Sunday, August 20, 2017

3 Steps to Finish any Book.

Take it slow or fast but don't get burnt out

The first step will go hand in hand with the next two steps.  Have the goal to read the book whether you are a fast reader or slow reader.  The only thing is that if you read fast or read 100 pages one day don't just read 10 pages the next and lose momentum after that.  Go for steady conistant reading,which brings me to my next point.

Stay consistent

This is probably the biggest problem for most people.  Being consistent with reading can be hard but there is a simple and easy solution that I have found.  The solution that I have found is to have a planned reading time.  Myself I like to read right after my morning meditation or right before my bedtime meditation.  I like to read about 10-20 minutes in the morning and 10-20 at night, but you could always do more or less depending on the time you do have in your day.  I find that if I have a set time for reading I will read, but if I don't set up a time then I will completely forget about it for the day.

Don't judge yourself for your reading speed

Oooohhhh has this been a pain for me.  I always judge my reading speed as being too slow instead of enjoying the book.  The problem with this is that if I feel I am reading "too slow" then I will continue to read slow, while at the same time only paying half attention to the book and half attention to my reading speed.  This shouldn't be an excuse to never improve on your reading speed but more of a guideline to recognize how fast you are reading now and accepting it and improving every time you read.  Because myself I will get irritated easily if I focus on my reading speed being slow, and the more I try to speed it up the more I miss what I am reading and have to read it over again, so what I do is accept my reading speed might be slower than usual today but I am reading this book to learn not to rush through it and miss everything.

Closing thoughts

I hope this helped you read a little smarter.  Reading is a big thing in our lives that so many people overlook.  We are able to learn from people 20, 30, 40, 50 years or more ahead of us, these great people wrote books with their best ideas just so you can read them, so take advantage of it!

Cheers, Brian

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