Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What is it Like Living in a Small Apartment?

Over the last month or so my girlfriend Brittany and I have started looking for apartments, because we needed a place to live in together.  We've looked at a few but most seemed to be too expensive for us, except for a couple that we liked, both happened to be in the same complex, one being a very big apartment for the price and one being small but still good for the price.  We chose the lesser of the 2.  Now although the apartment is small we still love it, we not only have our own place to live, but its very simple and we can easily afford it.  All the utilities are even included so we can easily save up money!
I remember a few weeks back when we first looked at the place we both thought it would be livable but be hard to live in, but actually it was the opposite.  Even though the apartment is very small it's perfect for us!  We are still in the process of moving in and buying things we do need, but so far we have it set up nicely.  We bought an airbed, instead of bringing my original bed from my parents house because it would be too hard to bring it over here, at least for now.  Thankfully the airbed is surprisingly comfortable for both of us, and still leaves us with some room.  The only other thing we have that takes up a lot of space is a small table.  The place is small but like I said it is actually quite comfortable!
Who should purchase a small apartment?
Small apartments can be hard to get used to at first so I feel many people couldn't handle it right away, especially since a lot of us have all this stuff we "need" with us all the time that we spent money on that might not even be serving us anymore.  So if you are that type of person and do want to live in a small apartment you must be willing to be able to live on the bare essentials.  Now I'm not saying get rid of everything, you can still keep some things that you may not need, but if that seems too hard to do then living in a small place may not be your best bet.
Now, who are the perfect people to live in a small apartment?  I would say anyone who is young and has to move out, or anyone looking to save money, or that wants to spend their life traveling.  Recently I have been watching videos with my dad of people traveling and guess what?  Most of the places people stay are small rooms, even smaller than the apartments I am talking about living in!
My reasons for living in a small apartment
One word - money.  My girlfriend Brittany and I could afford a bigger apartment but would probably have trouble buying the things we need like food.  Right now we can kind of be flexible on what we buy to eat, which is good for both of us because food is a big thing to both of us and if I haven't said it before on this blog I can kind of be picky on the foods I do eat,  which annoys people but its a step for me to getting a better body, so having the money to buy healthy foods most of the time is a big bonus for me.  I wouldn't trade a nicer apartment for that, because to me what I eat I become.  And having the smaller apartment Will allow us to save up some money as well.  As of right now we are paying a lot as we have just mover in but I know once we get everything settled down money won't be much of an issue.  So my number one reason would be money!
Number 2 I would have to say would be not having to waste time going through the whole house to get something and getting side tracked.  Whenever I would need to get something and get up, like water for example, it would be kind of a struggle where I would wait a long time because the water jugs were all the way in the back room, instead of like 5 steps away from me in the fridge like they are now.  So it would encourage laziness if I had to get up and chances are I would get sidetracked into doing something else while I was going to just get water then sit back down and do whatever it was I was doing.  In a small apartment I don't have to worry about that as much because there isn't much to get side tracked on, and I don't have to walk all the way to the back room, which saves me time and enables me to focus on the things I need to be focussed on more of the time.
The small apartment life isn't for everyone, but if you can handle living in a small space then it is  defiantly recommended to stay in one especially if you are looking to travel in the near future, which are our plans, so we are hoping living here will prepare us for traveling the world.  I also hope this helped you guys decide if you would like living in a small apartment or not!

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