Monday, December 28, 2015

How I Read 37 Books This Year.

As I talked about before, I used to HATE reading.  Sitting in silence and focusing on a book instead of playing video games was hard for me, or even if I did read it used to be hard to do without getting too tired to focus on the book.  I don't exactly know what made me want to read all of a sudden, but I think the biggest motivator was that I figured out most successful people read everyday, and most millionaires read on average 30-50 books a year.  Myself  I read books on business and self help and autobiographies and biographies for the most part, because I love learning what the people who are where I want to be do in their everyday life, and its very cheap compared to seminars.  The only thing with a seminar is you are pushed more to do something that you payed to do, with a book even if it says to write down things like the food we eat everyday, we usually don't take action because theres not someone there to help us take action before we move on like in a digital seminar or regular seminar.  But the great thing about books is that if you choose to follow through with what they say to do, it will better you life for a really low price.
The 37 books I have read throughput this year.So how did I read 37 books this year?  It all started with how I saw people who read books lived, they all seemed more happy, positive, knowledgeable, more money, and seemed to love lifting people up.  Maybe you love money like most of us, you want to be financially independent and help your family and friends, or maybe you want more love in your life.  Myself I love helping people and would love to one day be financially independent helping millions of people at the same time.  So I looked into what kind of books people who are where I want to be are reading.  One of the first books I read that really got me into reading was "Money Master the Game" by Tony Robbins.  His writings are phenomenal and really there to help and uplift you. I also recently read "Awaken the Giant Within" and "Unlimited Power" which are both about lifting yourself up and doing things you thought were impossible, where Money Master the Game is more about how anyone of any age and any job can start a small or large investment and watch it grow over the years.  Beware if you wish to read any of these 3 books they may be a fun read and really get you into reading more, but the shortest one is 400 pages, so if you don't read that much right now I would recommend you start with a smaller book and work your way up.
I currently read about a book every week depending on the size of the book.  Right now I am reading usually 50 pages a day, sometimes more like 100+ if I feel like it or even 20 if I don't have much time, and even some days don't read a single page (usually only 1-2 days week).  I started light with my reading 10-25 pages a day but went up to 50 really fast because I knew I could push myself and read more.  So the question is, what kind of books would interest you?  Write down a few things you would like to read about and either go online or to your local bookstore and find that book, you never know what could change your life for the better!

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