Sunday, October 22, 2017

Completing the 30 Day Muscle Building Challenge.

As of writing this I am already done with the 30 day muscle building challenge and have been for a couple of days now.  Here I would like to share my experience with it, the ups and downs and all that good stuff.

We will start with the good in today's post.  Over the past 30 days I have been able to find which workouts I enjoy the most and which ones build muscle the best for me.  Although I know there is a lot more experimenting to do to really get this down, I think in the time of these past 30 days I have gotten my body down pretty good on what type of workouts work the best for me as a hard gainer.

I have noticed tremendous amounts of chest and back muscle, and even ab muscle even though I am bulking and gaining some fat.  I believe that I have gotten my chest and back workouts down perfect, but those are the places of my body that grows the fastest.  My limbs grow a lot slower and I don't have a clue why.  Even though this is true I did notice small changes in my arms and legs, but not as much as I noticed the change in the depth of my chest and back.  That being said, I still do have chicken legs, and it is the thing I really need to change.  And for a warm up from now on I am going to use the stair stepper machine before I do my workout, no matter if its leg day or arm day.

As I am writing this, I just realized something that worked great for building muscle that I didn't even think about at all over the past 30 days.  One arm day in the past week I had so much energy and wanted to get a killer arm workout in.  I ended up doing 3 different workouts for the bicep and for the tricep.  This is something that I should've been doing every single day for every muscle group.  At least I know now for the future to do that and see if it works better for me.

As for being a hard gainer for my limbs, I will definitely give my arms and legs more of a workout than usual by adding another exercise or two to each muscle group.  I will also focus on time under tension instead of doing exercises with fast reps.  I was working out yesterday, it was leg day, and at first I was just doing each rep as fast as possible, while still doing the full range of motion.  This was still giving my legs a little bit of a burn, but the real burn didn't happen until I started to squeeze at the top of every rep to give my muscles time under tension.

Closing thoughts

From what I have come to realize over the past 30 days is that I have done some experimenting but I can always learn more.  For now I believe I have a pretty good road map to gain muscle for the next couple months and will keep you updated on what I am experiencing while working out and tips that can help you.

Make the best of today,

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