Saturday, November 21, 2015

How Working Out Changed my Life.

Have you ever done something that just makes your life 100 times better once you've done it, or maybe doing this thing makes you love life?  For me the first thing I really implemented into my life was working out and fitness.  Like all things that better you this started off challenging, I would always think "oh my god what are people going to think? My muscles are small and everyone is going to notice how weak I am."  The truth I shortly learned is that people don't even pay attention to how much your lifting, they are too busy focussed on their own work outs.  I've seen people help others with their form if they see someone doing something the wrong way, and talk to others about their workouts, but what I've never seen is someone making fun of someone for being "weak", its from what I've seen the opposite of that, people lifting each other up, after all everyone is there to better their body and connect with like minded people.
So what got me to realize no one is going to judge how small my muscles are?  At first I still thought people would judge and laugh, but after a few times of going I noticed 2 things, no ones saying anything about it, and almost everyone at some point had small muscles.  First lets take how no ones saying "oh your muscles are so small" and stuff like that.  People know its better to start, and chances are if they see you a few times a week in the gym they know your working on getting stronger.  Number 2 about everyone having small muscles at some point, everyone knows someone can start at the bottom and get to the top by working hard and smart, so people will congratulate you on your gains.  The same thing applies for people who are over weight,  nobody is ever judging bad if they are always at the gym transforming their body.
How does changing one habit change them all?
Starting out anything you've never tried before is always hard, no one ever said it was easy.  What happens after day 1 in the gym?  You want to go back again the next day, even tho the workout was hard, theres still something that makes you wanna go back.  You probably thought you couldn't last that first day in the gym, but what happened?  You conquered what you thought was impossible, and know the next day is possible and will be easier until you build the habit of going consistently.
How did this change my life and how can it change yours?  before this year started I used to hate reading books, and when I say hate I mean HATE it!  You couldn't pay me $1,000,000 to read, but something changed.  I knew in order to grow stronger I needed to feed my brain with knowledge.  What happened about a week or 2 of forcing myself to read?  It simply became a habit and hobby of mine to pull out a book and start reading.  For me it is also relaxing, sitting there in peace, holding a book in my hand, almost a form of meditation for me.  If you look how different my life is from the way it was one year ago you would be amazed, I used to always have a gaming controller in my hands and could NOT put it down, but luckily I have replaced that with reading, and now believe it or not have to force myself to play games to relax, and have a hard time even playing a game for 10 minutes without turning it off.  I'd rather work on helping spread my message and developing myself and giving you my tips to develop your own life better than play games, but I do understand you need down time to chill out from working, and reading even tho I love doing it now its still something that can be overdone.  Even as I am writing this I turned on my PS4 to play Fallout 4, and turned the game on and just turned my computer back on to type some more.  Which sounds good but can be bad over time, if you are always working it can not only take away from relaxing time but could also take away fro time with loved ones and friends, which is what we don't want happening.  There must be a balance, without it you are either lazy in life or overprotective and get bored after a while and lose focus.
Above all developing these habits of working towards goals you might not even see the end of right now are important but keeping the balance between working and down time is just as important.

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