Thursday, November 5, 2015

Wherever You are Start Now

Many people are discouraged to start because they feel like they are "far away" from where they want to be.  They make up excuses for why they shouldn't start now, or maybe people discourage them to start and say things like "oh you can never do that" or "thats impossible for someone in your situation".  Many of us may believe what they say and just give up or even worse, not even start at all.  What you need to realize is that its their limiting beliefs holding them back, not you.  If someone tells you something is impossible, what they are really saying is that they can't do it, and because of their belief they try to make you think you can't either, and try to make you stay at the same level as they are.
So who gets to decide who you become, you or the critics and doubters?  The choice is yours, you have to control and take charge of your own life and make what you want.  The time is now if you are 25, 50, 100 pound over weight, are broke, in debt just start now you can only get closer to your goals the more you push through the pain of starting.  No one ever said it would be easy, but I can tell you right now it's a lot harder to never start, to live a mediocre life, and to think on your death bed "what could I have been if I just started."  Everyone knows about that thing they wish they would've done 5 years ago but never did, and the best way to look at starting now is thinking of the difference of your life a year from now if you start and if you don't.  Its just like making the decision to go to bed early or stay up late, which totally affects how you are the next day by being tired and in less control of yourself and how you act.  Everyone knows what I'm talking about and always wishes they would've just went to sleep when they said, so its easy to think of starting like getting more sleep, even if right now you don't see the end in mind or how it would even be possible to achieve what you want in life because your goals are so big and you've never made that much money, or helped that many people, it doesn't mean that your goals aren't impossible and you shouldn't start, instead you should start now and build closer to what it is you want to achieve in life.
If you start now you can have a Lamborghini in 10 years.
The impossible might just be possible.
Who ever would of thought we could ever have a car, fly planes, have boats and travel across the ocean, go to space, or have the ability to connect with someone on the other side of the world in seconds?  Nowadays these are common in everyones life, if you are reading this right now, you probably have a car and defiantly have the power of the internet to learn anything or meet anyone you want, and have probably been on a boat or plane.  You have the ability to take college classes online, to make a blog or youtube channel and spread whatever you want people to know about, just about anything you can think of you can do on the internet that 50-100 years ago would have seemed impossible.  The impossible became possible now its hard to live without something that a few years before I was born we never even had.
There's no better time than now.
So whats the thing you want to do that might seem impossible right now?  Get out there an start right now.  and share what it is your going to accomplish!

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