Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Make Someone Smile Today.

Recently I have noticed many people do one thing that we should never be doing most of the time, and the worst part many of us don't even notice it.  We are constantly frowning or have a serious look on our face.  We have all seen it on a lot of people but many of us never notice it throughout the day because many of us are constantly doing it.  Shouldn't there be a reason to smile?  Well to me theres always one reason and that may be different for everyone, but each one of us can help someone smile.
Why should you make someone smile?
Giving someone a reason to smile is an amazing experience.  It can be something so little that could mean the world to someone, giving a loved one a hug when they need it, or even something as small as giving someone a few cents for a parking meter.  Whatever it is that makes someone smile.  It will also make you happy that you gave that random stranger or love one a smile, because you never really know what someone is going through and how much doing a small act of kindness could've changed not only their day but their life!  
I talked about this story before but I'll say it again for any newer viewers of the blog.  I did this a couple times even though I was low on money, I bought a random stranger chipotle without them knowing.  until the cashier told them they were all set.  The one person caught me before I sat down to eat and was SOOOOO thankful, he couldn't believe someone would do that, he even tried to offer me the money for it, but I assured him that I just wanted to buy someones food that day.  The happiness that man had sticks with me, months later.  It's crazy how literally something that costs $7-8 can make someone so happy.  I remember smiling so much because I totally helped someones mood, because I don't know how bad of a day that person was having.  I mean they could've been depressed, or losing someone close in their life, and having some random person there that would do that could've helped them get over a huge struggle in life.  What this boils down to, to make this short is to always know you can help anyone around you just by doing something that makes them smile, and it doesn't even have to be a gigantic gift!
How does smiling affect the brain. (My own experience)
There have been many times I have been feeling down, and whenever I do theres one thing I notice overtime.  I'm never smiling, instead I'm usually frowning with my head down and neck hunched over.  Lately I've been able to easily detect if I am doing this and quickly switch back to smiling most of the time, but how does that affect how I feel?  Well first off let me say this is what it does for my mood and not going based off studies, or research so this is solely off the experience I have when I smile more often, and how I feel it'll benefit you guys.  Alright so lets jump right into it.  Since I have been noticing bad emotions and quickly striving to change them by smiling, I have noticed my mind quickly going to a happy mindset, and not having as much stress.  I then go to stand straight and tall, which helps with making me feel confident and strong within myself.  Doing this alone gives me the freedom to relax my body from tension and clear my mind.  Not only clear my mind but to fill it with good thoughts that boost me in the direction I want to go.

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