.
5: Can kill cancer cells and prevent them from building up resistance to chemotherapy.

What can you do to start you journey today?
First off you need to identify what it is you want you goals to be, then make a plan and follow it EVERY SINGLE DAY!  It is very simple but just because its simple it doesn't mean its easy.  Just like quitting a bad habit like drinking pop, it sounds simple to just drink water but anyone who has tried know that its not as easy as it sounds.  After all you are used to the sugar and flavor of your favorite pop and water at first tastes so bland and without flavor, but after drinking water you feel so much more alive.  This is the same for anything you want to accomplish, you are in your comfort zone when you start off and its gonna take tons of willpower to take that first step, but once you take it you see your comfort zone isn't the only thing out there and that you can, with enough drive and consistency reach your goals

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