Monday, May 28, 2018

How To Turn Your Disadvantages Into Advantages.

Today I would like to share with you a topic that has been a very big part of my life over the past couple of years. This is using my disadvantages as my advantages in life.  You are probably reading this and wondering "why would I use my disadvantage to bring me closer to my goal?".  That is a great question!

If you have been reading my blogs or watching my videos you know that I have really gotten in to working out and gaining muscle.  You also know that I don't gain muscle as fast as I would like to.  This is a HUGE disadvantage for me, but is also an even bigger advantage!

Being a hard gainer, this gives me the opportunity to share with other hard gainers tips and tricks on how they can build muscle as I learn along the way.  I also have the advantage of being able to say to myself "I gained muscle solely because I stuck with it and didn't give up and quit and make excuses everyday when it would've been super easy to do".  That is a good feeling.

Even right now, I may not be where I want to be, but I am starting to notice my muscles gaining some definition.

What are your disadvantages that you can leverage?

All of us have something that we think is holding us back.  Right now I want you to come up with 3-5 things that you see as disadvantages in your life.  Then write down 2 ways for each bullet point that you can turn these disadvantages into advantages.

Joe Lewis Fist and The Spirit of DetroitActually do this, this isn't one of those blogs where you should just go on reading without taking any action.  You clicked on this because you want to be able to leverage what you can in life, and live the best life you can live.

Great!  What did you come up with and what are some action plans you wrote down that you would like to share in the comments section down below?

Stories for inspiration.

About a year ago I was scrolling through YouTube and came across a video of a man without any limbs. I just looked him up again to find his name and link his website here so you can go check it out.

His name is Nick Vujicic.  In the video I watched with him about a year ago, he was giving a motivational speech.  But anyways I thought he would be good inspiration as using his disadvantage to his advantage. Nick could've complained about how he doesn't have an limbs, and you know what I think anyone would be able to complain about that!  But even though I don't know his whole story, I know that he did the opposite of that because of where he is in life.  He may not have limbs but he used it as an advantage rather than a way to say that life is against him.  

Like I said I haven't done much research on Nick, but that really is a huge inspiration for me to use my disadvantages to my advantage.  I'm guessing it is for you as well!

I know that is an extreme case, and most of us are lucky enough to have all of our limbs, but lets talk about someone who inspires millions of people, Tony Robbins.  Tony was a average or even below average person for a good chunk of his life.  

Now he is a public speaker, author, and even has charities that help feed people.  Tony is well know but if you don't know who he is and want to learn about him  click here.

Tony is an inspiration because he went from a low point in his life to being one of the most well known people on the plant in the last century.  

Closing thoughts. 

The list could go on and on for inspiring people.  The point of this blog is really to get you thinking and taking action on things that you think are against you but are really there to uplift you as well as others.  

If you haven't already, comment what you have discovered about yourself when you did the exercise above!

Thank you so much for reading, as always,
Make the best of today,


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