Monday, February 20, 2017

Are You Currently Taking the Blue Pill and Living in the Matrix? Are You Ready for Change in Your Life?

Do you follow whatever you hear on the news as if its the truth?  Do you see yourself doing the same boring things everyday and question it?  Maybe everyone else tells you how to think, your parents, family, friends, news, teachers, or certain groups.  You follow blindly without ever thinking why you are following what everyone else says.  This is how we are conditioned from day one today.  And most of us will follow what the news says even if it isn't true, or maybe you will go to school and get your degree to find out you will be underemployed, and when you do get that job you went to school for you will HATE it.  It will become repetitive, you will go to work come home, maybe pick up some fast food on the way home and sit on the couch for 3-5 hours and watch some stupid tv show.  Then you will go to bed and repeat this process for 30-40 more years.  At the end of your life you will wonder where all your time went, but during your life for all those years you coped with life blindly following everything you were told you will think you were living.  See for most of us we only take the red pill on our death bed, when its too late!  My goal for this blog post is for you to take it today!

I'm not going to go into things that "blue pill" people would call conspiracy theories, if you want to look into that kind stuff feel free to search the internet.  I would like to talk about taking the red pill in terms of becoming your greatest version, and not the conspiracy theories, even though they would be fun to talk about (maybe on another blog).

You don't want to take the red pill!
What happens when you decide to take the red pill? You will find that everything you thought was truth was a lie.  This will be painful, your ego will get in the way because you will see you lived your life with blinders on instead of seeing the real world much longer ago!  Don't let your ego control you, move past it. See the world for what it really is.  See how we are trained since day one to think the fast food we are told to eat is normal.  See how you ate this food, but that is behind you now, you have taken the red pill!  And this is probably the part that sucks the least.
You will go around and see life as it is.  You will see how you were told to be just like everyone else. You were told to get that job you hate because its "safe and secure", but did anyone ever tell you that you could lose your job any second?  NO.  This wouldn't make the school and college system work.  What makes it work its by spending 20-25 years of your life in school then getting a job you hate so that you never have to think for yourself and do the hard thing.  And yes achieving your goals and visions is viewed as the hard thing to do.  Could you imagine if instead of school for 20-25 years you were able to work on yourself?  Build yourself up for 7 hours everyday (7 hours is the average school day in America).  How different would your life be if you built yourself up instead of building up someone else's version of you up?

So you don't want to take the red pill because it will cause you to think for yourself instead of blindly following every lie you are told.  You will see your whole life was a lie up until this point.

Closing thoughts.
Have you chosen to take the red pill?  I hope you have.  It is a big step in life, and I hope you have chosen to take the red pill.  Don't believe everything you are told (especially not this blog post, just kidding) do your research on everything you hear from the media or everything you have been told in life from anyone around you, and what has been told in schools!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.  Were you taking the blue pill before you read this, or have you been taking the red pill for a while now?  What more could I have talked about on this post, or what would you add?

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