Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How I Started a Morning Ritual.

I have recently started a morning ritual, and thought I would share it.  The last few mornings I have been waking up taking a shower and going for a walk in the park and make a video then come home and do yoga.  I find going into nature first thing in the day calms me compared to when I don't, now I'm not saying it destroys all stress, but it really does set a path for the rest of the day and helps me think a lot more clearly.
I have been hearing for a long time about setting a morning ritual, but have been procrastinating about it.  Currently I am trying to experiment with what works for me and what doesn't, but the 2 biggest things I have been doing the last few days are yoga and taking a walk.  I have found that doing yoga first works better for me after doing a few days of walking first then yoga first for a few days.  Yoga seem to get my body awake and moving for the walk, compared to walking first.
What got me into starting a morning routine?
Over the last year or so I have been hearing people (mostly on YouTube) talk about how what you do first thing in the morning determines how you spend the rest of your day, but never thought to put it into practice.  Usually I would wake up and either get ready for work, or if I had time I would work on the blog or read before work, which is good starting the morning off that way, but not as good as getting the blood flowing through my body.  It is important to have energy in the morning and staying inside at least for me kind of gave me the feeling of being trapped.  What did that do to my mind?  You guessed it, my mind felt trapped as well, and not able to expand.
I often find it hard to make a video if I am inside all day or not very active.  I find I need to be active in the morning to get my mind into the present and to see how much life has to offer.  So for me doing yoga energizes me and helps me see what I am capable of, and walking afterword's helps me see how amazing the world is every morning, which in turn usually helps me find some idea for a video. 
If you are sitting in your house right now reading this, just get up for one minute, that's all it takes, and open a window and take a deep breathe and jump or bounce for 30 seconds to get blood flowing.  I do this most mornings and throughout the day to clear out the tension inside my body, and also to pump myself up.  Jumping alone for a few seconds each day also helps to improve mood for me.  So whether you want energy or are stressed it can help you.  I know that might sound stupid, but it really works!  In fact I just now did it as I was writing this just now.  I was having a sort of writers block, and tension in my chest, but now I am able to relax, smile, and write more clear.  Don't believe me, pause and do it right now!
Ok, how did that feel?  Now imagine doing that every morning and throughout your day, how much better would you feel?  Put that together with taking a walk of at least 5 minutes and enjoying the fresh air and nature around you, you are going to be unstoppable!
Closing thoughts
Over the last week I have been doing the morning ritual and finding it to benefit myself, so that's why I am sharing it with you today.  What is a morning ritual you can start for your own life, wherever you are to better each and everyday?

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