Thursday, October 22, 2015

How to Lose 5 Pounds This Week

If you had the power to do something extraordinary at this moment and implement it not only for the next week what would you do?  We all have this power if we know it or not.  It's knowing and understanding how to make what you want happen in you body.  Although everyones body is different most of us will have trouble losing weight if we eat too many foods with added sugar.  This sugar is used to make the food even sweeter than it already is, and although it may taste good you really have to think of the long term, and ask yourself the question, "the food tastes good right now but how will it affect my body?" for most people it'll slow metabolism slowing down fat loss within you body, and you have a higher chance of heart disease and diabetes.  Is it worth the risk of eating these junk foods full of bad sugars?
How can you take action to eat better food today?
How many people do you know eating candy, chips, or drinking pop on a regular basis?  Do you yourself continually eat this way?  If you already read this far my guess is you wanna change these foods your eating.  If you are eating fruit flavored candy or chocolates there are 2 very simple alternatives, the first is you can switch out these candies for fruits which not only taste better but like veggies are there to help you body and make you feel more alive.  Instead of eating chocolate bars switch it out for dark chocolate.  Why dark chocolate?  Unlike milk chocolate bars it has a lot less sugar, eating a few pieces (not a whole bar) 2-3 times a week improves blood pressure and blood flow, and what I've noticed from my own experience is that it calms and relaxes me, and the best part it tastes way better than milk chocolate my opinion.
Losing 5 pounds this week starts with eating something healthy like this apple.
So what's the first step in losing 5 pounds this week?  You must become knowledgable about everything and I mean everything you eat on a daily basis.  Without tracking what you eat it's nearly impossible to make any results.  The easiest way to track what you eat is by writing it down, I would've payed anything to know that one simple strategy 3 years ago.  I now write down everything I eat, it not only helps me know what I put in my body, but also encourages me not to eat junk food.  It might just be me but if I was to eat something like a snickers bar or pizza everyday and write that down everyday I would feel embarrassed to myself.  No I'm not saying completely give up candy or pizza unless thats your goal, but I am saying if you are going to have that, its best to have it once a week at the most.  Although the food we eat plays about a 70% role in our body fat there is another way to lose fat which you probably guessed to be the gym, here you not only can do cardio but can also lift weights, which in my opinion is the best combo along with a healthy diet for losing fat, maintaining low body fat and gaining muscle.  

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