Monday, February 13, 2017

99 Percent.

So the other day on the way to work I saw the dumbest sticker on a car.  I have seen this sticker before but the other day it struck me more than it usually does.  This sticker is one that says "Look I'm not going anywhere in life and I'm your average Joe."  It is something you should be ashamed to show on your car and not proud of whatsoever.
So there was a old, gold, shitty Toyota Corolla driving by me in a rush to get to the same red light as me with a sticker saying "We are the 99 %"  Now I don't know the point of this sticker, but I know I don't want to be part of the 99%, do you?  I hope your answer to that was a big fat NO!

In this day and age we are programmed to be "normal" go get a piece of paper to show how smart you are, follow the herd like everyone else and you will have a safe secure job, or life.  More and more people are waking up to see this type of thinking isn't true.  Most kids graduate college in severe debt and are employed at the same job they could've gotten out of high school!  Even if they got the job they wanted it isn't secure and they could be fired at any time, even if they are a great employee, the economy could get bad and they could be fired.  99% of people will stay in their comfort zone because they think its safe, when in reality its about just as safe as going and taking a risk.  The only difference is that it is harder and takes a shit ton more work initially, and most people won't see you vision like you do, so its hard and most of us take the easy path.

But what we don't know is the easy path isn't that easy.  Most people have parents telling them what job they should get, "go be a lawyer jonny" they would say.  I am lucky enough not to have my parents trying to force me to do a job they wanted me to do, but instead teaching me to think of what I want to do for my life. I do know there are a lot of kids out there that are told they have to do such and such job like becoming a doctor or lawyer, and theres nothing wrong with these jobs as long as you will enjoy doing them, but if you are "forced"' by parents or friends its pressure, and will seem easy to do in the short run. In reality its the hardest fucking thing you can do!  If you don't enjoy it you will spend 8-12 year in a boring college classroom, be 10's-100,000 of thousand of dollars in debt, graduate and have a small chance of being a great doctor or lawyer.  This is what most people (The 99%) will do and will regret it for the rest of their life, instead of taking some action today towards the life they want because today that action looks hard.  Don't be one of those people that lets their life slip away and take no action to where you are going just because its "easy".  You are better than that!

Next is fitness and health, and yes I have some flaws here, I am still eating too much, but have been successfully cutting down how much I eat most days of the week now.  It does take discipline and I can see right now in my life its hard to stop binge eating but I am getting away from it now!  For me it was easy to eat and eat and eat, I wouldn't feel full with the food around me.  Although it wasn't junk food I would still eat more than I should.  I'm not in anyway fat but I did notice some belly fat from eating so much throughout my days, although I can still see my abs.  Maybe you are the same way?  Maybe you are eating fast food and want to stop?  It's the hard thing to do but what I like to say to myself and have been over the last few weeks whenever I think I am going to eat more than I should is ask myself "is this worth it and am I full right now?"
See its so easy for me to shove food in my mouth but in the long run its not easy because it'll affect my body fat.  This can be the same with fast food or junk food.  For fast food you can think its easy and convenient right?  In reality it can take longer than doing meal prep for a week  or a few days of eating leftover from dinner.  Going out to eat at lunch may seem easier because you don't have to cook your lunch, but you are spending hours going out to eat and waiting in line for food every week when those same hours could've been used to prepare meals for the whole week all at once, and those meals could be way better for you than whats in the fast food.
Easy things for fitness and health don't just apply to food, but also going into the gym or doing a workout.  What is easier going to the gym for an hour or staying home and laying in bed or on the couch watching TV?  In the short run watching TV is easier, you don't have to go push yourself to the limit and go out in the cold and drive to the gym, you can stay home and relax and watch your favorite show.  In the long run as you can guess its the hardest thing you can do.  Your not taking care of your body, which his the most precious thing you have on this earth.  You could spend that same hour watching TV but instead go to the gym, look better, feel better, and grow as a person, make that a habit and live a life you love!

Closing thoughts.
I made this as a sort of motivational blog to help anyone who needs to start on their journey, or for anyone who is stuck like I am with my binge eating, as a motivator to stop their bad habits, which we all have so don't feel ashamed for it.  I want you guys to be part of the 1% or even the 1% of the 1%!  Don't take the "easy" way out many times in the end its the hard way anyways and just hurt you more than helped you.  Anyways guys if this gave you some sort of motivation please comment below and share this with someone you think will benefit from reading this.

Thanks for reading.

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