Thursday, July 27, 2017

Exactly How I Made an Extra $500 in 2 Weeks.

On July 7, 2017 I set myself a goal to make an extra $500 by the end of this month ( July 31, 2017).  The rule was I couldn't make this money from work, it had to be completely outside of my job.  Before I tell you how I made the extra $500 in the past 2 weeks I want to tell you 1) why I set this goal and 2) why I am writing this blog post for you.

I set this goal to be a stepping stone for myself.  I said to myself "If I can make an extra $500 this month why can't I do an extra AT LEAST an extra $500+ next month?"  I also love having money I didn't have before because it brings down the stress of having "just enough" money.  Secondly I wanted to share this with you because almost anyone reading this right now can replicate this method this instant!  You may have a gold mine around you right now and not even know it.  All you need it a smartphone, or a camera and computer to get started.


Maybe you have a lot of junk around your house like I do, or you just have stuff you don't use anymore.  Whatever it is that you don't have a need for take out your phone right now, take a few pictures of at least one thing you don't use, and post it to Craigslist.  It will only take you 5-10 minutes for each item you put up for sale.  And the best part the more you sell the more space you will have in your home!

Exactly How I Made an Extra $500 in 2 Weeks.
Myself I will say this, it isn't guaranteed you will get any calls right away but thats okay, just leave the items you have for sale posted and renew them every 2 days.  I have had instances where I had my item up for a week and kept resisting every 2 days and no one called about it, then after ra week to a week and a half I got 3 people asking about the item in 1 hour!

Pricing may be one of the most important things next to the pictures you take.  Pricing determines whether someone will even look at your listing.  I can say from my experience if someone has an outrageous price for something I don't even care to look at their listing, and in turn I scroll right past it.  However I don't recommend listing something cheap or at the exact amount you want for it.  If you are selling something you will be happy with $75 for, list it for $100.  Craigslist is all about negotiation.  Some people however don't negotiate and thats good for you because you get more money than you wanted for it!

Closing Thoughts

I hope this short simple post helped you make some extra money this month.  I would love to hear your results, when you make your first sale, and when you make your first $100 or more!  I really love to hear people having success so don't be shy!  Share your results in the comments, and BRAG!  We all love to win, so get out there and WIN!



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