Sunday, September 2, 2018

Feeling Lack Of Motivation? Try This Out.

Over the past couple weeks I have been lacking motivation like crazy.  I've even been unmotivated to go to the gym and workout the past couple weeks.  Usually I love working out but its just been feeling like more of a struggle than fun for me at times.

This being said I am still working out and pushing through this feeling of being unmotivated.  Deep down I think this lack of motivation is linked to things that I want to happen, not happening fast enough.

Today I wanted to share with you how I am learning to get myself motivated in hopes that it will help you be able to motivate yourself when you need motivation.

We all lack motivation.

No one is born motivated to do anything.  Chances are as a child you weren't motivated to try and walk.  Although you probably don't remember this, you most likely wanted to keep crawling around and doing what was familiar and easy for you.

Lack of motivation (IMO) stems from resisting something that you want to do that is a challenge for you.  For example you may want to start reading books, but haven't been much of a reader in the past, you buy a book for yourself but are still feeling unmotivated.  You may want to start reading and create a new habit, but you feel stuck as lack of motivation stops you from achieving your goal.

Its completely fine to lack motivation.  But how are you going to respond to this lack of motivation?  Are you going to let it stop you or fuel you?

What I have noticed is that even if you lack motivation, you still have the choice to push yourself, and reclaim
that motivation!  By doing this you will build momentum, as well as start to feel more inspired and motivated for the things that really matter for you.

Feeling lack of motivation, try thisShift your mindset.

In my case I was thinking of working out only to gain muscle.  Which isn't bad, but I also wasn't as motivated lately just thinking that way.  I ended up starting to remember the reason behind why I am working out, and this was because (yes I do want to build muscle) I want to build muscle to help other hard gainers / skinny fat males do the same in the most effective way possible!

By thinking of how your goals will have value not only to you but also the world, you will be able to have more motivation for achieving the goals you have set for yourself.  There will be a bigger purpose behind each goal you set for yourself.

For an example if you want to start reading books just so you can learn more, it might fuel you for a while, but eventually you will need a bigger goal to start reading books.  Maybe you start to read books so you can someday know how to write an amazing book of your own to share with the world.

Closing thoughts.

I hope these tips helped you gain some motivation to achieve the goals you have for yourself, as well as helped you create a bigger purpose for your goals!

Live your life to the fullest,

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