Monday, June 12, 2017

Fighting Off Allergies by Eating Less Soy. An Experiment.

I don't know if soy is the cause of my allergies, I have noticed many other people having allergies this year.  However I believe soy could be the cause of my allergies.  Over the past week or so I have been eating more protein bars than usual.  Many protein bars contain soy.

Last night, not thinking that soy could contribute to allergies, I decided to look up foods that cause allergies.  The obvious ones came up, peanuts, eggs, and other nuts.  However I noticed that soy was in there.  Then it hit me, I noticed right away I was probably eating way more soy than I should have from these protein bars.

Cutting out the soy should be an easy task for me, even though I love the protein bars I believe cutting them out of my diet for the next week is for the better.  They have way too many ingredient and are a processed food.  I will also be saving money since they can be expensive to buy.

I have never had allergies before, or if I did it was only a couple days throughout the year.  I even noticed this year many people I know having allergies even if they don't eat soy.  So I can't blame soy for my allergies unless by the end of the week my allergies go away or almost go away.

What will I be eating over the next week?  This is a good question and a question you should ask yourself if you are going to cut something that isn't serving you from your diet.  Myself I will for sure be eating chicken, organic black and pinto beans, some salad, maybe some salmon, and brown rice.  The chicken will pretty much be my staple food as it usually is, but I also have been craving salmon, so why not have salmon?  I may even get some other kinds of fish or meat as long as it doesn't have soy in it.

There is only one day I will be eating junk food this week as usual and that is fathers day which is going to be my cheat day.  Speaking of cheat day, on Saturday I ate a shit ton of junk food as it was my cheat day, but all day my allergies got worse and since then have stayed worse than they already were.  Inside my mouth at the roof of my mouth it is itching, my nose and mostly my right eye is itchy and my nose will run and my eyes will water.  Pretty normal for allergies but I really noticed after that cheat day how my body reacted.

Closing thoughts.

Over the next week we will see how not eating soy will affect my allergies and how I am feeling.  If it doesn't affect a single thing I will be honest about it with you guys, but I am going to make an assumption and say it will at least help a little bit with getting rid of my allergies.  Only time will tell and I hope you guys follow along with me over the next week.  Anyways guys, I will see you in a week with my update, as always have a wonderful day and strive for the healthiest life possible!


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