Sunday, November 1, 2015

Surrounding Yourself With Things and People That Motivate You

Have you ever heard the saying "you are the average of the 5 people you hang around the most"?  The job you are in is very relatable to this saying, in you job you are surrounded by people mostly at the same level as you and chances are you'll stay around the same vibration as they are.  This can be both good and bad, if you are in a job with no progression and the people you work with are unmotivated the only thing you can learn fro this is how not to act and how to teach yourself to get somewhere better, but if you are with people who keep progressing in their life and motivate you to progress in your life chances are you're going to become stronger and stronger in your life.  Most of us including myself live in a world where we are scared to branch out to people who are where we wanna be.  These people we wish were all around us and sharing their wisdom with us in whatever they excelled in.  For me I would want to surround myself with people who have the knowledge and skills of fitness, positive impact, business and business structure, socializing, and meditation.  And if you are reading this my guess is you agree very similarly to the people you would want to be around the most.
How to motivate yourself.
We all find ourselves from one time or another unmotivated or losing motivation.  Often times losing motivation can start off slow but before you know it you're not working like you did before, so how do we gain motivation back?  I like to surround myself with pictures of things I want in life, or watch videos of the things I want, to motivate me.  It doesn't matter if you want something material or want to help people or both, you motivation is your motivation.  The easiest way to put pictures in front of you everyday is to make the picture or pictures your screensaver on your computers, phones, and tablets.  This way you are always reminded of what you are working for.
Brabus 6x6
I have the example above of my screensaver on my computer (Brabus 6x6) one of 3 in the U.S. which reminds me why no matter how unmotivated I feel that if I keep at what I'm trying to accomplish it'll be worth it, which in turn keeps my motivation up in the long run.  Or maybe its something like a beautiful sight, and you love spending time outside or in nature, whatever your goals are surround yourself with them.

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