Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Without Struggle We Cannot Grow. (Our Mind Is Like A Muscles)

     We all know that training our muscles will grow them.  Many of us are so focussed on that but not whats to grow on the inside, our brain.  When I first started working our that's all I saw was having a better body would be making me a better person in some respect.  What I saw after I really started was that training my outer muscles made me want to train my inner muscles as well.  Without starting going to the gym, I would've never wanted to start training my brain.  The brain is just like a muscle, reading books can be very hard, along with mediation, but the struggle of it is always worth it and allows my mind to expand.
To grow our minds we must face the bull.     What we spend our minds time on can really affect if it is growing, or not.  When I used to play video games all the time, my mind never really could grow because there was nothing I was really being taught from them.  Now I'm not hating on video games they can be very fun, but they also numb the brain at least for me.  I tend to lose track of time, and very easily lose track of what my priorities are.  For me they would help me be more on my toes, since I would play lots of call of duty or war games you would have to be constantly alert of things around you, so in that aspect it did help, but when I was in my gaming days thats all I could really focus on was the game.
     The gaming wasn't really challenging my mind to grow, because it was never really a challenge to turn on a system and start a game.  The things that have been a challenge have been getting myself to read 50 pages a day being a very slow reader and only being able to read word for word at first, and then teaching myself and watching videos on how to read faster and still comprehend everything.  Not only learning to read faster has been a struggle that helped my brain grow but the fact that almost every book I have read I found something else to learn from or do that can challenge me even more to become my greatest version.
     Not only reading has been a big impact in growing my brain to be able to think more and better, but also writing.  I often talk about how writing isn't my strong point, or wasn't in school, but since I've started writing for this blog it has gotten extremely better.  Even to the point where people around me say I do a good job compared to how I used to in school.  But how has it helped me expand my brain?  First off I'd say I've become a better thinker on thinking of what to talk about and spread to you guys.  But on the other hand it can also be hard to come up with what to write about, but those days are where eI challenge myself the most.  I not only have to come up with a topic but also have to write multiple paragraphs about it to try and share what I feel can help people around the world.  Those days are often the ones I feel like I can't do it but I find a way to push myself instead of telling myself I can't do it just because I feel like I have not energy or can't thing of something.  Even if the writing is bad to me, I'd rather do it than give up on myself and sell myself short, when I know I can say even one thing and help somebody even if its not my best writing.   SO pushing through those days of struggle is what makes me and everyone else grow, all it takes is that one step of struggle to improve yourself and you mind.  If you aren't challenging yourself you're not growing.  The challenges are supposed to be tough, but getting through them will make you stronger and wiser.
     Maybe a challenge is learning another language.  It is always a struggle and is very hard because we are accustom to speaking whatever language you speak.  And learning a language is like starting over from scratch.  But it has many benefits.  You can get a better job and connect with people of different countries easier just to name a couple.  I know it is a challenge for me, and over the past couple days I have been teaching myself to learn to say a phrase in French each day and also write it down.  I am deciding to start with French because it is an easier language to learn than something like Chinese, but is still a challenge for me and can help me in life, also for if I travel to a French speaking country.  Without training each day to learn one new phrase my mind will not go, just as if I skip the gym my muscles will not grow.

Go out, live life to the fullest,


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