Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Why to Have Patience, but not be Lazy.

Over the last year and a half I have started many things in my life.  Most of them, the things I like to do, I do everyday.  There is one "drawback" of it, I'm not getting everything right away that I want. 
Most of us are used to the way of thinking that "every hour you put in you get back".  But this is not true for my journey so far.  So far it has been slow but fun at the same time, but it requires a lot of patience.  And that's what I would like to talk with you guys about today.
I haven't always been the most patient person, especially if I'm waiting for something I really want.  Lately that has kind of changed in some ways.  Since I have started drop shipping to earn extra money, the sales are very low, but I continue to do it.  You see not long ago I would've jumped ship to a new idea of making money or giving up in general.  It was a bad habit I had, and a habit I know many others make, so that's why I am making this post.  We must be patient with what we start and fully commit to it.  The key is to be patient without being lazy.  So this means, if you are trying to sell something to not just give up after one month if you haven't made any sales, or to sit back and not try to improve what you are selling.
I have found that not thinking of the outcome, but instead of the process helps me with this very much.  I also have the mind state of getting paid for the time and energy I put in, but that isn't the right way to think at all, at least for me.  To me it is based on the value I add, whether that's in this blog, on Youtube, in the gym ect.  I know myself I want the result right away, just like I would get paid at my job, why cant I get big muscles from one day in the gym?  This is a hard mindset to get out of, its not easy.  Once you do you can see your mindset and life change.
So just how does this work?  Well I am slowly learning this in some ways at the moment, and am seeing how it works right now daily, so I think now would be the perfect time to share it.  Ok so here it is,  I work on what I enjoy to in my life every chance I get, everyday, so each day I am making progress even if it doesn't show that day I know it will soon.  That right there is the best way I can describe it.  It is a mindset shift, you must literally tell yourself this everyday and every time you work towards your goals if you aren't seeing results right away ( what we are not used to, as we are used to putting in time and getting paid right away).  Now this doesn't mean to keep doing the same routine forever if that routine doesn't work and doesn't bring you to the person you want to be.  We must always be striving to work on ourselves no matter how long it may take.
Closing thoughts.
Today do one thing that will bring you to become your greatest version, even if its a pepple and you don't see a result right away, keep doing that thing each and every day and wait a month, three months, a year or however long it takes, and look back to day one and see the results!

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