Thursday, February 7, 2019

Why I Started Adding 1 Set To Each Exercise (From Skinny To Bodybuilder).

I really wanted to start to share with you a tip that I am currently testing at this time in my life.  I am testing this because I believe it is always a good idea to test new things to find stuff that might work better for you in your life.

Over the next couple months I am going to be testing this strategy out, of adding one more set to each of my exercises (accounting for about 8 extra sets per workout since I do approximately 8 exercises per workout in the gym).

I am hoping this helps me grow muscle faster since I will be training my muscle groups 25% more than I have been over the past year or so.  One reason I am doing this to get to 165 lbs as fast as possible in a healthy way, but another, even more important reason is that by adding these extra sets to my workouts, I have already noticed I am pushing myself a little bit more in my daily life with the other activities I do, including writing this blog right now.  Because I didn't even plan on writing this today, I was going to plan it for another day.

What can you gain from doing this?
why you need to add one set to each exercise for maximum muscle and brain growth
Imagine yourself right now, instead of walking out of the gym just doing the bare minimum, and feeling the same as you always do, imagine yourself walking out of the gym head held high, feeling like the champ you really are!

You may currently be saying to yourself "that sounds really cool Brian, but how is this going to help me?"

Besides being able to have more courage to push yourself more, you will feel like a champ the second you walk out of that gym.

It is very easy to get stuck in a workout routine and always just do the same thing over and over with no change whatsoever.  The second you decided to push yourself and add some more sets you may start to say "This is going to take too long"  or  "Doing this much of a workout is too exhausting".  But the second you complete your workout, how do you think you will feel by proving to yourself that you can complete it?

Only you can answer this for yourself.  However I would like to share with you exactly how I feel after completing my workouts over the past week by implementing this strategy into my lifting.

I have been in the gym 4 days in the past 7 days, and each day I implemented this technique.  3 out of the 4 days were super productive for me outside of the gym.  The only day I didn't feel to great was Saturday, but I think I just woke up on the "wrong side of the bed" if you will, for achieving my goals.  Regardless of this, I still felt amazing during my workout and after accomplishing what I set out to accomplish during that workout.

Closing thoughts.

I am hoping this becomes a useful part of your life.  First start out with pushing yourself a little more in your workouts, and then after a while start to carry this same philosophy into other areas of your life as well.

If you have gained massive value from reading, and implementing this into your workout I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on how much it has made a positive impact on your life as a whole!

Live your life to the fullest,


  1. Hi Brian! Something useful that I found for gaining muscle is to set your weight for the first round at something you can do about 15 reps of. Then increase the weight a little, and do as many as you possibly can on the slightly higher weight.

    Next time at the gym, start on that slightly higher weight, and then for your second set, add a slightly higher amount, and do as many as possible.

    1. Thank you Lisa, I will definitely give this a shot and see how it works! Just wondering, how long have you been doing this style of training, and how is it working for you?