Friday, March 16, 2018

Retail Arbitrage Side Hustle.

If you have read my side hustle blog post you know that over winter I made a little under $500 shoveling snow.  Although an actually pretty fulfilling side hustle, it is one I cannot do until next winter unless it snows a good amount before then.  I leaned a lot of lesson and hard work lessons from doing it but now that shoveling snow probably won't work to earn money till next year, I will have to do something different.

I have decided to go into retail arbitrage.  My current plan is to use Amazon FBA for retail arbitrage.  The reason I am using FBA is that the process is pretty straight forward to get started and that I don't have to deal with returns since Amazon does all that.  Also learning is very easy since there are tons of videos on youtube teaching ways to profit from retail arbitrage through FBA

I have already started doing this, however haven't had much luck with it yet.  It seems to be the biggest problem is finding the products at stores to flip for some cash.  With the FBA fees and not being eligible to sell some items on Amazon it can be a real pain.  Sometimes you will find a product with a great rank that would have a good profit margin but that you aren't eligible to sell on Amazon for whatever reason.

The next couple of months are going to be more of a learning process of whether or not this will work for me or not.

I also want to do some videos of when I go shopping at stores and the products I find, or even if I have days I go and I find nothing.  I want to be 100% open about my experience with retail arbitrage. Hopefully this will be motivation for you to go out and try this for yourself, and even make it a big stream of income for yourself.

Closing thoughts

As I stated above this is going to be a test to see if this is a form of income that I like or completely despise.  From my little experience so far retail arbitrage seems like a pretty hard way to make money through Amazon.  However I am not too experienced with it, and many others have had massive success with retail arbitrage through FBA.  I believe any side hustle is what you make of it, so if you want to spend a few hours per day in a store scanning items, I am sure you will have massive success.  It is time consuming but if you find a good selling item with a good profit margin you will make money.  I wish the best of luck to you if you are going to try out retail arbitrage.  I am also looking forward to sharing my journey and shopping hauls from stores with you so stay tuned for that.

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