Tuesday, July 4, 2017

My First Time Visiting Chicago. Trump Towers, Cheat Day, Gold Coast, And Eating at an Instagram Friend's Restaurant .

Whats going on?  Today I am bringing you a little bit different of a blog post, where I am going to share with you some cool things I was able to see and visit while I was in Chicago.  I only had a day to walk around downtown, so I thought I would capture the coolest things I saw when I was, to share with you today.

We were staying in a city called Joliet, about 50 miles from Chicago.  When we woke up my dad wanted to get breakfast, so we went to a small restaurant a couple minutes away from the hotel called Big Apple Restaurant.  Spoiler alert this restaurant had the best, and I mean the BEST French Toast I have ever had.  I ordered French toast with cream cheese in the middle.  Me thinking it would be a normal good size portion was not disappointed.  To my surprise I had 4, 2 inch pieces of French toast Covered in strawberries.  I obviously couldn't finish it, but I tried and got pretty close, I ate 2 and about 90% of the third piece, my stomach was hurting but it was worth it, and luckily I would soon be walking for about 6 hours or so around Chicago.

First off on our drive my dad and I had to head to Bentley Gold Coast.  My dad was the one driving, I was in the passenger seat.  However the drive there wasn't bad at first, in fact you can start to see the skyscrapers from about 20 miles away, which is a stunning sight!  But the closer we got the roads got busier and busier, and every single  we were supposed to drive on kept getting blocked off by cop cars.  I guess someone really "important" was in town that day, or maybe this is normal?  I don't quite know, but I have never seen this many police block off perfectly good roads to drive on.  This added an extra 30 minutes to our trip because it forced traffic into one route.

So anyways, after some driving we finally arrived to a parking structure, this wasn't just any parking structure however, this one costs over $20 for the first hour or less and then increases a few dollars every hour.  Living in Michigan this seemed like a joke, yes parking was almost impossible to find on the streets but parking structures in Michigan even in cities where there is no parking on the streets usually are free for a couple hours and only a couple dollars an hour.  But hey at least we were a block away from our first stop which is Bentley Gold Coast.

Gold Coast was pretty much the reason I wanted to go to Chicago.  When we got there we were the only people there pretty much but about a minute later about 10 people "followed" us and came in. (which seemed to be a them throughout our visit in Chicago.)  Bentley Gold Coast had a wide selection of cars and were helpful to me while I was there to take some pictures.  However I didn't know they would have a warehouse where they keep some cars, so I missed out on seeing the Bugatti, Carrera GT, SLR, and some other extremely exotics.  Luckily, I was able to get some pictures for you of one of my favorite cars, the Lamborghini Countach.  I have never seen one before in my life and was like a little kid on Christmas when I saw the red Countach. The Countach looks unique in pictures, but to really see how amazing the Countach looks you have to see it in person!

Next we decided to walk around for a bit and head towards Trump Tower to get some cool shots for a Youtube video.  While heading there we stopped for a quick bite to eat at an "Asian" cuisine type of restaurant.

As we continue walking again the closer you get to Trump Tower the bigger it is, and when we finally reached it, the size of the building was unbelievable!  On top of that the first car I see pull into the parking lot is a Rolls Royce!

Along the bridge right next to Trump Towers we see some kayaks, boats, and sailboats in the river.  This seemed to be the center of everything in Chicago.  We were standing there for about 15 minutes and making some videos.  As we are doing our thing a couple Lamborghini's went by, one purple Aventador, and one red Huracan, as well as a Bentley!

Since we were already more than halfway to Millennium Park, I wanted to shoot a video at the bean, which at the time I was calling the big silver orb thingy because I didn't know the name of it!  It happened to be a very busy day at Millennium Park, maybe because it was a weekend, I don't really know, but there at to be at least 1,000 people just at the bean.  This is where I decided to do my video as it would be cool to record in the park and it would be good practice for recoding in public.

After I made the video we started to head back to the parking structure to end our day in Chicago.  Overall I had a great time and got to experience a new place I haven't been to and did about 7 miles of walking that day.  The weather was about 70-75 degrees and sunny so we had a perfect day to walk around and enjoy the sights of Chicago!

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