Friday, August 25, 2017

2017 Cheeseburger Festival in Caseville Michigan.

What is the Cheeseburger Festival?

I have been going to the Cheeseburger Festival almost my whole life.  Although I haven't went in about 5 years, I wanted to go back this year and check it out.  It seems about the same as I remember it to be 5 years ago.  Now that isn't anything bad!  It is a great place to walk around and check out the beach.  Most people go there to sit back, drink, and listen to Jimmy Buffett.  Yes during the festival Caseville, Michigan is set up like Key West.  It is even called "Key North" during the festival.  Everyone has parrot-head decorations outside their trailers or motorhomes.  This ranges from decorations such as blow up palm trees, blow up parrots and flamingos, and all the way to mini tiki bars in their yards.  Some people even are walking around with cheeseburger hats on their head, yes they are wearing a giant cheeseburger, which looks cool and funny at the same time.

Parrothead decorations in cheeseburger in caseville festival

Why did I go the Cheeseburger Festival?

It may seems strange that I would go to the Cheeseburger Festival.  Out of everyone you know, you would think of me as never going to something like this.  I don't drink beer and I'm not the biggest Jimmy Buffett fan.  So why did I want to go to the festival?  Just because I don't drink and don't listen to Jimmy Buffett doesn't mean theres nothing else to do there.  In fact I love going to the beach and look at and listen to the waves from the water, I also love to explore places I rarely go to or have never been to, I love to go for walks, and it was my cheat day so how couldn't I go get a burger?

beach and water

What I did while I was there.

I went to the festival with my dad and his friend Rick.  First thing first we all get out of the car, and since we were parked at the beach we decided to go stand around the beach for a few minutes.  I was stupid and forgot my swimming shorts and sandals but I don't think that would've matter anyways.  It was just below 70 degrees and super windy, at least 15 mph winds all day, we even got a little bit of rain on and off.  Anyways, enough with the weather, lets get back to the story.  Since I forgot my beach clothes, I decided to do some video recording for my Youtube channel.  Here's where I noticed something cool.  It was so windy that every once and a while some sand would appear to be floating on top of the cement or even other sand!  I even made the mistake of filming some people that were water (kite) skiing, that wasn't the mistake, the mistake was walking in the sand with regular shoes on.  That whole day I was walking around with the feeling of the gritty sand between my toes.
Rick was getting pretty hungry, so we went to go check out one of the many cheeseburger places in the city.  I ended up getting something called the tropical burger, which was a normal burger except for a couple unique twists, the first being a round slice of sweet pineapple, and the second being a huge surprise to me, some pulled pork on top of the beef patty.  My dad and Rick ended up getting onion rings with their burgers, so I tried one, it was the best onion ring I had ever had, sadly it was way too greasy for me to handle, so I stopped after one onion ring.  Plus I had to save my room for a funnel cake and some ice cream.  After eating we headed back to the beach for some more video and sightseeing then left Caseville. 

Closing thoughts.

That is the end of my visit to Caseville for the 2017 Cheeseburger Festival.  In this blog post I wanted to share with you what the Cheeseburger Festival in Caseville is like in case you have ever wanted to go there.  I also wanted to use this as a way to practice my story telling, this is something I struggle with, but I want to be able to bring out captivating blogs that give you just as much fun reading as I get from writing the blog! 

Live your life to the fullest.

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