Thursday, February 14, 2019

Why I Will No Longer Consider Myself A Hard Gainer And Why You Should Do The Same.

Over the time I have created the Ganifit blog and Youtube channel I have been considering myself a hard gainer, and using the term "hard gainer" in several blogs and videos.  And this is great, it may give you something to connect with, and is an easy term to understand.

The problem I am having with using this term is I feel, for myself, that as long as I consider myself a hard gainer, I will always have some kind of trouble for gaining muscle.

However I may still use this term in some of my videos and blogs so it is easy for you to find what you are looking for when you search for something such as "How to gain muscle as a hard gainer".

The reason I am going to no longer consider myself a hard gainer is because over the time that I have started my personal journey, I have always been considering myself a hard gainer.  Which from the books I have read, podcasts I have listened to, and Youtube videos I have watch over this time, I have heard many people talk about small barriers that block people from becoming successful in their given field.  Many of us aren't even aware that we are blocking ourselves, but from what I have heard from several people that I consider successful, is that we are what we think of ourselves as.

So if I am always calling myself a "hard gainer" then I will always have trouble gaining muscle and this will be who I think I am supposed to be in my subconscious.  But for an example, if I flip the language I use and start to perceive myself as a bodybuilder, then I will find it easier to gain muscle, and train more like a bodybuilder would train, eat like a bodybuilder would eat, etc.
Why I Will No Longer Consider Myself A Hard Gainer And Why You Should Do The Same.
How this can apply to your life.

What I am talking about here, not only applies to how you perceive yourself in terms of health and fitness, but how you perceive yourself in any area of life.

To name a few common things many people think about themselves, maybe you are always thinking deep down you "always mess things up" "just can't lose weight" or "I'm never good enough"

If you are currently carrying any type of language that is limiting yourself from living your best life, I want you to write it down right now, whatever it is just accept it for the moment.  Next I want you to write down one belief for each limiting belief that could break your limiting beliefs.

If you have one limiting belief that is OK, if you have 1,000 that is also OK.  

Once your have identified a way to flip your limiting beliefs to beliefs that will work for you and serve you along your journey, just start by implementing one empowering belief into your life.

How implementing empowering beliefs will change your life.

By identifying your limiting beliefs, writing them down, and implementing empowering beliefs, you will be making things easier on yourself.  You will no longer have to keep hitting the wall you are currently hitting.  Instead you will blast right through that wall, crumbling it into a million pieces.

Now by no means am I saying your goals are just going to be a walk in the park and all rainbows, where you can just sit there and wait for things to happen.  But by taking away these limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering beliefs, along with taking action towards your goals, it will feel a lot easier than it has in the past.

As an example, as I write this blog I also wrote down my limiting beliefs on the notes app on my phone.  I found that one of my limiting beliefs was being a "bad writer" because most of the time in school I would rarely get A's on writing assignments.  But by doing the exercise of making this limiting belief and empower one, I switched that I was a "bad writer" into "my writing positively impacts billions of people around the world".  Now although this may not be true for the current moment in my life (as I don't yet have an audience of that many people) it has rewired my mind to write as if I already am writing to that many people.  And if I view my these blogs as something that is a positive impact on the world I am also going to be writing with more emotion.

Closing thoughts.

It has taken me years to actually implement this into my own life.  Which I know has in turn set me back years in terms of where I could be today if I actually implemented this mindset when I first heard about it.  I wrote this in hopes that you will implement this today, instead of waiting years, and wasting your own time by having limiting beliefs, that make you stay right where you are and stop you from achieving your goals.

Although I have neglected this in the past, I wanted to write this as a way to share my own experience, in hopes that it will help you to take action today to live your best, healthiest life!

Join me along this journey, and lets start to grow together.

Live your life to the fullest,


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