Monday, May 21, 2018

Should You Plan Out Your Day In The Morning Or At Night?

One of the most important things I have started to do in my life has been planning out my day.  By planning out each and every day I am able to keep track of what I want to accomplish that day and do my best to accomplish it.

My daily goals are always created to bring me closer to my life goals.  This means that I am not going to just make some bland "to-do" list, but rather a list of goals that are meaningful, where at the end of the day I can say to myself "Brian. you did great today".

This being said, there are some days I don't write anything down for myself to follow because these days for me are relax days.  Even though it seems like I always end up working on something that I am inspired to work on, I don't have to on these days.

But something that has been on my mind over the past few days has been, "what time should you be writing out your daily plan?'

Myself I have been trying out writing my goals at night for the next day, as well as writing them in the morning for the current day.  I have found a couple benefits of each and would like to share them with you today!

Benefits of writing your goals out at night.

- You already have a set plan for the next day.

- You don't have to stress about creating a plan when you wake up and use up will power at the beginning of your day.

By having a plan set out at night before you go to bed you will get a head start the next morning.  Every morning we wake up we only have a set amount of willpower for the day.  Using it up at the beginning of the day on a plan can sometimes cause you to not follow through on your daily goals.  By setting ambitious goals at night you will not be using that last little bit of energy you have at the end of the day to plan out the following day, which will help you to wake up and focus on the goals you have already set for yourself.

Benefits of writing your goals when you wake up.

- By planning out your day when you wake up you are going to be only writing your list based off of what you are inspired to accomplish during the day.

On the flipside planning your day in the morning can still be very beneficial.  Although it does use up some willpower in the beginning of your day the advantage is that you will be more inspired to accomplish the goals you have for the day.

Have you ever went to bed when you really wanted to do something or, for example maybe you really wanted a new phone and all day all you could think about was buying this phone.  Night comes and you end up going to sleep with this thought still in your mind.

The next morning you wake up feeling completely different about the phone.  Instead of going crazy for it, you notice that it isn't much of a step up and end up not buying it.

The same can happen with your goals.  There have been many nights where I write down that I want to accomplish such and such, then I wake up the next morning and that goal is the last thing I want to do.

By planning out your goals when you wake up you will be more likely to follow through from inspiration for the goal rather than feeling like that goal is a must.

Closing thoughts.

Have you already been planning out your goals?  If so which way works best for you?

If you haven't ever tried planning out your day try it out, experiment and try both ways out, they are beneficial to your journey and will help you stay on track to achieve your life goals.

I hope this gave you some insight on how to plan out your day to be more productive!

Thank you so much for reading, as always,
Make the best of today,


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