Thursday, March 31, 2016

How I Find Time For Exercise Everyday.

     Whether it's going for a walk or going to workout at the gym most of us say we don't have time.  But what does everyone spend their time on?  In this post I am going to talk about just that, and how we can fix it!
Acai fruit bowl for after exercise treat.     Believe me I understand many people have a full time job, go to school, have to walk their dog make food, clean dishes, and sleep.  Your day can be pretty filled up and hard to find time for any enjoyment time or time for exercise. I don't personally have all these things but even if my whole day is taken up by something I find a way to make the most important thing for my day happen.  Whether thats reading, writing, making a video, doing an ab workout, the gym or some home workout if the gym is close.  Whatever it is I MUST do I always make the time for it.  Some days the gym will be closed by the time I even can get around to it, so I do a home workout, it may not be as good of a workout as I can get at the gym, but instead of using the "it's closed" excuse I end up doing the workout for whatever part of the body I work on that day, just at home instead of the gym.
The social media trap.
     The truth is we spend so much time on social media, and many of us don't even notice, I will often find myself going this which I'm sure everyone can relate to.  You go on Instagram Facebook or other social media site to check one thing, then 30 minutes later you close the app and wonder where the time went.  We get flooded with so many useless but entertaining videos, that are all only a minute or 2 long but, we get trapped without noticing.  We waste on average 20 minutes on social media every time we open it for one thing.
     It's about learning how to cut out the bullshit time wasters from our lives.  Now I'm not saying having social media is bad, it can be used to grow yourself or your product, to share a message, and to show and talk about things you find interesting.  Don't get me wrong I get trapped in this vicious cycle many times, and used to like crazy.  Lately whenever I do, the second I notice I'm doing it I immediately close the app.  I also don't go on social media much ever like I used to, maybe a couple times a day now.  Whats one way you can cut time from social media to focus on more important things, like spending more time on bettering yourself?
Closing thoughts.
     Making more time for yourself starts with noticing how you spend your time.  Now this may take a week to figure out and really write down if you have to what time you are spending on what throughout the day.  Maybe start as I did and am still doing right now where I shut down the app the second I notice I'm wasting my time.  It's a simple and easy step to take massive action in your life!

Go out, live life to the fullest,


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