Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A New Workout Experiment for Hard Gainers. (Split Workout)

If you are new to the Ganifit blog, you may be just clicking on this if you are a hard gainer in the gym and would like to build muscle.  If you already have been following the blog, or know me you know I have been experimenting over the past few months with gaining muscle as fast as possible as a hard gainer.  And let me tell you, this is one tough thing to do.

So the other day I came across a comment on a video where I went in depth on my bulking workouts.  The viewer gave me a suggestion to try a upper/lower body split.  This is something that I have heard of but have never thought to try.  But since a viewer suggested the split I am going to give it a shot.  

I know that there is a ton I can learn and experiment with, and you should have the same mindset even if you are new or advanced.  I really like where I am headed right now with my workout routine so moving away from is it kind of hard, but I am going to trust the process of this split routine for building mass.  

Split workout routine
Click here to view the mass building split routine to try it for yourself.

The program is 8 weeks long and I am hoping to gain at least 2 pounds of muscle over the next 8 weeks while following the program.

If you are a hard gainer let us work together to grow as much muscle as possible over the next few weeks.  I know that you can often feel discouraged as a hard gainer when you aren't seeing growth as fast as you would like, but there is something I learned and this mindset will keep you motivated while starting out with barely any muscle.

The mindset you should have while starting out is being honest with where you are right now and where you would like to be.  There is nothing wrong with starting even if you are skinny right now you must not let that stop you.  Picture where you will be in 5 years if you start today.  

Another thing skinny guys as well as people who are overweight will think is that "everyone is going to judge me when I am working out".  This is also total BS.  Everyone who is at the gym is there to work out and get to where they want to be, they could care less if you are the skinniest guy in the gym and can only do 5 pound curls.  In fact what will likely happen is people will encourage you to keep going because they want to see you win.

Closing thoughts.

If you are a beginner I really hope you focus on the mindset portion of this blog, as it is a huge factor in staying consistent in the gym and with you workouts.  The rest will fall in to place but it will take time, nothing great will happen overnight.  You body isn't a lottery and shouldn't be treated as one.

Thank you so much for reading, as always,
Make the best of today,

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