Friday, August 5, 2016

3 Tricks to Have a Calmer Mind.

The other day I made a video and thought it would be useful and helpful to you to share it on here as well if you don't yet watch my Youtube channel.  I talk about the 3 things for a calmer mind and better life, and these are all things I use to better my day.  Whether you want to be present, calm down, more mindful, have a better more useful and healthy body, or even fight depression these things will all help!

Over the last couple years I have started a journey to improve myself and share whats helping me along the way, to give you guys motivation to start or just to help you guys with whats working for me and whats not so you can learn from me, whether I make mistakes or achieve something big you can learn.  Anyways throughout this journey I have come to love 3 things.  I can become anxious very easily and these all help me deal with becoming anxious and even more present.  I also am not the most flexible person and one of these things also helps with my flexibility as well to get better use of my body.

The first and most crucial to do the other 2 is breathing.  I used to never even think to do deep breathing.  We never learned this in school but it's so crucial to happiness in your life!  If I am shallow breathing I will usually find myself looking down or not holding myself high like I should.  There are many times I still catch myself not breathing deep throughout the day but as soon as I catch myself not breathing deep I immediately take a deep breathe and it sets a pattern.  Sometimes I will even close my eyes and take a deep breathe and smile, which brings positivity to not only me but those around me as well, because if I am present and happy those around me will feel my energy and will feel the same way.  This is the same way for if you are around lots of anxiety or depressed people you will feel anxiety and depression as well.  But with deep breathing it helps cut out all the bad, in fact its the first step to becoming present, happier, and healthier!

So whats the second trick?  This is probably my favorite but requires the most patience, and you hear me talk about this all the time but its because it really works for having an amazing life!  This is meditation, and I can't begin to stress how optimal this is for living the life you want.  We can become so stuck in doing everything we have to do day to day and never take a few minutes each day to pause and reflect on our own lives.  I currently do 10 minute meditations because I feel that's what works the best for me but if I ever feel I want to do more or need to then I do more because it helps me throughout my day so much.  Without meditation I would find myself with mental chatter that I don't need, sure I still have mental chatter but it's a lot less.  And the coolest part about meditation is sometimes I can become so present where I can feel the life in everything around me, but this is kind of rare for it to happen, but the experience is amazing.  It's what I would think being high would be like, and it doesn't involve drugs which is a big plus to me because I have never used them and know using drugs doesn't benefit my body at all so getting high just from meditation is astounding to me because I am benefiting my body instead of harming it and getting an effect that would probably come from drugs.  The best way to describe this feeling for you is that everything around me has life, feels alive, feels calm, and is there and present with me.

Lastly but definitely not least is yoga.  I have been talking about this a lot the last few weeks because I just started it and have been doing it almost every day.  Not only do I feel better about myself but I can do things I never thought I would be able to do!    I am not the most flexible person but I see small changes everyday in my abilities.  Now I'm not saying by any means yoga is easy, it's not.  It's probably one of the hardest things I've done but also one of the best.  If I haven't started now I would've probably never started or started later in life when my body is even more worked than it is now.  Yoga has some of the benefits of meditation but it is also a kind of workout.  It can also help decrease muscle tension.  I used to have extreme back pain all day until I started doing yoga.  I still do have some back pain throughout the day but not like before, and I know if it is bad anytime in the day I can just go  and do yoga to improve the tension.  I even talked about how yoga helped my pulled hamstring the other day on a video I made. Last week on leg day I did my leg workouts, and legs happen to be my weak point and that day I went harder than I should've probably, which resulted in a pulled hamstring a few days later.  I had trouble walking for about a day.  It started around noon and got a tiny bit better after I woke up the next morning but was still hard to walk.  So that morning I did my yoga like always lately and after most of my pain was gone, like literally GONE.  Just from 10 minutes of yoga I could walk normal with little pain, and within a couple hours after that the pain was completely gone.

All these work miracles for me on a daily basis.  I'm glad I am able to share these tricks with you.  Wherever you are you can always breathe to relieve any anxiety you may be having.  We all have things in life that we need to overcome, and with these 3 tricks I know they can help you overcome struggles or just help you grow in general, because they have not only helped me but many others as well.

I hope this blog was helpful and beneficial to you.  As always enjoy your day, afternoon, or night.


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