Saturday, August 18, 2018

A Small Nugget Of Wisdom From Awaken The Giant Within.

Today I wanted to make a short blog on a video I made last week.  I am writing this so that you can have a quick read on something that will tremendously improve your life!

A few weeks ago I was reading Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins and came across a paragraph or 2 that really struck me.  In short Tony was talking about how people flew in to Hawaii and got super excited to see the solar eclipse (which he described as a 4 minute shadow).

He asked the question, "If people got this excited to see the eclipse, why aren't people excited and happy to see the sun rise every morning?"

This is what really made this idea stand out to me.  Sure we may have bad days, but what if upon waking up, we realize how great of a day it already is.  What if the second you get out of bed you think of how grateful you are to be alive another day, rather than focusing on how you will get through "another day"?

Awaken the giant within, daily gratitude.A huge part about this is seeing more good than bad during the day.  Training you mind to focus on good rather than bad.  Which believe me is very challenging!

I like to become conscious of when I am thinking thoughts that aren't uplifting to my energy and the second I notice I change those thoughts of negativity to thoughts of gratitude or positivity.

By having gratitude for another day yourself, you will be able to wake up in at least a little bit better mood, which will help you focus on more good throughout the day!

Also aa a side note, if you have a day that you perceive as bad, start to shift your focus on "how can this circumstance help me?" rather than focusing on how the circumstance is bad.

Closing thoughts.

I hope that his quick read helped you have more excitement in your day, and gave you some insight on gratitude / making each day a little bit better!

Live your life to the fullest,

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