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The Top 5 Key Lessons To Master Life From The Book Mastery By Robert Greene.

1. Choose your vocation wisely.

Robert suggests that you early in life you choose a job that corresponds with your inclinations but isn't a big deal of a job.  This way you can maneuver and gain knowledge as well as find out what points suit you and what points don't about whatever field you are going into.  It will help you dive in depth and learn real fast whether or not you should continue down this path or choose a new path of inspiration.

A tip of advice that I would give as an exercise is to write down what you believe your vocation is, as well as your strengths and weaknesses.  By doing this you will be able to find out where to start off in your path to mastery.  It will also help you realize how to use your strengths and improve on your weaknesses.

5 keys from mastery by robert greene
2. Break out of shyness.

Robert says "Mingle with as many different types of people as possible, those circles will slowly widen,  any type of outside schooling will add to the dynamic.  Be relentless in your pursuit for expansion.  Whenever you are feeling like you are settling into some circle, force yourself to take things up and look for new challenges...  With your mind expanding you will redefine the limits of your apparent world.  Soon the idea's and opportunities will come to you, and your apprenticeship will naturally complete itself"

This point right here is huge if you are someone who has been shy all their life and has trouble talking with 99% of people.  What has helped me so far in my journey that will help you is, if you work in a job where you constantly are dealing with customers, make it fun.  If the customer has an accent ask where they are from.  That alone will build a good relationship most of the time and even start a pretty long conversation.  It is an easy way to break out of your shell of being shy.  Another great thing you can do that is still kind of a challenge but simple to do is to complement at least one person every time you go somewhere, whether that be the store or a restaurant or wherever, make it a habit to complement someone.  It will be scary at first but will really help you to build social connections and or make someones day.  Too be honest I am not doing this as much as I use to, so lets do this one together as a team! Give it a try and learn about others, I know you will feel awesome after doing it!

3. Always be learning.

In "Mastery" Robert talks about how some professional boxers would start to think they know everything, and even go as far as to not really listen to their coach that much.  This lesson is HUGE, it really impacted me and I think will impact you as well.

Sometimes we all start to think we know it all.  I was certainly coming from this frame in the past for weight loss.  I already lost 25 pounds of fat and I thought I knew everything and wouldn't really listen to most people that would talk about it even if they had valid points and if they actually were right and knew more than I did.

The lesson of always be learning has been so impactful in my life, because I realize that I can literally learn from anyone.  You will never know everything, others will know more than you do in certain areas and that is ok.  Even if you already accomplished something great in your life, you will still need to learn from others who have done the same thing, are on the journey to do the same, or who have done more than you have.

4. Staying in your comfort zone will drive you insane.

I believe this is such a great point that can help anyone in life.  Staying in your comfort zone can lead to a life of no excitement and no fulfillment.  Now although I still have a long way to go with this one as far as breaking out of my comfort zone, I have still done things to break out of my comfort zone that I think will give you some inspiration.

I already talked about a couple things above such as breaking out of shyness challenges and being overweight.  Both of those things took me getting out of my comfort zone.  Some other things include writing these blog posts, making youtube videos, and making videos in public.  None of this stuff is very comfortable.  The blogs are uncomfortable because I am not the best writer in the world.  The youtube videos are uncomfortable because I have to put myself on the internet where its (highly unlikely) but possible for billions of people to watch my videos.  And as for making videos in public, this has to be the hardest, people will stare at you and even try to distract you or wave at the camera as you are talking.

Where are you staying in your comfort zone and what are some small steps you can take today to get out of it?

5. To a hammer everything looks like a nail.

You could have the most brilliant mind, teamed with knowledge and ideas, but if you choose the wrong subject or problem to attack you could run out of energy.  In such a case all of your brilliance will lead to nothing.

Let us say for a second that you don't want to workout and get strong and buff but you force yourself to anyways.  This will lead to you hating every single second of working out and will most likely be an escape to avoid doing what you really want or need to do just because you think it is the right thing to do.  Think of it as using a hammer to cut a piece of wood instead of using a saw.

Closing thoughts

I hope you gained a ton of value from reading this blog, if you did and would like to learn more and support this blog, please click the link below to purchase your very own copy of the book "mastery" by Robert Greene.

Thank you so much for reading, as always,
Make the best of today,

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