Friday, January 1, 2016

What is it Like Dealing with Social Anxiety.

I never really brought this up in any of my blog posts at all, but I am one of the shyest people you could ever meet.  I've dealt with social anxiety pretty much all my life even having trouble saying "hello" to neighbors sometime without getting anxious.  If you are like me you know many people can mistake being shy for being rude.  Myself I even have trouble holding conversations with family members, which may seem very weird, it is even to me because I love and care for my family and it should be easy for me to talk to them.  This right now is what I would like to grow on and do more is practice holding better conversations with those around me.
Covering my mouth, how it feels to deal with social anxiety and having trouble talkingDealing with this just like anything that you fear is a challenge in life but that's what this blog is here for, for me to over come my fears and to help you guys by showing you the best way to better yourself from my experiences.  Since I believe making small consistant steps is necessary for big change over time I am starting to try talking a lot more with people I know, because like I said before, I'm even kinda shy around family sometimes, but family can be easy to talk to if you are like me and need to talk more and be more social, over christmas I went to 3 parties with my family and spent as much time with everyone I could and tried pushing my limits on talking and having fun.  Sure at first it was a little scary because of my social anxiety but I know it's family and they won't judge and just wanna have a good time just like I do so why not talk?  It brought me closer to them and also got to learn about more of what goals and dreams they are working towards.  It was a good experience for everyone.
Having a good social life can result in finding amazing friends who are always there for you, finding a business partner, or mentors.  You never really know who could be walking past you, it could be someone who will help you grow in life, so you can say "hi" or let them fade away as they walk past you.  I was walking in the park a couple weeks ago, and as I was walking to it an older man (probably around 70) walked by and said hi to me so I said hi back.  Then I enter the park and a gentleman is walking out with his dog and says hi and I talk to him for a minute and find out there was a buck (male deer) in the park that was injured across the pond, which then I got an idea, I told myself the next person I see in the park I'll say hi to, because I knew I needed to be more social and push my comfort zone.  So I'm walking for a minute or 2 and see a couple around 50 walking their dog, so I stop and say hi and pet the dog and they show me the male deer across the pond and about their day then walk through the trail more and take pictures.  Just the simple act of saying hi to the couple
I pushed my comfort zone and got to talk to very nice people, that if I didn't just say hi to I would've just walked right past them and never had that experience.
Could you do something today to break out of social anxiety or any other anxiety that you have that may be holding you back?  Feel free to comment below!  Always strive to do your best, its a new year, a new start.  Have a happy New Years!

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