Tuesday, October 17, 2017

2018 Range Rover Velar P380.

Last week I had the opportunity to go and review the new 2018 Range Rover Velar.  My plan was to actually go and review a Jaguar F-Pace, but when I got to the Jaguar dealership I noticed they had some Range Rovers.  I guess they got a new owner at the dealership and he decided to bring in Range Rovers as well.

Anyways I saw the new Velar on the lot and I knew that it would be a way more interesting video than the F-Pace.  You probably would rather see the newest car than last years model right? Well today I am going to share my likes and dislikes about the car (I have to warn I am someone who likes to focus on looks and quality of the car's exterior and the interior and not as much electronics unless I really get to own the car and use it for a while, so here I will just mostly be focussing on the interior and exterior of the car.  This may also be a shorter post since it is harder for me to write about a car than talk about it on a camera and show you around).

I was reviewing the P380 version which comes with a suprecharged 3.0 liter V6 producing 380 horsepower.  This one came with real leather seats and a way better looking interior than the base model, with leather pretty much all around you, and if you know me you know that I love real leather, maybe a little bit too much, but it can really make a car feel and look that much more luxurious!

2018 Range Rover Velar P380.What I do like.

The car did feel very luxurious, it is the first Range Rover with door handles that pop out of the door (kind of like a Tesla or F-Type) when you unlock the car, which I think is a very cool feature for an off roading SUV.  Upon steeping inside the car you are surrounded with leather and wood almost everywhere.  And the second you sit in the seat it feels like you are sitting on a cloud, just like a Range Rover should!  Not to mention this huge panoramic sunroof that is exposed beautifully to you the second you start the car.

Everything on the car was easy to use.  Range Rover makes it easy to switch between your different off roading modes, and you can easily raise and lower the car, which surprising happens within a second or two.  To be honest I've never got to use the raising and lowering feature on a car, but this one was so fast that it almost felt like the car was shaking and scared me at first.  But once I noticed what the controls did I really learned to admire how fast they work.  Props to Range Rover on that.

The front of the car felt very spacious and filled with quality.  As I said before almost everything is wrapped in leather.  The front had a great feel for comfort, as well as being in an off roading SUV.  It even had the smallest detail not many people would car about but I think its kind of a neat and silly touch to the car, to open one of the cup holders you have to press a little button labeled "Land Rover".  I have no idea why they did this, maybe to remind you that you are sitting in a British luxury off roading vehicle and not a Jeep?  But I do like the attention to detail by that small little button in the car.

What I don't like.

When I hopped in the back seat of the car it felt kinda cramped for leg room.  Keep in mind I am about 5'6" or so and a luxury SUV of this size felt cramped in the back.  I did have the front seat pretty far back, but still it almost didn't feel right for a car that was priced over $80,000.  The car also had a plastic material on the inside of the B-pillar, which would be okay on the base model with no options, but this one had beautiful and comfortable leather all over, then they decided to put this cheap plastic on the interior as well, where they easily could've put alcantara instead of showing the plastic to everyone in the car.

The last thing I didn't like was another plastic on the car.  This plastic was actually on the door handles.  Sure the outside of the door handles are cool and look nice, but the second you go to pull on them you see and feel this cheap feeling plastic that I haven't seen on any car.  The F-Type's all have almost the same door handle style, although they do come out of the car a little different, Jaguar (which is the same brand) has the door handles come out but when you go to grab it you can tell they put detail into it, it even says "Jaguar" on it, and have a nice, well designed piece of aluminum that the word "Jaguar" is placed on. Not on the Range Rover though, it seems they just kind of said "Oh lets put the cool looking, pop out door handles on the car but make them feel cheap like they should be on a Ford Focus."

Closing thoughts.

All that being said, I really do love the car and the things I complained about aren't really the biggest problems but for the price you could spend a few thousand dollars more for the real Range Rover, if you are in the market for one.  I do love how they modernized the Velar with the pop out handles but still kept the classic Range Rover look and while still making a comfortable interior that looks and feels nice and good quality for the most part.  It is the first year they are making this car, so if you are looking to buy one I would wait a year or two so they can make it better and more reliable.

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